The Coolest Zippo Lighters This Winter

Few, if any, brands are respected in the world of lighters like Zippos. Zippo lighters are the perfect lighter for waving at your favorite concert. And, with their lifetime warranty, your Zippo is dependable unlike any other.

With the holiday season coming up, consider buying your friends or family one of the lighting giant’s best Zippo lighter designs — found here in our buying guide.

Without further ado, here are 15 of the coolest zippo lighters on the market.

The Best Zippo Lighter

zippo matte pocket lighter

Zippo Matte Pocket Lighter (BEST CHOICE)

Matte Zippo lighters first made their way into the Zippo product line in 1984, this product arcs back to the old zippo lighters. They appeal to many users because of their smooth texture and scratch resistance. This matte lighter with the Zippo logo on the lid also doesn’t show fingerprints, so it keeps its sleek look.

Like all Zippos, this lighter is made in the USA, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and unfilled, so you’ll need to also pick up some Zippo lighter fluid so you can use this lighter shortly after you receive it. This cool Zippo is an excellent choice for those who want the classic Zippo lighter profile and click at a low price. This Zippo isn’t too flashy and nestles nicely into your pocket, briefcase, or bag.


zippo colored lighter

Zippo Colored Lighter

For those looking for an awesome Zippo Lighter with a tiny bit of flair but not too flashy, the Indigo Zippo Logo Colored Lighter is an excellent choice. This lighter comes with all the bells and whistles of a classic Zippo like a lifetime warranty, the classic click and built entirely in the USA and just enough flair to stand out and a price that’s easy on the wallet.

The cobalt blue chrome look of this lighter is bound to impress but won’t catch so much attention that you’ll be stuck outside a concert all night with your new Zippo fans. This lighter features the classic Zippo profile, so it’s not the slimmest of the bunch but small enough, it can still go with you anywhere.


zippo american flag lighter

Zippo American Flag Lighter

If you love to wear your patriotism on everything you own, you’ll love the Zippo High Polish Chrome Space Design American Flag Lighter. This lighter features a deep-etched American flag design on a case that is 1.5 times thicker than your average Zippo case, making it more durable.

Your new lighter that boasts your love for the USA also is made right here in the USA, in Bradford, Pennsylvania, to be exact! This collectible Zippo lighter is as much function as it is flair. You’ll get that well-known clicking sound as you open and close the lid as well as the “it works, or we fix it” Zippo lifetime guarantee.


zippo pipe lighter

Zippo Pipe Lighter

The Zippo ‘Gentleman Prefer’ Pipe Lighter is part of a collection of awesome Zippo lighters that have special inserts that meet the needs of pipe smokers. These inserts have a chimney that encases the flame in metal so it can be drawn directly into the bowl without damaging the side of it like a traditional lighter.

The Pipe Lighter insert fits the classic Zippo profile and can fit into any classic Zippo casing, so if you ever tire of this top hat-clad pipe-smoking gentleman design (but who would?), then you can swap it out with a new case.

The case of this lighter features an all-metal design, making it durable for years to come.


zippo ace lighter

Zippo Ace Lighter

The Zippo High Polish Chrome Ace Lighter boasts an all-metal chrome case built to last. The design is simple, yet it transforms your lighter into a playing card — an ace, to be exact. This design doesn’t have a prominent Zippo logo, but you can find the classic stamp and date code on the bottom and the insert.

Windproof, made in the USA, all-metal finish, classic click, and lifetime guarantee, this lighter is a real ace in the hole. It’s a durable and capable device with a sleek design that nestles perfectly into your pocket.


zippo nautical lighter

Zippo Nautical Lighter

Skol! to all you Viking lovers, the Zippo Street Chrome Viking Lighter is for you. For those who want to wear your Scandinavian heritage or your love for Vikings proudly on your trusty lighter, you’ll love this handy device. The all-metal construction is as durable as Viking lore is memorable.

