Vollebak Blackout Hoodie

Finding a quiet and peaceful space within crowded places may seem like the most impossible mission. However, Volleback has introduced the ultimate hoddie that can instantly transform into your own isolation tank.

The ability to ‘switch off and recover’ are the main inspiration behind this hoodie. By simply zipping up, you’ll be taken into a quiet place for you to let your mind and soul recharge regardless of how hectic and loud your surroundings may be.

With a breathable mesh visor, six breathable laser cut and welded breathing vents, you won’t have to worry about having a tough time breathing, or having to take breathing breaks. This hoodie has been specifically designed so that it is easy to breathe in, and comfortable to wear. The mesh visor allows users to have full visibility to the outside world, while keeping those on the outside unable to peek in.

It also includes internal zipped pockets for your mobile phone or iPod, with an additional internal cable for your headphones. Its water repellant and wind resistant capacities make it possible for you to block out undesirable weather.

The Blackout hoodie is perfect for those who find themselves often surrounded by loud and hectic spaces. For example, those that travel often by plane, take on regular camping adventures or need to find a quiet spot when working in busy coffee shops.

This hoodie comes in three different colours: Slate Grey, Baker Miller Pink, or Blackout.