Stanley Kubrick Photographs

Stanley Kubrick’s talents do most certaintly not stop at his ability to direct groundbreaking films. Before he reached his ultimate celebrity status, young 17 year old Kubrick was an acclaimed photographer for Look magazine during the 1940s.

In 300 pages of unseen photographs, Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs will take you back to 1940s New York.

The photos featured in this single volume will present you a visual evidenve of New York during the postwar years; a crucial time for America as it marked the start of a collective pursuit for happiness, fun and reconstruction. Kubrick focuses on showing every day people doing every day things; lovers exchanging kisses on a park bench, dogs strolling with their owners on the street, celebrities in the comfort of their homes.

His apprenticeship at Look was, according to Kubrick, what triggered his interest for filmmaking. Without having experienced photography, Kubrick said that he would not have discovered filmmaking in the first place.

The intrduction by photography critic Luc Sante will give you  some insight about Kubrick’s work, while at the same time providing you with additional information and opinions that will potentially expand your understanding and perspective on Kubrick, and on photography as a whole.

For $70 on Amazon, Stanley Kubrick’s photographs add an artistic and creative touch in any space they are placed, while being an interesting item to flip through while having a relaxed night with friends, or in your own company.


Stanley Kubrick Photographs