While this lighter features a Viking man, the technology and features go far beyond what was available in the Viking era. This lighter is windproof, snaps close with the traditional Zippo click, is made in the USA, and features the lifetime warranty from Zippo — all without breaking the bank. Just don’t forget to grab some Zippo lighter for your Viking friend, he may be one of the coolest zippo lighters on the market, but he doesn’t come with lighter fluid.


personalized zippo lighter venetian

Personalized Zippo Lighter Venetian

If you haven’t found the right Zippo for you or your loved one just yet, why not try a personalized Zippo lighter? If it’s labeled, it’s much harder for someone to run off with it; lighter thieves won’t be able to get away with this one. The Personalized Zippo Lighter in Venetian allows you to customize your Zippo with up to one text line with up to ten characters with multiple font selections. If you or your loved one has a longer name, you may need to go another route or opt for a shorter nickname.

Some customers have complained that the etching is relatively thin and can begin to wear away with use, so keep that in mind when considering how this lighter will be cared for by its user. The rest of the lighter features an engraved design in a brass case. The design features Venetian inspiration and manages a balance between simplicity and elegance, and makes an excellent gift. As always, you can bank on the Zippo quality and lifetime warranty whether you hang on to this custom lighter or gift it to a loved one.


zippo animal lighter

Zippo Animal Lighter

Eye of the tiger, anyone? This Zippo Tiger Chrome Zippo Animal Lighter got that song stuck in our heads. For the tiger lover in your life, this all-metal case is one of the coolest Zippos and makes an excellent gift. This lighter comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, and all it needs is a bow! Everyone will need a lighter at some point, making a Zippo a great choice this holiday season.

Your gift, for your loved one or yourself, comes with the peace of mind that this is a genuine Zippo product with the date stamps and all on the bottom. You’ll also receive the “It works, or we’ll fix it,” lifetime guarantee from Zippo. Are you ready for the thrill of the fight? Head on over to Amazon to snag up this lighter!


zippo spiritual lighter

Zippo Spiritual Lighter

The Zippo Multicolor Eye of Providence lighter features an etched design on a flashy neochrome metal case. This design combines spiritual imagery with a hint of flair in a lighter that sacrifices nothing when it comes to function. In the beautiful gift packaging, you receive a windproof lighter with an all-metal case that includes a Zippo date stamp, a steel insert, and the peace of mind of Zippo’s lifetime guarantee.

If you’re ready to sport this lighter out and around town, head on over to Amazon to grab one for yourself or a loved one. Be sure not to forget to grab some lighter fluid for your new Zippo as well.


zippo tree of life lighter

Zippo Tree of Life Lighter

If you are fascinated by the imagery or lore of Yggdrasil, better known as the tree of life, the Zippo Tree of Life Pocket Lighter will be a perfect addition to your life. In Norse mythology, the tree of life encompasses nine realms in its branches; while this lighter may not hold nine realms, it will still stand the test of time thanks to its antique brass case and lifetime warranty to back it up.

Amazon reviewers’ main complaint is that the finish wears off easily, sometimes within weeks of purchase. However, most reviewers also said they like the case’s look, without the finish even more — a happy ending and a functional lighter at the end of the day.


zippo skull lighter

Zippo Skull Lighter

The Zippo Black Skull Clock Lighter in a Matte case features a unique design and a sleek look. The design features a skull being pulled into the gears of a clock, an otherworldly idea executed with style. The Zippo’s all-metal case is one and a half times thicker than a traditional Zippo case, making it more resistant to everyday wear and tear or your keys battling it in your pocket.

Your new lighter, or gift for a loved one, comes complete with a metal case, steel insert, lifetime warranty, and Zippo stamps so you can be sure it’s a genuine Zippo, all in a Zippo gift box for gifting or display. This device is windproof, too, so that it will withstand all the elements during a windy day outside or a camping trip in the mountains.


zippo jack daniel's lighter

Zippo Jack Daniel’s Lighter

Few things are nicer than a glass of whiskey on a fall evening for a whiskey lover, at least! If you or someone you love is a whiskey lover or, more specifically, a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey lover, we’ve got a lighter to match their drink of choice. The Zippo Jack Daniel’s Lighter comes in a thick, brass case with a Jack Daniel’s Emblem on the front.

Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling American whiskey, and we’d be willing to bet you know someone who will love this lighter. Not only does this lighter sport the logo of the beloved whiskey, but it also comes with the quality we have come to expect of Zippo. A metal case, windproofness, a lifetime guarantee, and that classic “click” all make up some of our favorite Zippo characteristics.


zippo day of the dead lighters

Zippo Day of the Dead Lighters

Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day, is a Mexican holiday where families gather to celebrate the life of loved ones who are no longer present. One of the classic bits of this day’s iconography is skeletons or calacas, often represented in masks. The Zippo Day of the Dead two-count set depicts a calaca on each metal lighter case adorned with flowers, a vital part of an ofrenda or altar, another essential element of the holiday.

This lighter set makes an excellent gift for a loved one or the perfect tool for lighting candles on your ofrenda as the holiday approaches. For the peace of mind that your purchase will last for a lifetime of celebrations, these lighters come with a lifetime warranty from Zippo.


zippo eagle lighter

Zippo Eagle Lighter

We’ve got another, but less obvious, patriotic lighter in the line-up of the coolest Zippo lighters. This Zippo Eagle Lighter with a brushed brass finish allows you to sport the USA’s icon without being overbearingly patriotic. The classic nature scene features two eagles soaring among tall trees and mountains on an elegant brass case.

You can’t go wrong with such a classy look on a durable Zippo lighter. Your new lighter was made in the USA in Bradford, Pennsylvania, at the Zippo factory. Your steel insert inside the case can also be placed in any other classic Zippo case should you decide to switch up designs. If you’re ready to bring this lighter home, head on over to Amazon, and don’t forget to snag some lighter fluid too, it’s not included with this lighter.


zippo wolf lighter

Zippo Wolf Lighter

For your loved one who loves wolves or spends all night howling at the moon, we’ve got a lighter to match their personality. The Zippo Brushed Chrome Timberwolves Lighter features three wolves under the full moon in a forest. A peaceful nature scene perfect for those who love wolves. While the role of wolves and feelings around them is conflicted in lore and mythology, this lighter’s quality can’t be debated.

This lighter includes the classic Zippo “click” — no howling here when you open and close it — along with a steel insert, a date stamp, and a lifetime warranty. This Zippo lighter will survive all your nights spent howling at the moon, and if it doesn’t, send it into Zippo for free repair.


Zippo Lighter Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look for in Zippo Lighters

Size and Portability – Zippo lighters come in four size variations and are generally slimmer than most other lighter brands. If you’re looking for the smallest of lighters possible, the Zippo slim lighters are a great choice; they come in at just 1.13 inches by .38 inches by 2.38 inches and weigh 1.5 ounces, making them perfectly pocket-sized and portable. The other three lighter size variations all weigh 2 ounces and have a half-inch width—they provide slight variations in the length and height. The classic Zippo features a 1.5-inch length and 2.25-inch height. The 1935 replica lighter, which resembles vintage Zippo lighters, measures 1.44 inches in length and 2.06 inches in height. Lastly, the vintage style lighter also measures 1.44 inches in length but is slightly larger than the 1935 replica at 2.38 inches in height.

Features – There are several unique features of Zippo lighters. Firstly, Zippo lighters are windproof, which is one of their most remarkable qualities. Additionally, Zippo lighters have a wick, which is another unique feature that is uncommon in most modern lighters. The four main features to look for on a Zippo lighter are the ‘One Box’ packaging, the bottom stamp, the insert, and the casing.

The case features a design that can be added to the case in six different ways. These methods include stamping, which creates a 3D effect, Laser or Auto-Engrave, which is the engraving of the case via a laser or a skilled artisan. The last three methods include 360-degree multi-cut, which uses a laser engraving process and Emblem, where an image is die-struck onto the metal; and Fusion, a combination of color palettes and chrome breaks for a metallic lighter

Ease of Use – In general, Zippo lighters are relatively easy to use, open the top, spin the wheel and you get a flame, and to extinguish, close the lid. There are some additional maintenance considerations to make sure you Zippo lasts you a long time. These include wick and flint maintenance as well as refilling lighter fluid. We’ve covered some of this care below, but you should also use the Zippo website as a guide on how to care for and maintain your Zippo, so it lasts you a lifetime.

