CardSharp 4 Pocket Knife

An ultra sharp knife, the CardSharp4 Folding Safety Knife is made from CNC metal and is durable enough to go wherever you go. Made from an impossibly thin piece of aluminum, the CardSharp4 Folding Safety Knife is profoundly robust and strong, able to cut through anything. It features an elegant and simplistic design that is ultimately safe; it comes with two stage childproof Zytel safety locks that ensure no accidental opening will occur and harm someone. It also furthers the safety of the knife by providing ultra durable locking in both the closed and the open positions. The same Zytel technology offers a rivet that secures the blade to the handle, and the hinges, made from spring loaded Nitinol technology, make it ultra flat while you have it out in card mode.

CardSharp4 was intended originally to be an ultra lightweight surgical knife that could be transported and disposed of easily by medical centers and hospitals around the world without them needing to use wasteful and costly sharps waste containers. Because of the original intent of the knife’s production, the Knife comes with a 65-millimeter cutting edge that promises sharpness that can outlast time. It weighs a mere 24 grams making it incredibly lightweight, especially when compared to a standard knife. This makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Use it for any sort of adventure, whether you are cooking, camping or performing any other activity where a knife might be needed.


slider folding knife by cardsharp