It’s no wonder the Cocktail Codex is a #1 Best Seller. Author Alex Day offers an approach to drink-making that is easily adaptable to any drink maker’s current expertise level. With only six “root recipes”, the available tools in this book are not only easy to understand, they are easy to bring to life in any real scenario. What’s more, the drink maker can improvise, turning classic cocktails into jaw-dropping original creations.

The six root recipes are ones that all great cocktails begin with, specifically, the old fashioned, daiquiri, martini, whiskey highball, sidecar, and the flip. These basics will offer greater understanding into the underlying schematics that can make or break your drink. Important factors such as, which drinks are stirred and which shaken? When can substitutions be made without compromising the integrity of the drink? How can you reinvent a classic, turning it into a brilliant original?

In addition to 320 pages of information that will aid any drink maker, this books includes stunning photos in a layout that is as pleasurable to read as it is educational and informative.


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