It might be hard to find a more adventurous watch than an Omega. Rolex might be a by-word for luxury, and Tag-Heuer might have the racing world on lockdown, but how many watches have been to the Moon?

We aren’t sure, but we know this — every watch that has been in orbit is an Omega. We also know that Omega is the watch of choice for a specific double-o certified British secret agent. How could you go wrong?

In this buyer’s guide of Omega watches, we’ll walk you through ten of the coolest Omega watches for men available. We called upon our expertise in writing about watches and spent a few hours poking around on the Omega website to do so. We recommend taking a little time to read our “Features to Look for in Omega Watches” section (scroll to the bottom) for a taste of what the brand has to offer.

Then scroll through our product list and choose your favorite!

The Best Omega Watchomega aqua terra

Omega Aqua Terra (BEST CHOICE)

Our Best Choice for this Omega watch round-up is this stylish, classy silver and blue Aqua Terra. Equally at home under the sea or in the boardroom, this clean, rugged nice watch from Omega will stand up to whatever you throw at it.

Diving-specific features like a screw-down crown, deployment buckle, and 500 feet of water-resistance ensure your investment is capable of joining you on all your adventures. Brushed stainless steel and a sapphire crystal help out in that regard as well! Luminescent hands and a 38.5 mm case keep the time nice and visible whether you are in a romantically-lit restaurant or exploring a wreck off the coast of Bermuda.

We’re fans of that 38.5 mm size in a men’s watch. It’s big enough to make a statement but not so large as to feel clunky on the wrist. Speaking of which, let’s talk styling. Those vertical lines on the understated blue dial add a dash of visual interest but don’t scream “look at me, please!” Silver numbers, silver accents, and a date window round out the dial’s feature-set. The sapphire crystal exhibition case on this watch’s back provides the final touch of elegant class.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 38.5 mm
  • Colors: silver/blue
  • Band Width/Material: 19 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 500 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Crown Type: screw-down

omega seamaster diver chronograph watch

Omega Seamaster Diver Chronograph Watch

The next Omega watch in our lineup is another dive watch from Omega’s Seamaster collection.

It has all the features you need in a dive watch: deployment clasp, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, a screw-down crown, and nearly 1,000 feet of water resistance. On top of that, it has a unidirectional rotating bezel–a feature many divers find useful for monitoring time spent underwater.

Everything about this chronograph watch is designed for easy visualization while underwater. A 41.5 mm case is large enough to stand out in the dim murk of your dive location. The date window at the bottom of the dial is clear and easy to read. Extra-large diamond-shaped hands are also clear and excel at time indication. Rather than cluttering up the dial with Arabic or Roman numerals, Omega opts for large white dots to indicate the hour.

Additional features on the dial include a few timers and a co-axel chronometer — more useful additions to monitor your dive time. Like most high-end watches, you get an extremely hard-wearing sapphire crystal with this model. The dial’s blue and silver styling features a peppering of red sparks around the rim, the second hand, and on the hands of some of the timers.

A 20 mm-wide band compliments the relatively chunky 16 mm-thick case. This watch is probably not one for small wrists.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 41.5 mm
  • Colors: silver/blue with red accents
  • Band Width/Material: 20 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 1000 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Crown Type: screw-down
  • Special Features: multi-directional rotating bezel

omega seamaster automatic blue dial watch

Omega Seamaster Automatic Blue Dial Watch

The third Seamaster in our guide, this model is a little cleaner and more streamlined than our Best Choice. You might call it sporty, even. The band of blue rubber gives a more athletic impression, which some folks find more comfortable than stainless steel, especially while running or other above-water sports.

But make no mistake — this watch has diving chops. Let’s start with the 1,000 feet of water resistance. You’ll need specialized equipment to go any deeper than that! The white and blue rotating bezel is another key dive-specific feature. And we think it looks snappy as well. Omega pulls off white and blue styling like very few other watches we’ve written about (and we’ve written about a lot of them, from Rolexes to affordable mechanical watches).