Durability – Zippos are well known worldwide for their durability. Some users have reported swimming with them, dropping them on concrete, and lots of other wear and tear in daily life. All the Zippo cases are made of durable metals. If you manage to damage your Zippo lighter, you can send it to Zippo, and they will fix it as part of their lifetime warranty. Any company offering a lifetime warranty with every product clearly stands behind every single thing it produces.

Weather Resistance – Zippo started making lighters in the 1930s with the intention of them being windproof and easy to use with a single hand. To this day, all Zippo lighters remain windproof due to their unique chimney structure. The outer casing protects the inner insert from the elements, but Zippo’s focus on weather resistance is lighter and zippo refill fluid

Zippo Lighter FAQ

Are all Zippos the same quality?

In general, all Zippo lighters are well-constructed and share the same high quality that Zippo is known for. All Zippos come with a lifetime warranty, which means Zippo stands behind every lighter they produce. The changes in cost occur when additional features or designs are present.

How do I refill my Zippo Lighter?

The Zippo lighter refilling process is relatively simple but has a few nuances. To begin, remove the inside unit from the outer Zippo lighter case. Next, turn it over and lift the felt pad to reveal the inner packing material; if the felt pad is difficult to remove, you can also utilize a paper clip or other small tool to help lift it. Slowly begin to saturate the packing material, stop filling when the fluid reaches the top of the packing material, or changes color. If you overfill your lighter, your lighter will leak fuel. Avoid getting this fluid on your skin as it is a skin irritant. Reassemble your lighter and make sure there’s no lighter fluid nearby; if there is, wipe it off or wait for it to evaporate. Lastly, spin the flint in a downward motion to create a spark; you may have to repeat this multiple times. Once you have a flame and you’ve finished using your lighter, go ahead and close the lid, and you’re all done!men refilling his zippo lighter

How should I take care of my Zippo lighter?

For most zippo lighters, general care is the same. For specific finishes, the cleaning may vary. With all zippo lighters, be sure to clean off any lighter fluid from the case and try to avoid overuse or misuse of the lid as the hinge can become damaged. Additional care includes wick and flint maintenance. Different cases require different cleaning; for a full list, head on over to the Zippo website.

All wicks will start white and will darken to black over time, which can reduce performance. To trim your wick, use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to pull the wick’s base until the new wick appears, then trim off the darkened parts of the wick. Each wick should have two to three trimmings before replacement.

Replacing the flint on your Zippo needs to happen every few weeks for the average Zippo user. To begin, remove the inside unit from the case. Next, unscrew the flint spring using a coin or screwdriver. Use caution in this process as the spring is under tension and could fly away. Turn the unit right-side-up again and remove the remaining bits of flint. Insert the new flint into the brass flint tube and reassemble your lighter. For a review on caring for your cool Zippo lighter, head on over to the Zippo website for extensive care keeping his zippo in back pocket

Can I carry a Zippo lighter on a plane?

If you plan on carrying your unique zippo lighter on a plane, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If your lighter is in your carry-on bag, you’re good to go, even if it has a bit of fuel in it. Lighters with fuel in them are not allowed in checked baggage. If you plan to check your Zippo on your next trip, make sure it has no fuel in it before packing it in your luggage.

Can a Zippo explode?

After some research, it appears the answer is no. Some traditional disposable lighters can explode under extreme heat because the inner contents are under pressure. In a Zippo lighter, this is not the case, and initial searches left us without much proof that Zippos are capable of exploding when cared for correctly and when the correct fuel is used.

How can you tell if a Zippo is real?

The first step to obtaining a genuine Zippo lighter would be to buy one straight from Zippo or an authorized retailer. If you’ve picked up a lighter and want to be sure you’ve got a genuine Zippo, flip it over, and you should see the Zippo stamp on the bottom. If you remove the inner unit, you should see the Zippo trademark there too. If you don’t have both of these things, your Zippo lighter isn’t a real Zippo, and you should contact the seller or check these things before you buy in the first place.