Fast Access: 8 Best Under Bed Gun Safes

Owning a gun safe is pivotal when you own a firearm. It protects not only your gun from the elements, but it will also protect you and your family from intruders stumbling upon and using your firearm against you. One argument against gun safe ownership, however, is that it prevents fast and convenient access to your firearm in emergency situations.

Though quick-access biometric scanners and combination locks have rectified one half of that concern, for many, storing their gun in a safe means they won’t be anywhere near it when they need. While it’s true that many gun safes, especially those designed for long guns, are bulky and require plenty of floor space, these under bed gun safes provide the same protection as standing long gun and larger handguns safes while keeping your gun at the ready Just like with standard gun safes, under bed safes provide the same level of quick-access so you can still keep your family protected against intruders.

When you’re eyeing up the right gun safe for under the bed storage, you’ll want an option that offers plenty of storage space, a reliable access method, and ample protection for your gun.

Hornady-98190-Rapid-Safe-AR-GunlockerHornady 98190 Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker

For ample protection of your firearms and your family, Hornady’s 98190 Rapid Safe stores the firearms you may need at the ready conveniently under your bed. Housed in 14-gauge steel, shotguns, and AR-15 rifles can be accessed via the safe’s RFID sensor. Should the RIFD wristband or key fob not be available, there’s a backup keypad for entry with a four to the six-digit pin number.

Child-resistant and tamper-proof, nobody will be breaking into this safe without the keycode or RFID signal. Providing an extra level of security are the two hardened lugs that clamp down when the lock is engaged.

Storing more than one firearm? The interior racks can be adjusted to fit the guns you need. Keep it tied to a location with an AC plug and security cable or take it with you on vacation by keeping it battery operated. The safe is TSA approved and can withstand air travel.


  • 14-Gauge Steel Construction: The heavy material is drop, pick, pry, and saw-proof, keeping your firearms protected in many scenarios
  • RFID Sensor Lock: RFID entry provides quick-access without needing to deal with a key and can be kept on your person at all times.


  • Noisy When Opening: Though it is quick, the door produces an audible noise when opened, potentially giving away your position to any intruders.
  • Short Power Cord: Unless your bed is right next to an outlet, you’ll likely need an extension cord.



Gun-Casket-Fast-Opening-Shotgun-SafeGun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe

Though the name is morbid, Gun Gasket’s Fast Opening Shotgun Safe is a fine option for the man or woman looking to add another level of security to their home. As the name states, this is a shotgun safe with a fast-opening lock disengaged by a 10-digit, electronic lock for keyless entry. Simply set a four to six-digit code and you’re home and your firearm will be protected from the outside elements and intruders.

At 50” long, this safe will hold most standard shotguns and may even have a little room left for shells or a pistol. The cushioned interior keeps your firearm from scraping against the anodized aluminum while also keep your shotgun at a convenient, reachable height in the safe. At only 4” tall, it will fit under most beds for fast access in emergency situations.

Need to take it on the go? The more compact sizing (compared to other safes) makes it easy to travel with, especially on the road, while delivering maximum safety to your firearm.


  • Quick-Access Keypad: Your four to six-digit code will give you access to your shotgun quickly. The door swings open fast enough for immediate access when needed.
  • Relatively Compact: At 50” x 7” x 4”, the Gun Casket Shotgun Safe is relatively compact, but can still house most standard-sized shotguns.


  • Narrow: Though long and high enough to fit a standard shotgun, the Gun Casket Shotgun Safe is on the narrow side. Any shotgun with a pistol grip will likely not fit in its 7” width.
  • No Pre-Drilled Holes: If you’re looking to mount this to the floor, you’re going to have to drill through the steel case. This also indicates that the case is not completely inaccessible if an intruder had access to it and a heavy object.



MonsterVault-Underbed-SafeMonsterVault Underbed Safe

If it’s a sturdy build you want, you’re going to get it with the MonsterVault Under Bed Gun Safe. At 140 lbs, you know that this steel beast isn’t going to buckle under the pressure of an intruder. The “cold rolled” 11’ gauge steel is solid and will prevent anybody but yourself from having access to your firearms.