A deployment buckle on the band allows for easy adjustment over a wetsuit or under a tailored Italian suit. And a 42 mm case is big enough to see clearly underwater. Luminescent skeleton hands trimmed in white and silver help out in that regard as well.

We said this watch was sleek, and we meant it. Even though the case is 42 mm wide, it’s only 11 mm thick, so it sits relatively flush on your wrist, making it a real contender for the perfect “wear anywhere” active watch.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 40 mm
  • Colors: white/blue
  • Band Width/Material: 20 mm/rubber
  • Water Resistance: 1000 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Special Features: multi-directional rotating bezel; helium escape valve

omega deville

Omega DeVille

Take a look at this refined elegance. An entry from Omega’s De Ville collection, this cleanly designed dress watch, is minimalism manifested. Silver-toned Roman numeral hour indicators blaze across a burnished metallic blue dial, while sharply pointed hands keep your abreast of the time. Silver accents abound here. Our favorite eye-catcher is the inlaid circle just inside the circumference of the hour indicators. Understated, but oh so classy.

The stainless steel case is 39.5 mm wide — an ideal size in our book. One hundred feet of water-resistance will protect you from accidental drips and splashes, but this isn’t a watch for playing in the ocean. This watch is choice for a night out on the town.

So let’s talk about the styling. We’ve already noted the eye-catching blue dial and elegantly sharp hands. But check out that case — polished beauty, with a deep accent groove inscribed around the circumference of the bezel. Finally, let’s move to the band. Black leather will always be in style, and the crocodile pattern gives the band just a touch of reptilian flair.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 39.5 mm
  • Colors: metallic blue/silver
  • Band Width/Material: 21.6 mm/crocodile-patterned black leather
  • Water Resistance: 100 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic

omega speedmaster chronograph grey watch

Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Grey Watch

For the speed freak. Omega released its first Speedmaster model in 1969, and the design has remained a favorite ever since. We can see why. The look is clean but eye-catching and comes with all the features you need to set course records at the race track — or slow and safe drive through your suburban neighborhood. Whichever happens to fit your needs. Driving-specific features include a tachymeter and a 22.5 mm-wide stainless band with a deployment clasp to fit easily over your jumpsuit.

We think the dial is a triumph of clean design. This luxury watch brand manages to pack a lot into this watch. Features include three different chronometer windows, a date window, and, of course, tachymeter-indicator marks. We love the alternating, offset second indicators, and the red accents around the dial pull double-duty as eye-catchers and hour indicators. The case itself has a smooth, retro styling reminiscent of a time when people first walked on the Moon.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 42.4 mm
  • Colors: grey/white/red
  • Band Width/Material: 22.5 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 300 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Special Features: tachymeter; chronograph

omega seamaster 007 james bond 50th anniversary

Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50th Anniversary

You knew we’d get here eventually. Omega is James Bond’s watch of choice, and it’s no small wonder. The famous spy is known for his discerning taste — in beverages, weapons, companions, and, of course, timepieces.

So feast your eyes upon this limited-edition Seamaster model designed to celebrate James Bond’s 50th anniversary. It’s most notable feature is the black dial blazoned with 007 in a repeating pattern. Is it a little flashy? Sure. Will the Bond lover in your family eat it up? Most certainly. Your gift recipient will be especially excited when he or she peeps the back case, which features the famous gun-barrel rifling pattern that kicks off the opening credits of every Bond movie.

But there’s more than just Bond-flavored design features here. It’s a Seamaster model, so you get classic Seamaster styling: a ceramic rotating bezel, clean and easy-to-read dot-style hour indicators, and large skeleton-style hands for maximum visibility underwater. A screw-down crown, helium escape valve, and 1,000 feet of water resistance make this a fully-functional dive watch. We guess you could say it’s secret-mission capable.

The stainless steel case is only 12 mm thick and 36.25 mm wide, so it’s probably not ideal for extra-beefy wrists. But James Bond has always been about guile and wits over brawn.

