Citizen Super Titanium Watch – Titan of Space and Time

The 1960s Race for Space exposed us to the galaxy’s ethereal designs and kindled our collective passion for it all. The watchmakers at Citizen took cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to create the ultimate standard in titanium watches. Citizen’s Super Titanium multi-toned watches feature one of the most difficult to process metals, and their designers drew inspiration from satellites, rockets, and the heavens. Bring the watch from concept to creation was a major technological undertaking. So, Citizen developed the space-age technology needed to mold, elegantly design, and polish the titanium timekeeper.

Their sleek yet functional design combines the greatest satellite technology — seriously, GPS provides the time for every timezone on Earth — and incredibly beautiful detail. Marking the 50th anniversary of revolutionary titanium technology, this is the watch to defy the whims of time and fashion. This, dear friends, is the exclusive Citizen Super Titanium collection.

Titanium Specialty

Titanium is not only incredibly durable (we’re talking five times stronger than stainless steel) and scratch-resistant, but it is also one of the most comfortable metals to wear against your skin, checking the hypoallergenic boxes. Citizen uses a unique surface-hardening technology to produce two-toned colors for their watches; the appearance of the watch face, case, and band can change depending on the angle and lighting conditions around the watch. The Duratec processing also allows for a lightweight design that’s not only aesthetically appealing but also rust-resistant.

Citizen Super Titanium Watch Design

Clean lines and sharp edges are the marks of this design line. The case is made from a two-piece construction, giving it a unique and elegant look. Each piece is made from Duratec-produced titanium but employed different processing emphases to enhance each of the 11 color options. All done through Citizen’s proprietary surface-hardening technology. De-emphasized, concaved push buttons make for an even sleeker look while still allowing the wearer access the button controls. A beautifully unique triangular prism design of the band sets this watch apart from the rest, especially with the detailed, uniform hairline polish reflected on each prism.

The case itself is 47.5 mm wide and 14.7 mm thick for a commanding design without overwhelming your wrist. The face is sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating applied over top. Naturally, both the case and the band feature Duractect-technology titanium for durability, style, and quality. The included battery can run up to five full years on a full charge, no small feat in our books.

Although these watches may seem all show, their stamina is remarkable, too. Citizen’s in-house testing runs each watch through the quality assurance gamut, where they receive a rating and shock-resistance certification.

What else sets these watches apart, you ask? There are only 550 of them in the entire world.citizen super titanium watch

Space Tech

The Citizen Super Titanium brandishes Satellite Wave GPS, which gives you the most precise time and date to the second, wherever you are on earth. It also self-adjusts to whatever timezone you travel to, whether you’re on the high seas, jet setting across the globe, or trekking across international mountain ranges. Citizen has joined with the HAKUTO-R lunar exploration program to provide their unique titanium processing equations to the space industry — the same titanium processing techniques and technology they engineer into their Super Titanium watch collection.

Futuristic Purchasing

This exclusive 50th-anniversary Super Titanium watch will debut for purchase in Winter 2020. Both men’s and women’s versions will be available. Where and how remains to be seen, but we would guess that with only 550 available worldwide, reserving yours at your nearest Citizen watch dealer would be a prudent investment.


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