The 12 Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces & Mouthguards

Snoring can be a small problem that does nothing more than keep the person sleeping next to you up. It can also be a severe problem that will need medical intervention. It is for these reasons that the solutions for each level of snoring can vary from simple home remedies to electrical tools.

An anti-snoring mouthpiece, also called a mouthguard, is one of the most effective ways of treating snoring. But, before we look at some of the best anti-snoring devices, it is essential to know that the mouth guards have different working mechanisms. Mandibular advancement devices (MAD) function by moving the mandible forward to hold the tongue in place, thus preventing air blockage, while tongue stabilizing devices (TSD) do not reposition the jaw but hold the tongue in place.

Whichever your preference, these are the best anti-snoring mouthpieces & mouthguards to consider.

VitalSleep MouthpieceVitalSleep Mouthpiece

VitalSleep is manufactured by the Snore Reliever Company. which was founded by David Hernandez. The company has been functional since 2009 and is located in New York. For the 10 years that the company has been in operation, it has managed to achieve its goal, which was and still is to provide snorers with customized and affordable solutions for better sleep. Though the company has other products, it is most known for the VitalSleep Mouthpiece.

This insert is a mandibular advancing mouthpiece that uses the boil-and-bite method for the initial fitting. It is quite popular among users, and this is not only accredited to its affordability but also its high-level of customizability. The device is made of FDA-approved plastic, and it comes in two customizable sizes: a larger men’s size and a smaller women’s size.

When you purchase this device, you will also receive an Allen wrench which you will use to adjust the mouthpiece to your fitting. Even better, the device does not restrict your sleeping position, and once you have molded it properly, you can sleep any way you like. Unlike most mouthpieces, the VitalSleep model comes with a 1-year warranty and a 60-night guarantee so that you can ask for a refund of your money or a replacement device if you experience any problems.

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SnoreRx MouthguardSnoreRx Mouthguard

Apnea Sciences Corporation is the company behind SnoreRx. It is an FDA-approved medical device company that began operating in 2009 and was founded by James Fallon. The company deals in the designing, development, and selling of sleep-related products, and currently, it is most known for SnoreRx and ApneaRx. The SnoreRx device was first released into the market in 2012, and it received numerous endorsements: from authorities, including the FDA; periodontists, such as Dr. Daniel L. Mandell; and significant organizations, such as The company is located in Aliso Viejo, California.

SnoreRx is another popular mouthpiece that will instantly win you over on your first use. The mouthpiece is MAD, and it is quite easy to adjust. It is made with FDA-approved plastic, and that means it offers nothing but high quality and high results.

SnoreRx also uses the boil and bite method in the initial fitting, which you can always adjust in 1mm increments later. After you get the perfect fit for your mouth, you will sleep comfortably, and you will be able to breathe freely through your mouth and nose. However, like most MAD mouthpieces, SnoreRx can cause some discomfort in the form of jaw soreness. SnoreRx comes with a 30-night guarantee to give you a chance to test it out.


ZQuiet MouthpieceZQuiet Mouthpiece

Dan and Katrina Webster are the couple behind the manufacture of ZQuiet, and their company, which they started in Vermont in 2008, is registered under the name Sleeping Well LLC. Since they needed to produce a high-quality mouthpiece, they recruited Avery Lieberman, DDS, who had been in the sleep medicine field for over 20 years. The trio joined hands and developed ZQuiet. They also came up with the unique Living Hinge Technology, which put the device in a league of its own.

ZQuiet is a ready-to-wear MAD mouthpiece that is made with BPA-free thermoplastic, guaranteeing that it is medically approved. You do not need to apply the boil and bite method before using ZQuiet as it comes ready to use from the box. The device is made with a hole in the front, which allows air in to facilitate easy breathing.

The Living Hinge Technology used on the mouth guard is a great addition, and it allows you to move your jaws effortlessly and naturally. ZQuiet mouthpieces are usually bought as a pair, and you will need to choose the one that fits you the best. However, you might find the universal fit inconvenient as you may not be able to find your preferable fit. Fortunately, you can decide whether or not it works for you within the 35-day guarantee period and return it if not satisfied.


