Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum

Rum comes in a variety of flavors and types, but not all of them have the crisp flavor of the Philippino rum, Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum. This rum has been aged for a decade to allow the flavors of it to truly unravel and unfurl, creating a blend of unique aromas and flavors that is impossible to find anywhere else. Inspired by the tale of Papa Isio, a man who played a huge role in the Philippine revolution in the late 19th century, Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum is produced on an island in the Philippines. This island has been said to have one of the highest Angel’s Share evaporation rates in the entire world, which makes this 10 year old rum that has been aged in re-charred oak barrels from the United States, that much more impressive.

This spiced rum is one that has huge notes of dark chocolate and toffee. Exceptionally sweet rum, the Don Papa Rum offers an aromatic experience that helps further the flavor of the drink. Bringing a hint of subtle fruit to the rum is the inclusion of notes of raisins, providing the sweetness without overwhelming the flavor. It has been dotted with bits of oak for a full-bodied and rather robust experience, while the smoky notes help to round out the flavor and give it a handsome appeal for those with a palate refined enough for such complex flavors.