While the exterior shell keeps your family safe, the interior compartment protects your guns. Locked by a digital combination lock, the MonsterVault reveals a spacious drawer when opened. The fabric-lined drawer is large enough to hold multiple firearms, including long guns, shotguns, and pistols. There could even be enough space left for ammo or any of your personal valuables.

Should you forget your combination, the safe comes with a backup mechanical option – a spare set of keys that you shouldn’t have to use should you find a way to remember your combination. At three to eight-digits long, there’s a variety of options you could choose from for easy remembering.

Though heavy, you can bring it on the road as it will fit in most trunks. Due to its weight, however, it’s not made for air travel.


  • Short Height: The MonsterVault will fit in most tight space due to its short height. The pull-out drawer also means you won’t have to worry about something obstructing its door on top.
  • Spacious Drawer: The pull out, fabric-lined drawer can store a lot. If you’re a handgun collector, expect to be able to fit quite a few. Long guns can also be stored in multiples with room to spare.
  • Backup Key: Always forgetting the combination? Just use the included key to open the MonsterVault.


  • Weight: While it will keep intruders from running off with it, the safe’s weight also makes it difficult to move and travel with.
  • Inconvenient Keyhole Placement: Though the key comes as a backup option, accessing the keyhole requires a metal plate to be removed.
  • Not Water / Fireproof: In the event of water or fire damage, the MonsterVault won’t protect your firearms that well, if at all.



American-Security-Defense-VaultAmerican Security Defense Vault

Fitting into very tight spaces thanks to its 3 3/8” height, the American Security Defense Vault can be by your side as you sleep while still be protected from unwanted interactions. The AMSEC ESL5 electronic lock allows for easy and quick access while 14-gauge steel construction keeps the safe from being penetrated by drill, pick, or prying.

It may be on the pricier side of the spectrum, but the 43 ¼” x 12 ¾” tray locked within the gun safe stores plenty, giving you space for your essential firearms, ammunition, and even possibly some personal valuables. Access is made easy with a six-digit combination pad with backlighting for better visibility at night. If you’re going for maximum stealth while opening, the beeping function on the keypad can be turned off.

The interior tray is fabric-lined and padded to protect your firearms from scratching and scuffing. If you’re looking to keep the safe in place and prevent it from moving or being moved, there are pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.


  • Sturdy Steel: The 14-gauge steel is sturdy and will prevent any unwanted access through most forceful means.
  • Illuminated Keypad: There’s little worse than not being able to see what keys you’re pressing at night. The illuminated keypad gives you a clear view of the digits without giving off too much light.


  • Cheap Keypad: Though nobody will be able to bludgeon their way into your gun safe, the keypad is on the cheaper side, made from a plastic that’s easily removed.



SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun SafeSecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun Safe

The SecureIt Tactical Gun Safe is all about fast and easy access for the individual whose only concern is being prepared when an intruder breaks in. The simple interior is designed to hold one long rife, which straps in for safe storing, especially if for users transporting or driving with the safe. Padding within the safe will keep your gun protected during movement, but the straps are strong enough to prevent it from sliding around and getting scratched. At a depth of 13”, firearms can be stowed with scopes and magazines still attached

The FB-40-01 is designed to be bolted to the floor under a bed but can also store well in an SUV, boat, or RV for the survivalist on-the-go, avid hunters, or shooters going to the range. At only 45 lbs, the SecureIT is a light and accessible safe, which means those mounts are vital for home, under-bed storage to prevent intruders from running off with it.

Secured by a three-point locking system and piano hinge door, this safe will go a long way. Access is granted via an electronic keypad or key lock.


  • Protective Storage Great for Travel: The straps that keep your firearm in place make this safe ideal for travel, preventing unwanted movement.
  • 13” Deep: While most safes require rifles to be dismantled, the 13” depth allows you to keep your scope and magazine attached.


  • Lightweight: Any lightweight safe is at risk of being taken if not bolted down.
  • Limited Storage: Though any rifle should fit, the SecureIt is not designed for any additional firearms.



Stealth-Defense-Vault-DV652Stealth Defense Vault DV652

The pinnacle of home defense and firearm safety, this 14-gauge steel safe is ideal for protecting both your family and your firearm. At 14” x 52” x 6”, you’ll be able to store at least one long gun and two handguns, conveniently at-the-ready in emergency situations.