Zyppah MouthpieceZyppah Mouthpiece

Zyppah was founded by Jonathan Greenburg, a 30-year-experienced doctor and a bioengineering undergraduate student. Before finally developing and releasing the product into the market, he spent 10 years carrying out research on sleep apnea and snoring.

The Zyppah mouthpiece also falls in the A-list of mouthguards on the market because it uses both MAD and TSD mechanisms to stop snoring. First, the mouthguard is made with the mandibular adjustment method so that whenever you wear it, it repositions your jaw forward, which ultimately improves airflow and eliminates snoring. It also has a patent-pending elastic that holds the tongue in place, preventing it from blocking the airway.

The Zyppah is excellent at improving airflow. It is also very affordable, and you get a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Snore Mender MouthguardSnore Mender Mouthguard

Snore Mender is manufactured and sold by a United States-based company under the name Sleep Well Enjoy Life. It was founded by Jeremy Alan Kenyon in 2007. Initially, the company was located in the UK, but in 2011, it was transferred to the United States, which has been its location up to date. Surprisingly, Alan Kenyon’s career was in the computer and gaming industry, and he had no experience whatsoever in the dental field. However, he joined hands with a team of orthodontists from Denmark, whose leader had 30 years of experience in dental medicine, and they designed and developed the device.

The Snore Mender insert was formally known as the Snore Mender PS, and the PS stands for Pressure Shift. While it is not the best anti-snore device you can find on the market, it is the only one that ensures reduced pressure being placed on your lower jaw and teeth. It does this using the Pressure Shift Technology, which automatically shifts the load to the stronger teeth. By refocusing the pressure from the small teeth to the stronger ones, the patent-pending technology provides you with a comfortable and effective experience with little to no discomfort. The device is a MAD option.


SleepPro SFA MouthguardSleepPro SFA Mouthguard

The SleepPro Company has a partnership with MEDiTAS. The corporation was established in 1998, and the two companies have jointly managed to create four mouthpieces and a chin support strap, all of which are aimed at improving wellness by treating snoring. They are based out of the United Kingdom but have distribution centers in Europe, Australia, and the United States. Their widely spread distribution centers make shipping easier and less expensive.

The SleepPro SFA is made with medical-grade dental thermoplastic, which is both BPA-free and latex-free. Though the device is MAD, it does not force you to breathe through your nose like other MADs. Instead, it has reasonably sized air holes that allow a sufficient amount of air in. This means you can use the device even if you have nasal polyps. Additionally, the mouthpiece uses the boil and bite method, which ensures you get a customized fit.


SomnoGuard AP MouthguardSomnoGuard AP Mouthguard

SomnoGuard was developed by a 20-year MD who wanted a solution for his apnea problem. He was Dr. Toussaint Gimbh, a medical practitioner in Bensheim, Germany. Though his initial intention for the device was for personal use, is is now commercialized and has been recommended by doctors in the US for 16 years.

The SomnoGuard model is among the few mouth guards that have more than 1mm adjustability. It allows for 10mm adjustment, and this means you can get the best fit that causes you little to no discomfort. It is a mandibular advancement device, and it stops you snoring by adjusting your jaw gently forward. Thanks to the high-quality medical-grade dental thermoplastic used in making the device, it is reasonably durable, and you can use it for 18 months, which is quite long compared to other mouthguards. If you have a limited budget, however, this should not be your go-to device because it is quite a bit more expensive than most mouthguards.


SleepTight MouthpieceSleepTight Mouthpiece

Mike Williams, a US dentist and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, was a snorer. He tried many solutions, including several surgeries to combat the snoring problem, but he was not successful. After years of research, Williams collaborated with AASM, and they designed and developed the SleepTight mouthpiece.

The SleepTight mouthpiece is another MAD option. It is a no-brainer when it comes to its fitting, and only five minutes is enough to have it shaped and feeling comfortable. In case you do not get the perfect fit, you can readjust it for three more times until you get what you want.