This watch is a limited-edition timepiece, so act quickly if you want to get your hands on one. Pairs well with a martini. What type of martini? Well. . .you know.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 36.25 mm
  • Colors: silver/black
  • Band Width/Material: 18 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 1000 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Crown Type: screw-down
  • Special Features: rotating ceramic bezel

omega speedmaster professional moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Now, this is a unique combination of features. Nothing says class like a hand-wound watch. Nobody is going to notice until they spend a lot of time around you in the mornings. And that’s a good moment to impress a special someone.

It’s a Speedmaster model, so you get a tachymeter, a stainless steel band with a deployment clasp for easy fitting over a jumpsuit, and a fixed bezel. The case is relatively thick and broad at 14.3 mm and 42 mm, respectively, and the band is wide at 24.1 mm. So it’s a beefy watch, meant to be seen by others (and easily read by you, the lucky owner).

What makes this Speedmaster unique in our books, however, is its dress-watch styling. Some Speedmasters are a little busy or flashy, but this one is elegant enough for a charity dinner thanks to its black dial and white hands. The interface is clean, with three subdials and minimalist white hour and minute hands leading the way. So wear this watch out to eat — but don’t take it to the beach — you get only 165 feet of water resistance here.

And for more stylish timepieces, be sure to browse our list of the top Seiko watches.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 42 mm
  • Colors: silver/black/white
  • Band Width/Material: 24.1 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 125 ft
  • Movement Type: mechanical hand-wound

omega seamaster planet ocean

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Wow. What a unique look for a Seamaster model. Dig that white and black unidirectional rotating bezel! Scope out that clean black dial with striking white arrow-shaped hands and bold, highly-visible luminescent hour and minute indicators! Top it off with a rubber-lined black alligator-leather band and a transparent sapphire crystal case back, and you’ve got a watch that will stand out like a lighthouse in a sea of boring stainless steel dive watches.

But this Planet Ocean model is more than just cool styling. For one thing, you get a whopping 2,000 feet of water resistance with this timepiece. Good luck going any deeper than that. Classic Seamaster features like a screw-down crown, deployment clasp, date window, and rotating bezel abound. Top it off with a sapphire crystal, and you’ve got a big watch that will go the distance and look super-sharp at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 43.5 mm
  • Colors: black/white
  • Band Width/Material: 21 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 2000 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Crown Type: screw-down

omega seamaster planet ocean chronograph

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

It’s no wonder the Seamaster model keeps popping up in our Omega watch round-up — it’s a darn good looking watch. And no one can accuse this particular model of flying under the radar. Orange isn’t a color that shows up in timepieces very often, but we think Omega pulls it off here. Omega accents the black and orange dial/bezel combo with a similarly styled band — a feature that boasts black and orange highlights and a dive-friendly deployment clasp.

The unique coloring is the standout feature on this watch, but the coin-edge unidirectional rotating bezel is another. The coin-edge look is pretty unusual among Omega watches.

Other than that, you get all the Seamaster features you know and love at this point — a huge water-resistance rating (2,000 feet), screw-down crown, and subdials to keep track of your dive time.

We see arrow-shaped hands on quite a few Seamaster models, but we think they look particularly pleasing on this timepiece. Maybe it’s the case width — a whopping 45.5 mm!

In case you are interested in more affordable options, check out our insane list of best watches under $500.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 45.5 mm
  • Colors: black/orange
  • Band Width/Material: 22 mm/rubber
  • Water Resistance: 2000 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic
  • Crown Type: screw-down

omega speedmaster stainless steel watch

Omega Speedmaster Stainless Steel Watch

Here’s another stylish Speedmaster model that could (and should!) double as a dress watch. Just like the other dressy Speedmaster in this guide, this model utilizes timeless black and silver styling for true cross-over appeal. The 40 mm stainless steel case features an anti-reflective sapphire crystal for scratch resistance and easy visibility when the sunlight splashes through into the cab of your racing vehicle (or minivan). Three subdials provide functionality, while the offset date window gives the otherwise understated dial a dash of visual interest. The stainless steel band features a fold-over clasp with double push-button closure for extra security.