Prevent unwanted access are five-point locking bars controlled by an electronic combination lock. Punch in your code and within seconds you’ll have your firearms ready and accessible. In the dead of night, the included carr will make it easier to see the combination lock.

While it can fit plenty, the safe is small enough and specifically designed for under-bed storage. In fact, to keep it in place, it comes pre-drilled and mounting hardware to mount it to the floor. Even without being mounted, the 74 lb safe is not easy for an intruder to leave with and its construction makes it difficult to break into.


  • Spacious, but Not Oversized: Stealth Defense allows you to secure multiple firearms without dealing with a bulky safe that doesn’t fit anywhere.
  • Included Mounting Hardware: If you prefer to mount it to your floor – and you probably should – this safe comes with all of the required hardware and four pre-drilled holes.


  • Manual Tray: If you need your firearm, the tray they sit on is manual and not spring loaded. When in a hurry, this can be troublesome and is awkward to do under the bed.
  • No Backup Method: If you forget your combination or the keypad fails, there’s no backup key for mechanical entry.


SnapSafe-Under-Bed-Safe-75400SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

Even if you want to store more than guns, the immense space of this 24” deep gun safe is enough to stow valuable personal effects and a long gun. When it comes to guns, you can probably fit at least two long guns and two handguns. There could even be room leftover for bullets.

The large, fabric-lined interior is protected by a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel that will keep unwanted users from breaking in easily. Adding to the security is an electronic keypad secured by a three to eight-digit code. Happen to forget what your code was? Then just use the included key, which fits a keyhole hidden behind a metal plate next to the keypad.

The door is pry-resistant and the safe is pre-drilled with holes for more secure and permanent mounting. For an added level of security, regardless of where you put the safe, a 3’ thick cable can be secured to many surfaces.


  • Large, Versatile Storage: Store everything from guns to documents to jewelry and more within the large, padded drawer.
  • 14-Gauge Steel: Anyone will have a hard time breaking into this sturdy construction, complete with a door that is resistant to prying.


  • Inconvenient Keyhole: Tucked behind a piece of metal, the keyhole can be more difficult to get to than it needs to be.
  • Low-Quality Drawer Slides: While the safe will keep your items protected, the drawer slides can end to be on the flimsier side and may catch and get stuck.



Titan-Gun-Safe-Pistol-VaultTitan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

This small safe isn’t for long gun storage, but it is large enough to house a pistol and clip for easy and convenient access. The 14-gauge hardened steel will keep the contents protected from outsiders while the push-button combination lock provides ample security while still delivering quick and easy access.

The interior holster is capable of holding any handgun no more than 10” long and a separate ammo box can store bullets and clips to comply with certain state laws. Users worried about access time need not as the push-button combo and turn dial lock can get you access to your firearm within seconds. When opened, the holster pops out, giving you immediate access to your handgun’s handle. It’s designed in such a way that your finger is kept off the trigger while you remove it from the holster.

Included with the Titan Gun Safe are mounting brackets that secure to any solid surface. Otherwise, the Titan fits perfectly under a bed.


  • Rapid Access: With the press of a few buttons and the turn of a dial, your case will pop open, giving you immediate and convenient access to your handgun within 2 seconds.
  • Portable: Even after being mounted, it takes seconds to remove the safe from its mount for improved portability.
  • Steep Construction: Though small, this Pistol Vault will keep your firearms protected regardless of who tries to pry it open.
  • No Batteries: A battery-less design means your combination lock will work regardless.


  • Ammo Box Not Included: Need to or prefer to keep your ammo separate from your firearm? You’ll need to buy the Titan Ammo Box separately
  • Expensive: It may be small, but utmost security does come with a cost. The Titan Gun Safe costs more than many under bed long gun safes.


Under Bed Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

With a few options in the back of your mind, there are a few things you need to contemplate as you make the final purchase of your under bed gun safe. To make sure you get the absolute most out of your purchase, this simple buyer’s guide will keep you on the path of ensuring you buy what works best for you.

Of course, before getting to the nitty-gritty of purchasing an under-bed gun safe, let’s answer a question that many of you are probably asking yourself right now.

Do I Really Need a Gun Safe?

Legally, chances are you don’t need to own a gun safe. Most states have no laws that prohibit you keeping your gun unlocked and sitting on the kitchen counter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one.

