Fifish P3 Underwater Drone

Humankind has been able to explore and discover infinite amount on things on the land of planet Earth. However, the deep blue could be said to have remained almost untouched in comparison.

Diving footware can only take you so far in the sea, so for those who are curious and have many questions about what secrets lay below the surface of the ocean, the Aquajet H2 Water Scooter will be your the most trusted companion.

Its structure has been built in a way in which it replicates the shape of a manta ray. By holding on the the handles, this device will pull you at a speed of up to 5.6 mph. It’s up to you on whether you want to travel on the surface, or up to 60 feed below it.

The Fifish P3 Underwater Drone will let you travel longer lengths, for a lot less effort. It is also potent enough to pull up to four adults, so that more of you are able to live this experience together.

This marine vehicle will not only transport you across the ocean, but it will make you feel like you’re flying through it. Divers will find this device interesting as it will enhance their diving technique, allowing them to travel by making sharp turns, or in spiral or upside-down motions; experiencing a whole new perspective of the deep blue. It can also improve the overall diver’s performance.

Of course, the Fifish P3 Underwater Drone is eco-friendly as it works quietly so that no marine life is disturbed.


Fifish P3 Underwater DroneFifish P3 Underwater Drone