Glenfiddich Winter Storm 21-Year Single Malt

Inspired by the production process of Icewine, the creator of the Glenfiddich Winter Storm set out to create his own with several French oak Icewine casks that allowed him to create one of the rarest whiskies available. Aged for 21 years, these whiskies offer more tannins that come from years in oak and are able to cope with the intensity of the Icewine’s sweetnesses. These malts offer a fresh note of lychee instead of an overwhelmingly sweet flavor like the Icewines they were derived from. The taste is an ideal combination of oakiness and candies, of tropical fruits and the unique flavors that can only come from storing the Glenfiddich in Icewine casks to finish up.


The Glenfiddich Winter Storm 21-Year Single Malt whiskey was crafted through experimentation with a number of different French oak Icewine casks. Each one was filled with different aged malts for up to six months, but it was found that only those aged for 21 years would make the cut into what it has become today. The finishing offers sweet notes that are similar to candied fruit and lychee, with these sweet flavors helping balance out the drying sensation that can come from Icewine. The result is a well-rounded drink that is perfectly paired with dessert foods and offers the right amount of dryness with the natural sweetness of Icewine, one that will not overwhelm the taste buds but will instead delight them with its subtleties.