AGV AX9 Mono Helmet

AGV has been designing state of the art helmets since 1947. They’ve used this time and experience to perfect their skills in providing the ultimate in aerodynamic, safe and comfortable headgear for motorcycle racing of all kinds and levels, all over the world.

Their latest release, the AX9 MONO E2205 helmet, is the ultimate in new-age protective headgear. Enclosed in Carbon-aramidic fiberglass casing, the built in cheek-pads and crown-pads have antibacterial function and moisture-wicking skin comfort treatments for optimum comfort and hygiene as you ride.

The shalamar and nabuk neck-roll fabric is water-resistant to protect from the outdoor elements, and are also removable and washable to make this helmet more sustainable.

This design comes in 2 colours and 3 shell sizes, with removable wind protector and the ability to connect with all generic communication systems.


AGV AX9 Mono Helmet AGV AX9 Mono Helmet AGV AX9 Mono Helmet AGV AX9 Mono Helmet