Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Bourbon #3

Ideal for those who prefer the finer side of whiskey, the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Bourbon is a perfectly aged drink that is coveted by many across the world. This Bourbon is named after a bartender in New Orleans who was the first ever to use rye whiskey in a Sazerac Cocktail. It is an unfiltered and uncut Straight Rye Whiskey that has been bottled straight from the barrel in an attempt to recreate how it was made over a century ago.

Packed full of rich flavors and bold aromas, the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Bourbon is symbolic of the rich history of the city of New Orleans and has notes that are every bit as timeless. Powerful and spicy, it has flavors of mildly sweet notes, including toffee, fig cake and candied fruit. This sweetness is balanced out by a bit of cinnamon, mint and clove to round out the flavor profile. The finish of the bourbon reveals a blend of spices and cool notes such as cream, coconut, allspice and nutmeg for a well-rounded flavor profile you will not find with any other whiskey. The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Bourbon is best enjoyed in a cocktail or with a bit of ice as it is powerful enough to leave a bit of a sting on the tongue. Transform any of your cocktails with ease.