Mission Workshop Stahl Shorts

The Stahl shorts are built to endure life, and anything you throw at them, and will easily become your favorite shorts for every occasion. These multipurpose shorts are made from the most durable military grade materials available, and feature a 4-way stretch technology that fits your form and enhances your movements, creating no drag or resistance, which makes them perfect for physical activities. These shorts are great for the beach, a bike ride, a quick jog, or lounging around, and they are packed with accessories and features that make them the most accessible piece in your wardrobe.

The Stahl offers you a totally secure RIRI tack button and YKK zippers. One side zip pocket is large enough for almost anything you have in tow, and the 10 inch inseam is stylish and reserved. The shorts feature a water repellant finish that make them perfect for sports and other recreational activities and will keep you and the items in your pocket safe from weather conditions. The Stahl is available in three different neutral, stylish colors, including Navy, Olive, and Black, so you can have a pair ready for any occasion. These shorts feature a lifetime guarantee and won’t wear out, even if you wear them often.


The Stahl ShortsThe Stahl ShortsThe Stahl ShortsThe Stahl ShortsThe Stahl Shorts