Casio Edifice Watch – Smartwatch, Simplified

Casio’s Edifice line of watches aims to deliver the most critical elements of the modern smartwatch, without all the bells and whistles you don’t need. Beyond the prioritization of features, Casio wants to wrap these smartwatch functions in something that doesn’t look like a tiny phone attached to your wrist. We like it, let’s see what you think.

The smartwatch arms race is on, and with the announcement of the Apple Watch 2 just a few short weeks ago, it is clear that the goal is to build a timekeeper with more and more functions with each new addition. From chronograph watches to those you wear diving, we are starting to see a real uptick in the capability built into each system; eventually, you’ll just need one watch for all occasions.

But we hope that isn’t the case, and Casio doesn’t either. edifice casio smartphone link collection

Right Features

It’s important to note that the watches in the Edifice line are not technically smartwatches, in that they don’t have complicated phone-like processors inside them. Instead, they utilize a connection with your smartphone that allows them to tap into the incredible level of sophistication in that mobile device.

GPS systems in a watch can cause a few problems. First, they draw a lot of power, and the Edifice line of watches is solar-powered. Next, GPS needs a clear line of sight to four of the many satellites in the sky. Most all of us are carrying around a very capable GPS in our phone, so Casio saw it fit to pull that data from your mobile device instead.

Because the Casio smartwatch is designed for travelers, jumping time zones on a consistent basis should be a breeze. The Casio Watch + app keeps your timepiece in lockstep with your current location. This app also allows you to set a second time zone to keep track of a loved one you may have had to leave behind, or just triangulate the time of day where you’re currently blasting emails to unsuspecting victims while they sleep.edifice casio smartphone link collection

Right Styles

A chronograph is a historic piece of horology that anyone who fancies themselves a “watch person” is keenly aware of. Chronograph watches are a type of timekeeper that doubles as a display watch as well as a stopwatch. A standard chronograph wristwatch will typically have an additional second hand called a “sweep” that works as a way to track the independent time of a car’s sprint around a racetrack. Additionally, a rotating bezel allows the driver to position the outside timestamp in relation to their previous lap.

Now, the closest you may come to a racetrack is a cruise up the crowded freeway on your way to work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the features to keep track; even your commute should have a personal best!

All of this chronography technology in a stainless steel case, which features a motorsports-inspired sporty blue bezel that’s sure to catch your eye. Just try to keep them on the road as much as possible.

Right Price

Casio wants you to think that this smartwatch is going to fetch a pretty penny; its slick exterior and wealth of design and functionality would usually put most watches well into the four-digit range. However, the Casio smartwatch Edifice line starts at just $350, which is an absolute bargain when considering the features. You’ll be thankful you saved all that cash for when you catch a speeding ticket trying to PR your drive to work.

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