Legent Bourbon

Whiskey made a name for itself in the hills of Kentucky. Bourbon from the same region is strong and distinct, but now it’s mastered through meticulous Japanese blending techniques.  Legent took their world-class distilling skills and added a worldly flair with some international collaboration.  Legent doesn’t make ordinary bourbon—this unique blend is revolutionary and sure to expand your horizons.  The new, distinctive taste of Legent Bourbon is unmatched and enthralling to the senses.  It’s a true Kentucky bourbon whiskey with a splash of wine and sherry casks.  Made from an old family recipe, this proprietary blend is unlike anything on the market today.  From start to finish, this whiskey is made with care.  The new mix is aged four years in charred white oak barrels, creating a genuinely superior drinking experience.


Legent Bourbon  Legent Bourbon