Skagen Aaren Naturals: Sustainable Watches Under $150

If this is the first time you’ve considered the idea of a sustainable watch, you’re not alone. I’ll admit I hadn’t thought about it until Danish accessory maker Skagen introduced its Aaren Naturals line to us. For watches under $150, you’ll have a hard time accessing a more sustainable brand.

Aaren Naturals is Skagen’s latest collection of environmentally sustainable watches. The watches incorporate pro-planet features that range from common sense to cutting edge. The line, released in celebration of Earth Day, furthers Skagen’s company sustainability goals and carries the pedigree of parent company Fossil.

skagen aaren naturals

Background and Concurrent Events

Brands at every level of the fashion industry face ever-stronger criticism for unsustainable practices, but there are indications that it’s beginning to turn a corner. Skagen, originally a family-operated business now owned by Swiss watch titan Fossil, aligns itself strongly with sustainable values.

Chief Brand Officer Steve Evans says, “our teams are working diligently to transform our processes from sourcing to design, for a greater, more sustainable future.”

What does that look like? Skagen has set concrete sustainability goals for its products, such as reducing its water consumption from leather tanning by 45% and designing all its in-store promotional materials to be recyclable. Each goal has a deadline of 2025.

The Skagen Aaren Naturals Watch displays progress toward both goals, using a plant-based leather alternative for its strap, and 100% recyclable core packaging.

Reducing Waste with Watches Under $150

The Skagen Aaren Naturals watches utilize basic and highly innovative sustainability features. For most, its 100% recyclable paper packaging is a no-brainer. But leather alternatives made with bark, cork, and apples?

Actually, plant-based leather alternatives are on the rise — most, like Skagen’s, incorporate some polyurethane but use mostly plant material. The fashion industry is actively at war over whether “vegan leather” is actually “more” sustainable than leather made from animal skin.

Determining the truth is a pretty challenging task — as you can imagine, many interested parties have some “skin” in the game. But there’s no question that leather alternatives reduce water consumption from tanning and mitigate land depletion from cattle farming. Skagen even commits to sustainability in the traditional leather it does use. To source its leather, the company consults with the Leather Working Group, a non-profit worldwide organization dedicated to identifying and developing the best sustainability practices for the leather industry.

The Aaren Naturals watch also incorporates recycled material in its steel case. The handsome, straightforward watch is available in several colors with various leather and leather alternative band choices.

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Upshot and Purchasing Skagen Aaren Naturals Watches

Skagen commits to environmental sustainability in its product line by using best sustainability practices for its traditional materials and deploying alternative materials when possible. The brand’s watches have established a positive reputation under the Fossil umbrella.

Skagen releases the Aaren Naturals watch line to commemorate Earth Day 2021, at MSRP $125 — a small price to pay for a sustainable future in fashion.


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