Little Book Whiskey

Little Book Whiskey, a name that comes from the nickname the creator was given as a child, was created with one goal in mind: for the creator and owner to make his family proud–especially the man who had given him the nickname to start with. Little Book was created with a blend of different liquids that were designed to create something totally new and unexperienced by the world around him. The creator is in charge of each batch that is produced, ensuring that each one is up to par with the first one that was ever created. With more than 220 years of tradition and craftsmanship in his family, the creation of the Little Book Whiskey is not something that is taken lightly.

Blending a number of aged spirits, the Little Book Whiskey offers a limitless palate of unique flavor and aroma. It is an annual whiskey series that features a new and unique blend every time, stepping away from the familiar way that his family made whisky–all the same, all the time. From each of the mash bills of the spirits to their age to the place where the batches are stored, there are a number of decisions that go into what ends up being the final blend of the Little Book Whiskey. This careful craftsmanship is what turns each batch into something memorable and rare, something that is coveted by those who appreciate fine whiskey all across the world.