Adidas Munchen Oktoberfest Beer-Repelling Sneakers

Each year when Oktoberfest arrives, many flock to the original fest in Germany. One of the defining features of Oktoberfest is not only the abundance of different beer that is consumed, but the manner of dress as well. A tradition since 1810, many are decked out in Lederhosen and Dirndl with a number of traditional shoes. In the modern age, more and more folks have been wearing sneakers to celebrate the time and dance the night away in a comfortable fashion.

Inspired by the leather pants in Bavaria, the Oktoberfest Sneakers are made with the highest quality leather that is able to withstand the elements–and the spilled beer. On the exterior of the sneakers, a DPBR coating makes it resilient to spilled beer and other liquids that you do not want getting inside of your shoes. The rich, brown color of this sneaker is accented with the leather, and the classic stripes of adidas shoes are emphasized in a light brown to complement the leather of these shoes. These shoes are of incomparable quality in both the selection of the material and the production of the shoes. German engineering meets traditional Adidas to bring you the adidas Munchen Oktoberfest Beer-Repelling Sneakers, perfect for year-round adventures, not only during Oktoberfest and not only in Germany but all across the globe.