The 12 Best Safety Razors

Safety razors are an important must-have item in every bathroom. They keep you well-groomed and, if you value hygiene, you will never stop shaving on a regular basis. Whether you are looking for a DIY method to shave your facial hair, chest, back, head, or legs, you need a safety razor in your grooming kit. They, of course, come in different models and each one of them is designed for specific uses.

If you are looking forward to trying a new and more effective approach to your personal grooming routine or simply to save money over going to the barber, safety razors are the way to go. They give you full control over your morning shave or grooming needs without spending a dime in a barbershop. You can become part of the community that loves wet shaving by getting the right razor for your needs. These razors make shaving unwanted hair easy.

Every safety razor’s performance is determined by its blades and the angle of the cut. While some are perfect for sensitive skins, others are aggressive and need to be used carefully, especially if you are using a new type of razor or blade for the first time. With that said, read our reviews to find the best safety razor for you. The right razor fits seamlessly into your daily grooming routine.

There are many options on the market, and while each one of them is designed to give you a good experience, some are more highly rated than others. There are also some that allow you to adjust how close of a shave you get.

Parker 99R - Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Premium BladesParker 99R

The Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Premium Blades – is big in size and weighty compared to most safety razors. It weighs about 4.3 ounces and is easy to hold firmly as you shave. Men love it because it fits nicely in their hands, making it stress-free to control and achieve the desired results.

But most people focus on its weight and end up missing the greatest features of this safety razor. It is made of brass and plated with nickel, giving the razor a very classy look. This is the kind of safety razor that you can use for years without a need to replace it. Its quality is top notch, and maintenance is simple. You can disassemble the Parker 99R and clean it thoroughly or realign the blade to ensure that it works smoothly all the time.

This razor maneuvers into the hidden and sensitive areas, such as the below the nose, and guarantees you a comfortable shaving process. You will have no problem in getting the shaving done without any cuts or nicks. Being a heavier razor, you do not need to apply much pressure. The razor’s weight works for you and cuts smoothly even through tough beards, resulting in a smooth shave. To refresh your razor, blades drop easily with a twist of its knob, which is located at the bottom. It opens its butterfly doors, and you can pop a new blade into place.


Chieftain Safety Razor with Swedish Platinum Super Blades and Carry CaseChieftain Safety Razor

The Chieftain safety razor is a product of Vikings Blade, a workshop from Australia. This is just one of the many products manufactured by this company. They make all types of products for men, including lotions and moisturizers. Their quality is excellent, and the Chieftain razor has a lifetime warranty. It is a masculine product made of exceptional and long-lasting Swedish stainless steel. The best part is that it does not cost an arm and a leg despite being so classy and efficient.

When not in use, it’s a sight to behold, thanks to the tasteful chrome finish. The Vikings are the original designers of this famous safety razor, and even though others have replicated it, no one has duplicated it. You will notice that it’s more balanced and heavier than its imitations.

This razor has a feature that helps to reduce chances of getting accidental cuts. Beginners can use the micro-comb feature that enables them to hide the blade and ensures that you do not get ingrown hairs. Loading a new, fresh blade does not take more than five seconds due to the innovative butterfly head. With a knurled handle, you cannot lose your grip even when shaving in the bathroom after a shower. You can also comfortably shave while showering, and any man will admit that this makes getting ready for work in the morning so much easier. As you shave, the hair is also washed away instantly by the running water.

The Chieftain razor’s head is small and can easily maneuver around hidden areas. The razor is sharp and heavy enough to shave without pushing hard. Apart from being perfect for men, women can use it as well. It is the best razor if you love traveling as it comes with a suede travel case that has a mirror. This razor also comes with leatherette and five steel blades. It is fully packed to give you a lifetime shaving experience.


Merkur Futur MK 23CMerkur Futur MK 23C

Merku Futur MK23c is a double-edged razor for men. It has a long handle that allows a firm grip for a comfortable shave. Gents with big hands will find it very easy to handle and get a nice shave. The double edge ensures you get a clean cut without any accidents. You will love how it works and you’ll be impressed by its look. It comes in an artistic design and different finishes, including glossy chrome, gold-plated chrome, and satin finishes. You can choose which to buy among the three according to your tastes.

When looking for a versatile safety razor, go for the Merkur Futur; it has six length settings. Each setting adjusts the blade, with number one giving the blade minimum exposure and number six giving it maximum exposure, which is perfect for an aggressive shave. These settings come in handy when you want to shave different parts of the body or leave a little growth in an area, such as a rugged, stubbled look or on your face.