In our opinion, the most striking feature is the fixed tachymeter bezel, which is a striking matte black to offset the grey and stainless steel features on the rest of the watch. Eye-catching without being overwhelming, this watch is a good buy if you need a dressy, fully-featured timepiece that can stand up to the elements.

For more sophisticated models like this, check out our selection of the best Tag Heuer watches.

Key Features:

  • Case Size: 40 mm
  • Colors: grey/silver/black
  • Band Width/Material: 19 mm/stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 330 ft
  • Movement Type: automatic

Omega Watch Buying Guide

Features to Look for in Omega Watches

Size – How big should my watch be? It’s a common question. The short answer is, you need a watch that looks good on your wrist. And everybody’s wrist is different. The watch case is a good place to start. Common watch case widths for men’s watches range from 30 mm to 40 mm and beyond. One watch in our buyer’s guide is over 45 mm wide!

Case thickness is another factor to consider. Thicker cases will stand up to more abuse and pack more features, while thinner cases might be less rugged but will sit more flush against your wrist.

The width of the band is the final size consideration. A wide band (something upwards of 20 mm) will look better with a wide case. But if you have small wrists and hands, you should probably aim for something in the range of 19 mm or smaller.

Style – Omega watches come in multiple collections (or styles). All ten of the watches in this guide are from three collections: Seamaster, Speedmaster, or De Ville.

Seamaster watches are dive watches and utilize dive-specific features like easy-to-read faces, deployment clasps, and rotating bezels.

True to their name, Speedmasters are for the speed demons among us. They feature tachymeters and multiple subdials for setting records on and off the track.

De Ville watches are classy, stylish, minimalist dress watches. They don’t have many features, but boy, do they look good with a suit.

omega watch

Case Material – All the watch cases in this guide are stainless steel. Steel is an ideal watch case material because it is durable, smooth, and hypoallergenic.

Band – We’ve already talked about band width, but let’s spend a moment considering band material. The dive watches in this guide feature bands made of stainless steel or rubber — both materials that excel at standing up to the forces of sand, salt, and sun. Some of the Speedmaster watches use these materials as well. But a few Speedmasters (and the lone De Ville in this guide) feature black leather bands.

Leather bands are stylish and add a touch of timeless elegance to any watch, but don’t hold up to corrosion as well. They also tend to hold odors. For this reason, you should only choose a leather-banded watch if you plan on wearing it to dressy or formal occasions.

Movement – Almost all of the Omega Watches in this guide feature automatic movement. Automatic movement means the watch gets its power from a battery and doesn’t need winding. Just replace the battery when it’s dead.

One watch in our guide features a mechanical hand-wound movement. Such a watch needs daily winding to maintain the correct time.

The History of Omega Watches

Omega is a watch company with a deep, rich pedigree. It was founded by watchmaker Louis Brandt in 1848 when he was just 23 years old, and it quickly became one of the premier brands in Switzerland.

After Brandt died, his sons took over the business and continued to develop Omega’s growing reputation for forward-thinking design, sound quality, and on-point style.  In 1894, the brothers designed and released the watch that would become the company’s namesake. Several elements of this watch are still a focus of modern watchmaking.

silver strap omega watch

Over the next half-century, the brand continued to expand across the world, always incorporating the latest in contemporary watchmaking technology — and often achieving notable firsts in the world of horology. For instance, Omega introduced the first publicly-available diver’s watch in 1932. The company also provided more timepieces for WWII-era British military service members than any other watchmaker in the world.

As the Space Race arrived, Omegas were (and still are) the only watch certified by NASA for extra-vehicular activity — also known as space-walking to the layman. Even JFK got into the action, wearing an Omega watch to his inauguration in January of 1961. In 1969, NASA astronauts wearing Speedmaster watches walked on the Moon.

The brand took another giant leap in 1995 when Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond wore a Seamaster watch for the first time. Since then, a Seamaster watch has appeared in every subsequently-released Bond film. That’s quite a pedigree! Unfortunately, Omega watches don’t have all of the features Bond uses (wouldn’t a laser be excellent from time to time?). However, the timepieces are still plenty useful — whether you’re headed into space or just taking a loved one out to eat.