Crown Royal Regal Apple

For whiskey lovers that enjoy the taste of classic Crown Royal but are looking for something a little lighter for summer, Regal Apple has arrived. Crown Royal Regal Apple is a fresh, fruity twist on the whiskey you already love, offering you a refreshing new way to change the way you drink whiskey depending on the season. Hand selected from the master whiskey blenders that work for Crown Royal, it has been infused with not only real Regal Gala apples, but many different apple flavors as well in order to provide you with a full-bodied Canadian whiskey that is lightened with flavor notes of crisp, ripe apple.

The Crown Royal Regal Apple has all of the classic taste that the brand has to offer, affording you a full-bodied whiskey blend that you have come to expect from the brand. But instead of your taste buds being covered solely with whiskey, you are instead getting a unique blend of bright and summery apple flavor as well. The palate opens with a slight, pleasantly sour and crisp apple flavor that lends its way to the signature flavor of Crown Royal. There are slight notes of spice and caramel to round out the tartness. The finish offers a bright note of apple that has sweetness balanced into it, coming together for a smooth and full-bodied finish. Apple and the classic smell of Crown Royal make up the nose of the Crown Royal Regal Apple.