Some gun safes can be expensive, which may cause hesitation on your part, but when you think of what can happen if you don’t own one, it’s easy to be swayed. Consider these scenarios as your push to make this purchase:

  • You’re a family man who thinks he’s cleverly hiding his shotgun from his teenage son. Teenagers, unfortunately, love to snoop and, eventually, the young boy finds it. His curiosity gets the best of him, so he invites a friend over to show off his discovery. Unfortunately, he has no training with the firearm and, while trying to “look cool,” loads a shell and accidentally pulls the trigger and kills his friend.
  • It’s late after a long day at work and you’re exhausted. Nothing could wake you up. Literally, nothing. Which is why you remain sound asleep as an intruder slips his way in and starts rummaging through your things. You think you’ve hidden your firearm well, but people that have turned breaking into homes into a living know all the hiding spots. Your unwanted visitor finds your gun and uses it against you, either fatally or just to make off with some of your valuables.
  • The fire started suddenly and engulfed your house quicker than you could fight it with your extinguisher. Everything you own, all of your irreplaceable valuables, are caught in the raging inferno.

A gun safe could have prevented all of those scenarios. Of course, you’re not guaranteed to experience a tragedy like them, but peace of mind should be important enough to drive you to understand why you should own a gun safe.

While most states don’t require you to store your firearm in a safe, residents of Massachusetts are required to keep their guns locked up when not in use. Certain cities in New York and California also mandate secure firearm storage. Check your local and state level legislature to make sure you are complying with all firearm laws and regulations.

What to Look for in an Under-Bed Gun Safe

Size: Do you need something for long guns or just your handguns? Will you need to store extras like valuable personal items or ammunition? Do you plan on traveling with your under-bed gun safe? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when determining the size you need or want. If you’re just stowing pistols, you won’t need anything large. For added security, you may want to consider a safe that weighs a lot.

Composition: The sturdiest under-bed gun safes are made from at least a 14-gauge steel. You want to try and keep your construction at no-less than 14-gauge to ensure ample security for your firearm. Even when it comes to 14-gauge, make sure the door is pry-resistant. On the interior of the safe, you want a padded base that will keep your firearms from being scratched against the metal.

Locking Mechanism: Are you terrible with combinations? Maybe you lose keys a lot. Consider these things when you look at the different locking mechanisms out there. The most convenient is an RFID signal, usually transmitted via a key fob or wristband. Make sure it’s not something that can be easily cracked or broken into.

Backup Locking Mechanism: Nobody is perfect, so you probably want to give yourself some leeway and assume, at some point, you’ll forget the combination to your safe. In that case, you’ll want a safe with a backup locking mechanism, which is almost always a spare key. It also comes in handy with electronic keypads should the batteries die or the pad itself shorts.

Battery-Powered: You have to consider that, with a battery-powered keypad, you’re going to have to deal with eventually changing the batteries out. Batteries never die at a convenient time, but you’ll always have to have a spare on hand to prevent you from being locked out of your safe.

Alarms. Some safes come equipped with an alarm that sounds when it is being tampered with or when the keypad detects someone is trying to guess your code. After so many attempts it may sound, alerting the user to the issue and the intruder to their slip up. Some safes even have a motion alarm should anyone try to pick it up and leave with it.

Overall Protection: It’s all about protection – protecting your family, yourself, and your firearms. Look for a safe that is well-secured, sturdy, has a little weight, and is locked via a strong locking mechanism and bolts. Don’t settle for cheaper if it means risking your safety and that of those that surround you.

Types of Locks

When it comes to safe locks, there are a few options to consider. The first is electronic, which refers to digital keypads or RFID signals that deliver on a fast and hassle-free open. The second is a standard mechanical lock that’s operated via a key.

While electronic locks can cause their own problems – battery powered, can short, may be loud if it beeps with button presses – they’re often the most convenient. There’s no need to wrestle with a key or remember where you stored the key. If there is an intruder in your house, you don’t want to be fiddling with keys, trying to access your firearms.

On the other side of the argument, mechanical locks won’t die and don’t require you to remember a combination lock. Mechanical locks are likely best for the rugged gun owner that can’t be bothered dealing with any sort of electronic components.

In general, mechanical locks can be easier to break or pick, giving electronic locks an edge.