The 12 Best Chronograph Watches for Men

Chronograph watches are designed to feature a stopwatch that lets you monitor the lapse of time. But unlike the ancient stopwatch, modern chronograph timepieces come with a wide plethora of features. This means that it’s more than a stopwatch. Other than checking the time, the timepiece allows you to check the date of the month and go for a swim without worrying about the damages that are caused by water. Besides that, this type of watches is designed to match with both formal and casual wear.

Here are the 12 best chronograph watches for men.

Vincero Chrono S5Vincero Chrono S5

The Chrono S5 is an iconic watch that has been enhanced by the inclusion of a gray dial. The casing of the watch is built to survive in extreme situations. It’s actually constructed from surgical-grade stainless steel. The watch includes a battery for facilitating quartz movements. Most people will tell you to remove this watch for under $200 when swimming to protect it from water, but you can actually swim all you want as long as the depth of the water is not beyond 5 ATM.

Unlike other watches that reflect when there is too much light, this particular timepiece comes with a face that’s covered with sapphire crystal glass to make it resistant to both shattering and reflecting the light. On top of that, the timepiece is paired with a stitched, interchangeable strap. You can, therefore, alternate between different straps depending on the occasion at hand.

Although the time markers are plain, you can still check the time in the dark, thanks to the illuminated hands. There is also a separate window for checking the calendar. The only downside that some people not appreciate is that there are no numbers, so it might take a little longer to tell the time.


Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Maverick Gs WatchVictorinox Swiss Army Men’s Maverick Gs Watch

You can wear this Victorinox Swiss Army watch on any day without looking odd. Regardless of where you need to go, you can be sure that the face of the watch will remain stylish and intact. In fact, there is not an object that can leave its make on the watch’s face. This is because the sapphire crystal glass stops all scratches from happening. And that’s not all. The glass also prevents light from reflecting back into your eyes so that you can check the time without any interference. The analog display of the chronograph is easy to read as it features Arabic numeral markers. The bezel rotates in any direction to let you do your analysis from any angle.

Besides that, the numeral markers and the hands come with illumination to enhance your vision in low-light environments. The casing and the bracelet are made from stainless steel, which helps in keeping any corrosion at bay. Moreover, the watch runs on Swiss-made quartz movement. Whether you are washing dishes in the kitchen or washing the car, the splashing water will not get anywhere near the functionality of the watch. It can actually withstand water of up to 330 feet.

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Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive TitanCitizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titan

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titan watch is meant for all occasions. For a start, the timepiece features a stitched leather strap fastened via a metallic buckle to ensure that the watch remains intact. The bezel of the dial can be moved either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. There are control buttons sandwiching the crown so that you can adjust the chronograph. In addition to that, the casing of the watch is made from titanium to ensure maximum durability.

Other than a stopwatch, the timepiece features an alarm system that you can set for various targets. This Citizen watch lets you check the time in either 12 or 24-hour format, and the hands and the numeral markers have been illuminated for ease of checking the time at night. There is also a dedicated window for showing the date of the month.

You can swim in waters that are below the depth of 660 feet and still not damage the watch. However, you will have to remember to change the battery once in a while because the watch makes Japanese quartz movement.


Casio Heavy Duty Chronograph WatchCasio Heavy Duty Chronograph Watch

Casio has proven the doubting Thomases wrong by creating a chronograph timepiece. The watch offers an analog display. Since the casing is made from stainless steel, the watch can withstand anything that’s hurled its way. Even if you slammed the watch against a hard surface, the casing would remain intact.

The band is made from a resin material and is fully adjustable. The face of the watch is safeguarded by a dial mineral. Unlike other bezels that are designed to rotate, this one is permanently fitted.

This all-black watch features water resistance of up to 330 feet, and it requires no rewinding as it uses automatic quartz movements. And when darkness falls, you can check the time without needing a light because the time markers and hands are illuminated.


Omega Speedmaster Black Dial Chronograph WatchOmega Speedmaster Black Dial Chronograph Watch

The black dial of the Omega Speedmaster chronograph is protected in a casing that’s made from stainless steel. This means that the mechanism of the watch is protected from external damages, especially those that are caused by high impacts.

The white dash time markers and the hands come with illumination to enable you to check the time in the dark without straining your eyes. Besides that, the timepiece is fitted with a rotating bezel. Besides that, the watch makes automatic movements, and it can run for 48 hours without rewinding. Moreover, the dial of the timepiece is covered with a hesalite crystal material to ensure that it doesn’t reflect light. In addition to that, the crystal window is resistant to shattering when the watch bangs against a hard surface.

The Speedmaster can resist water that’s not deeper than 165 feet, and the stitched leather strap makes this Omega watch feel comfortable on your wrist. It’s deployment buckle is also very convenient for quick removal or fitting.


Seiko Men’s Classic Steel Chronograph WatchSeiko Men’s Classic Steel Chronograph Watch

This Seiko Men’s chronograph watch doesn’t have a rotating bezel, but it features one big dial that has triple mini dials. The main dial’s window is cushioned from scratches and prevented from causing reflections by its hardlex material. Besides that, the cream white dial is housed in a stainless steel cage for durability.

Since the timepiece makes Japanese quartz movements, it doesn’t need any rewinding, but it does require a fresh battery every now and then. Whether you are wading through water or snow, you can be sure the functionality of the watch will not be affected by the moisture. In fact, this Seiko watch offers a water resistance of 330 feet. But you should avoid using it in an aquatic environment because the calfskin band will eventually dry out.

Though the Arabic numerals are easy to read, they are not visible in the dark. When you are in a poorly lit room, you will only be able to see the illuminated hands. The watch also features an isolated window that displays the date of the month for quick reference.


