Crafted with world famous Swedish design styles and techniques, the FreeKey System is designed to help you better organize your life by starting small and getting your important keys organized. The key ring allows you to group your keys together to keep them organized and lets you have swifter access to the one you need, whether that means car keys, house keys, work keys, lock box keys or any other style or type. This key ring comes with three small group ring sections that attach to the main key ring to make it easier to organize your keys. This is possible with their simple-to-identify groupings that are simple to remove and to attach by just pressing on the ring. When you need to detach a key to use it more easily or let a friend borrow it, you won’t have to mess around with difficult rings as this FreeKey System is designed to allow the keys to slip right off of the sectioned-off parts.

The FreeKey System measures 1-3/8 inches with an inside diameter of only one inch meaning that it will not take up much space on your lanyard or key ring latch, but will still provide all of the functionality that you need. Stop fumbling with your keys every time you need to access one and make the unlocking process smoother and simpler.