The Merkur Futur razor is of the company’s amazing men’s grooming products from Germany. The quality is excellent and its standard weight is perfect. You’ll find it easy to maneuver even when using the sixth setting for an aggressive cut. If, however, you are using it for the first time, start with the lower setting. Experienced shavers will enjoy using it to get a close shave and will notice some difference compared with other razors. It will not irritate your skin when used properly.


Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety RazorEdwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger DE razor blade is a timeless double edge safety razor created to meet the modern man’s range of grooming needs. It is perfect for people who love shaving while taking a shower because it provides an accurate cut, unlike the traditional straight blade.

This razor has the name, Edwin Jagger, embossed on the collar and a 3.7-inch solid handle with a chrome finish. It is the symbol of originality and uniqueness. With the double edge razor, you get a close shave while reducing ingrown hairs. When you buy this razor, it comes with five Derby blades, and it’s ready to shave.

For people with sensitive skins or irritations, the Edwin Jagger razor is the perfect choice. It is designed to offer great balance, making it excellent for irritation-prone skin. Also, it provides a clean shave in all parts, thanks to the precision of its DE razor blade. You’ll notice how very different it is from a traditional straight razor.


 Seki Edge Feather AS-DZ Double Edge Safety RazorSeki Edge Feather AS-DZ Double Edge Safety Razor

The Seki Edge Feather AS-DZ Double Edge Safety Razor is one of the priciest men’s grooming razors you will find on the market. But it is worth every cent you spend and will give you high-quality service. Even before you start using it, you will love its craftsmanship and design. It is a masterpiece created by artisans using medical-grade stainless steel. Both the plate and handle of the razor are durable and likely to last a lifetime. Since they are made of stainless steel, you clean and sterilize them easily and enjoy using the razor for decades.

Most new safety razor users tend to avoid it; however, it is the blade that you can use confidently after upgrading from the handy disposable ones. This ravor is made in Japan and has gained fame worldwide due to the super sharp feather blades. They are very sharp and extremely effective in cutting. The feather blades are safe, and they should not be the reason you avoid this razor. This safety razor comes with precise construction to give you a gentle shave. You can also use it for an aggressive shave and get better results than most safety razors provide.

The handle has deep grooves to ensure a firm grip. It measures approximately 4 inches and gives you total control when shaving. The blades fit snugly, but you will feel little movements as you shave. No complicated manual are needed to learn how to use the razor; it is simple and straightforward. If you’ve never tried a luxury razor, this is the one for you.


MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety RazorMÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

The Muhle R41 is famous, and at one time it was nicknamed “The Beast.” It might sound scary, but in this case, “beast” is used as an endearment term. It is universal, and among the best aggressive safety razors you can find on the market.

You need some experience using safety razors before you should try it out though. The razor’s design features an open tooth comb, which is blade angle that can only be used by experienced shavers. Wet shavers will find it perfect. You can shave closely with the help of the razor’s scalloped safety bar. But remember to shave carefully to avoid cuts and nicks. A single pass is enough in every spot because this razor is precise and efficient.

The Muhler R41 is lightweight, and it’s surprising how good of balance it gives you when shaving. When you purchase it, you can choose the R41 that suits your needs perfectly as they come in three different designs, including the traditional and Grande three-piece designs and the Twist, which is two-piece. The Grande design comes with the flexibility of changing the handle, and the Twist comes with the longest handle. It’s also the heaviest among the three.


Jack Black Double Edge Safety RazorJack Black Double Edge Safety Razor

The Jack Black is a high-quality men’s grooming product made in Germany. It was created by Big Minds in conjunction with the famous manufacturer, Muhler. This modern sleek shaver provides a non-aggressive cut. It is affordable compared to other high-end shavers, such as the Seki. Despite its low price, it looks classy and feels luxurious. The head has a chrome finish that shines magnificently and the blue handle is masculine. With its long length, any man will feel comfortable holding it. The handle is smooth, though, so it might not be a good choice if you want to shave in the shower.

The Jack Black double edge safety razor is mild and not the best for tough whiskers. You are not likely to get cut or a razor burn because of the small space between the safety bar and the blade. This is not an aggressive razor, so you might need to pass over a single spot several times. It is a traditional angle shaver, so turn it 30 degrees, and you will be comfortable throughout the shaving process.

This safety razor is a creation of a famous company that has many products, and when it hit the market, it became an instant hit. It did not disappoint the eager buyer,s and today, it’s still ranked among the best safety razors. As long as you do not use it with wet hands, the Jack Black razor is a dream come true. Wipe your hands dry after a shower, and you will be fine.