Tag Heuer AquaracerTag Heuer Aquaracer

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer allows you to dive as deep as 1,000 feet without allowing even a single drop of water to penetrate through the casing. In fact, the casing is constructed from fine-brushed and polished stainless steel. It will, therefore, maintain its elegant outlook for decades. You can turn the bezel in any direction because it’s designed to be unidirectional. The bracelet of this Tag Heuer watch is also made from stainless steel and is fitted with a buckle that’s easy to open and close.

The dark main dial is integrated with three other smaller dials. There is also a separate window that displays the date of the month. The hands and dash time markers are illuminated for enhanced vision at night. The downside is that it can take a little longer reading dash markers instead of numbers. The other shortcoming is that you will be buying a battery every so often to power the Aquaracer’s quartz movements.


Timex Weekender Chronograph WatchTimex Weekender Chronograph Watch

The Timex Weekender watch comes with an easy-to-read analog display. The watch has mini dials inside a bigger dial. Since the Arabic numerals are not easily visible in the dark, the hands feature illumination so that you can check time as usual. The dial of the watch features a stainless steel casing. In addition to that, the timepiece has an outstanding bezel that’s constructed from brass. However, the bezel doesn’t move.

The strap of the watch is made from nylon and is both breathable and fully adjustable. To fasten the watch, you can use the stainless steel buckle that’s on one end of the strap. The timepiece makes quartz movements, though, meaning it can’t go without a battery. Besides that, its resistance to water is not guaranteed. The perk is that this quartz watch is available in different colors.


Regalia by Armogan Chronograph WatchRegalia by Armogan Chronograph Watch

The Regalia by Armogan chronograph has proven that a timepiece can be black and still make heads turn. The black color extends from the strap to the casing and the dial. The dial is enclosed in a stainless steel casing, and checking time and other readings on the analog display has been made easy by the inclusion of Arabic numeral markers and illuminated hands. And the hands can be spotted in a single glance because they are orange in color.

There is also an isolated window for displaying the date of the month. The main dial has two smaller dials for checking different readings. Since the watch runs on quartz movements, you will be shopping for a battery once in a while, probably after a year or two. The dial window features a layer of crystal that is designed to resist shattering and reflections. You can swim or walk in the rain without exposing the watch to moisture. This is due to the fact that it features water resistance of up to 165 feet.

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A102 Aviator Chronograph WatchA102 Aviator Chronograph Watch

The all-black A102 Aviator chronograph watch features a casing that’s constructed from PVD coated stainless steel. The strap is made from breathable nylon with a stainless steel buckle for fastening the watch. There are three mini dials inside the main dial that are protected by a mineral crystal window. The advantage of such a window is that it’s resistant to scratches, shattering, and glare. You can, therefore, read the time even when there is too much light. You can also check the time in low-light conditions because the watch features luminova luminescent hands, time markers, and date window.

The Aviator Chronograph gives accurate time readings thanks to the Japanese quartz movements. And when swimming, you can go as low as 330 feet without compromising the integrity of the watch’s seals.

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IWC Pilot Chronograph Men’s WatchIWC Pilot Chronograph Men’s Watch

The IWC Pilot chronograph watch makes automatic Swiss movements. This means that the timepiece rewinds itself as you carry on with your daily routine. The mechanism of the watch is housed in a stainless steel casing, and the midnight blue dial can hardly be ignored. In fact, it has three other stylish mini dials. The time markers and hands are illuminated for enhanced vision in the dark. The chronograph is also easy to interpret as it features numeric digits and dash markers. There are two extra windows that display the date and day of the week, respectively. The dial window features a non-reflective crystal glass.

The strap of this blue dial watch is made of leather material that has been stitched with white thread to make it complement the color of the casing. The Pilot can resist water that’s not deeper than 330 feet.


Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph WatchTimex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

The Timex Expedition Field watch features a strong stainless steel casing that’s designed to withstand any threat of rust or corrosion. The metallic casing is paired with a mineral dial that resists shattering and reflections. Inside the dark dial, there are triple mini dials that are reserved for various purposes. However, the brass bezel doesn’t rotate like on other watches. The hands and time markers feature incredible illumination to ensure that you can see all the details even after nightfall.

The white stitched strap is made from calfskin, meaning it can go for decades without requiring a replacement. The Expedition Field Chronograph does require a battery to function because it makes quartz movements.

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What to Look for in a Men’s Chronograph Watch

Since there are many chronograph watches on the market, it’s easy to be deceived by the looks of various timepieces. The good thing is that there is a checklist you can use when shopping for chronograph watches. For a start, you have to consider the movements that the watch makes. With quartz movement, you will not have to rewind the watch. However, you might have to change the battery after every few months or years. If you opt for the traditional battery-operated watch, try to find one with extra-long battery life.

It’s also important you check whether the hands and time markers are illuminated. Such a feature lets you check the time and other readings at night with no other light source needed. Every watch is usually enclosed in a casing that’s either made from stainless steel or polymer material. The thickness of a watch casing is normally measured in millimeters. A thicker casing is highly recommended as it better absorbs impacts that might damage the watch. You should also check the dial background. Top-range watches come with a background dial that shares the same color with the strap.

If you’re into sports or other vigorous activities, you should opt for a watch that has a strong strap or bracelet. Also, you might prefer a strap made from nylon, as it’s very easy to clean. Besides that, it’s designed to be breathable.

You should also narrow down to a timepiece that is resistant to water. You don’t want to have to remove your watch just because it’s raining. Moreover, you should ensure that the watch’s face is covered with non-reflective sapphire glass to prevent it from shattering if you drop it.