The Campout Cookbook

For camping enthusiasts, The Campout Cookbook is the ultimate recipe book to have in their hands.

In about 200 pages, award winning authors Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson are able to seamlsessly combine the rusticness and rawness of the outdoors, with elevated cuisine. Together, the recipes in this book will make your camping trip memorable by the range of delicious dinners and  lunches that were prepared and enjoyed around the campfire below the star-lit sky.

Some of the 75 recipes that are featured in this handy book are wood-fired skillet pizzas, fire-roasted vegetables, skillets, jerkies, energy bars, and of course, S’mores. It also includes a variety of drink recipes to suit all tastes: from cocktails to warm and cozy drinks for chilly nights.

Most importantly, this book includes a packing checklist and instructions for the basic necessities and tools to prepare all this delicious food on-site such as how to find an appropriate campsite, or how to build a successful campfire from which to cook all these delicious meals.

For $12 on Amazon, The Campout Cookout can be an amazing gift to give for those who have a love for camping. Otherwise, it can also look great on top of your kitchen counter next to your collection of recipe books. The type of recipes in this book are different the rest of the recipe books out there; making this book special, and worth to buy.


The Campout Cookbook