Merkur VisionMerkur Vision

The Merkur Vision razor is an adjustable safety razor, and a unique one in the market. It was created by real artisans who took their time coming up with a masterpiece. It makes for an impressive sight as the artistic design is still masculine while combining modern style and class. Its popularity, however, isn’t based on its looks, but on its ability to shave.

The blade is adjustable, giving you the option to customize your shaving experience. The lowest setting is for mild spots, but you can adjust it slowly when you get to the tough parts. The blade is slanted like that of the Merkur 37C, and the whole combination gives the cleanest shave you get by yourself. Be extra careful, though, as this razor can cause unpleasant incidents in the morning when you are in a hurry to get ready for work.

The Merkur Vision comes in three designs, including the butterfly design, two-piece design, and a combination of both in one. With proper maintenance, any of these three can last for decades.


Above The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety RazorAbove The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor

Above The Tie Atlas S2 is a high-end razor that’s perfect for experienced users. This pro shaver is made of solid stainless steel and can withstand all the things that a shaver can go through and still last for years. A manual shaver looking for the ultimate control will enjoy using this razor and love the results. Beginners should not attempt using it as this can leave them with a bitter taste in their mouth for safety razors. Most beginners hate this razor and end up losing a good chance of using one of the best razors available.

The Above the Tie Atlas S2 comes in an open comb design, which provides a safety bar that looks like a comb. This exposes the blade on the skin to give you a moderate, but easy shave. The slanted bar increases the sharpness and accuracy of the blade. If you are used to open comb designs, the Above the Tie Atlas S2 will give you an easy time.

One of the shortcomings of this amazing safety razor is the short handle. It only measures three inches. It gives you perfect balance, but if you have large hands, you might feel a little differently and will need to adjust your grip to get the best shave possible with this model.


Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety RazorMerkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor

The Merkur Progress is one of the most reliable safety razors you can find today. It is made in Germany and is a high-quality, timeless razor. Its design is based on the traditional razor, but is more advanced using modern technology to give it a flexible blade. All you need is to adjust it, and you will get a close shave just the way you want it. This razor is a combination of traditional and modern engineering to maximize your shaving experience.

The stainless steel of this razor makes it appealing and durable. It is sturdy and carefully crafted to give you more than just an efficient razor. You can fine-tune it depending on the closeness of the shave you want. You can also prevent irritation by adjusting the razor. People have different skin types, and with this flexible blade, you can find what will give you the most comfortable shave. Some areas, especially the neck can end up with painful irritations if you don’t use a razor with adjustment settings.

The Mekur Progress gives you the ultimate shave, but you must hold it at an angle of 30 degrees. Do not use pressure; the razor’s weight is enough to give a perfect cut. Always shave with the grain to prevent ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation on the skin.

Regardless of what you are looking for, the Mekur Progress razor will work perfectly. It can give you a clean shave or add some contour to your beard. Buying this razor is like changing your shaving culture; you become neat and well groomed effortlessly.


Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Slant BarMerkur 37C Heavy Duty Slant Bar

Thick and coarse hair requires a professional barber most of the time. But not anymore. The Merkur 37C is an aggressive razor that you can use at home to shave your unwanted hair meticulously. It is heavy duty and perfect for a well controlled, effortless, and accurate cut. It is unique with its specially slanted bar that sets the blade differently than other razors. The blades’ angle is raised higher on one side.

No pressure is needed on the skin even when you want the closest shave. If you try to press it down, you are likely to end up with irritated or bleeding skin.

The Merkur 37C is not for beginners and is highly recommended for seasoned shavers who can handle it safely. When using it, take your time to learn how it shaves, and you will enjoy its ability to cut any hair giving you a well-groomed look without any discomfort.



There is always the first time you get into the wet shaving game. It is an amazing experience even for beginners. You will be excited and thrilled by the Weishi 9306-G’s shaving ability. It is one of the safety razors made for beginners to give you affordable, close shaves. It also allows you to shave with wet hands without causing any accidents.

The Weishi is a classy razor with a luxury case to keep it safe and clean. This stripped-down traditional looking razor is timeless. The handle has grooves to give you a firm grip, so it won’t slip even while shaving in the shower.

This masterpiece is stylish and looks like a piece of art. It’s lightweight and feels like a traditional shaver. You do not need any training before you can use it. It is easy and perfect for newcomers. Since it’s made of copper alloy, it has a vintage look with a chrome finish but shaves like a modern instrument.