The device is FDA cleared, and you can use it even if you have partial dentures. However, it does not work with full dentures. The longevity of the SleepTight Mouthpiece is 6-24 years, depending on how well you take care of it, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Therasnore MouthpieceTherasnore Mouthpiece

Therasnore is manufactured by the Distar Company, which was founded by Dr. Thomas E. Meade in 1987 and incorporated in 1991. The company was initially called Dental Seep Disorder Prevention (DSDP), until June 1994 when it changed to Distar. The founder wanted to find out the connection between sleeping, snoring, and sleep apnea, and this is what led to the birth of the now-Distar. The wife, Caroline Meade, was the CEO, and she built the business part of the company.

The Therasnore mouthpiece is known for its long usability period. It is a mandibular adjustment device, and it is made using a combination of hard acrylic and thermoplastic. The device has two versions: the original one, which only allows for the first boil and bite fitting, with the subsequent adjustments only done by a specialist; and the customizable version, which you can adjust five times after the first fitting.

The device has no air holes, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Its upside is that cleaning the mouthguard is very easy since you do not have to struggle to remove particles from air holes. The absence of the holes, however, means you will not be able to breathe through the mouth, and this limits its use to people without nasal problems. Additionally, you cannot use the mouthguard if you have dentures. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Kudo SnoreFighter NowKudo SnoreFighter Now

Kudo Research is a Connecticut-based company that was established by Winston Li and Yanzhong Li in 2005. Their principal aim with the company was to develop an affordable snoring solution. It now manufactures and distributes its mouthpiece, the Kudo SnoreFighter Now. Though the company has faced some legal procedures on claims of infringement, filed by a competitor company, it is still manufacturing and distributing the product, which bodes well for customers.

The Kudo SnoreFighter is a MAD mouthpiece made using moldable plastic resin with FDA clearance. It applies the boil-and-bite method, which gives you a perfect fit. However, what stands out most about this mouthguard is that it has three different versions for you to choose from. They include the SnoreFighter KSF-NS, the SnoreFighter KSF-MT, and the SnoreFighter KSF-MN.

If you are a nasal breather, then the first will work best for you. However, it does not allow for mouth breathing, which means you cannot use it if, for any reason, you cannot breathe through your nose. The second one has big air holes in the front, and it only facilitates mouth breathing. And the last has both options, which can be your best choice if you switch between mouth and nasal breathing.

All Kudo SnoreFighters have a 60-day money-back guarantee.


AveoTSD MouthpieceAveoTSD Mouthpiece

New Zealand’s dental expert, Dr. Chris Robertson, is the creator of AveoTSD. The device is a product of 8 years of research, and Dr. Chris’ main aim in developing it was to treat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Many distributors around the world are now selling the device, and getting it outside the US does not require any prescription.

The AveoTSD is a tongue stabilizing, anti-snoring device, which is made with FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, and you can use it whether you’ve had dental work or not. Being a TSD, it stops snoring by holding your tongue in place and preventing it from falling back and blocking your airway. Since TSDs do not interfere in any way with the jaw, they are quite painless and will save you from jaw soreness.

You do not have to make any adjustments on the device since it comes ready to use. It is a one-size-fits-all. which can either be a good or bad thing. The AveoTSD will also be of great help if you experience apnea. Lastly, the device is easy to clean, it has a reasonable durability level, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Good Morning Snore SolutionGood Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is produced by a Canadian Company called MPowRx. It was founded by Dr. Nancy Markley in 2007. There were already some anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market by then, but users still complained, not because of the inefficacy or price of the devices but because of the discomfort they experienced while using them. Dr. Nancy came to know of these complaints, and she embarked on the mission to make better devices that were more comfortable. She worked with Dr. Leslie Dort, who is a Sleep Researcher at the University of Calgary, and a dentist, and she came up with the exceptional design of this anti-snoring solution.

Good Morning Snore Solution is the most popular Tongue Stabilizing Device. If you are a TSD person, then this is what you will want to give your first shot. The device offers you nothing but high-quality. It is approved by both the FDA and CHA (Canadian Health Authorities), which ensures it is a medically safe option.

Being that it is a TSD, it is very comfortable and does not cause excess saliva and jaw soreness, but it does require that you breathe a lot through your nose, and once in a while, you can experience a sore tongue. The device has a universal fitting, which means you do not need to shape it before using it. Lastly, it is quite affordable, and it comes with a 30-day guarantee.