Titanium Utility Ring

Swiss knives with various utilities are great and incredibly handy in people’s everyday lives. Many among us own these little tools that make many tasks in the daily a lot easier. On the other hand, how many times have we forgotten or lost them? They can even seem to run away when we need them the most.

Etsy seller Boonerings has taken the same idea as the tradtional Swiss knives, and has implemented it in a simple titanium ring. Available in a range of different sizes, this small but fully functional offers five different essential instruments: a bottle opener, a comb, a slate blade, a saw, and a serrated blade. Brass rivets hold the plates together.

Apart from this convenient tool, this ring is very comfortable and adds a classy look to its owner, with the option of engraving it if desired.

Although the concept of this ring may be off-putting or considered a gimmick because of its small size yet large utility, this ring is a fine, carefully engineered and artisanal product. It is not solemnly a piece of jewelry that intends to look classic and professional, but it is a completely functional and helpful piece for daily tasks and activities.


Titanium Utility Ring