Fjällräven Greenland No. 1 Special Edition jacket

With its neutral colors and durable design, the Fjallraven Men’s Greenland No.1 is the ideal choice for wear with any attire in any sort of weather. This jacket is constructed to withstand the elements and can keep you comfortable in the rain, wind, snow or other sort of inclement weather. Thin yet cozy, the Fjallraven is made of 60 percent polyester and 40 percent cotton, providing you with a blend of breathability and durability. Due to the way that it is made, you can enjoy free range of movement inside of the jacket, allowing it to easily become your new favorite go-to outerwear.

The Fjallraven Men’s jacket is completely water resistant and will keep you dry on any trek through the woods or out on the trail. Securing the jacket onto your body is a durable string of buttons that are able to remain securely fastened in any sort of weather. There is a hood attached that can be pulled up to protect your head from getting wet as well. In the front, the neckline sits up high in order to help stop any liquid from getting inside of the jacket as well. It is offered in a versatile tan and gray color scheme, the perfect palette for being able to wear atop any of your hiking or camping gear without clashing with your ensemble.


fjallraven greenland jacket