Smooth: 10 Best Electric Shavers For Men

Most guys take all the time and online research they need to find the perfect HD TV or new technology. But when it comes to the device you’ll be putting to your face every morning, many neglect to do our homework. Instead, we walk into the store and either pick the first electric razor we see or the one that will cost us the least.

Take our word for it when we say that you should put more thought into what electric shaver you choose, especially since they all offer different pros and cons. The right electric razor for you will leave you looking good every morning while providing a comfortable shave in the process.


Top Electric Shavers

Just like with cars, women, and sports, our tastes and preferences differ from man to man. The same goes for what we want from our electric shaver, which means there’s no “perfect choice” that matches everyone’s need. We’ve picked out the best below so you have a smoother time selecting the one that’s right for you.

Braun Series 9-9095ccBraun Series 9-9095cc

Braun is one of the top brands when it comes to cutting-edge electric shavers. This particular model is one of their latest and has pretty much everything you could want from an electric razor.

Aside from looking cool thanks to its all-chrome look, the 9-9095cc boasts four cutting elements that oscillate at 40,000 cycles per minute, offering a shave that few other products can match in terms of speed and comfort. The faster the cutting, the less likely you are to get that painful tugging effect.

Other features include an extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”, a super flexible pivoting head, and a charging port that also serves as a cleaning dock. This top electric shaver is also 100% water proof. If you’ve got the cash to spend on this pricey but advanced shaver, look no further.


  • Impressive 40,000 cuts per minute
  • Wet & Dry functionality
  • Extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”
  • Charging port works as cleaning dock


Panasonic Arc 5Panasonic Arc 5

If you want an electric shaver that always offers a close shave, Panasonic has you covered. This excellent foil shaver features five blades that work together to give you the most complete shave possible.

The three slit foil blades take care of the long hairs and patches while the lift-tech trimmer knocks out flat and ingrown hairs. If you have a lot of hairs that grow in random directions, the finishing foil will make short work of them. All 5 nanotech blades boast an acute 30-degree angle so hairs are cut as close to the root as possible without cutting the skin.

The pivoting head is also well designed and capable of smoothly covering the jaw line, chin, and neck without risk of discomfort. 14,000 cuts per minute means the Arc 5 cuts fast and pretty much eliminates the chance of hair pulling. An LCD display and cleaning/charging system are a few of the many other features offered by this top electric shaver.


  • 5 blade shaving system
  • 14,000 cuts per minute
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Charging/cleaning dock


Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3DPhilips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Need a powerful rotary shaver to tame that facial hair each morning? Consider the SensoTouch 3D, one of the best and most comfortable electric shavers you can find today. With just one use you’ll see how much effort Philips went into designing a product that hugs your face to deliver a smooth, tug-free shave.

The SensoTouch not only feels good but it also gives you a sharp shave thanks to three independent round foils. Each foil can tilt and move to match the contours of your face, taking care of every hair they come across. The shaver is also designed to work on both dry skin and with with the use of water, gel, or foam.

The Lithium-Ion cordless battery gives you almost an hour of shaving power with one charge. It also includes a travel lock and protective pouch that keeps it safe in any bag or briefcase. There’s also a pop-out trimmer for guys who like to touch up their sideburns and moustache.


  • Advanced “GyroFlex 3D” 3-foil head
  • Cordless + long-lasting battery
  • Wet proof
  • Includes travel lock + protective pouch
  • Pop-out trimmer


Braun Series 7 790ccBraun Series 7 790cc

Originally released back in 2010, this excellent Braun product went on to become one of the top-selling shavers in the world. It gives you everything you could want from an electric shaver without leaving a huge dent in your wallet, which is why it is still a big seller today.

The Series 7 790cc delivers a close, comfortable shave thanks to its 3-trimmer system. The two OptiFoil trimmers work to take out most of your facial hair with less strokes than other leading shavers. The ActiveLift trimmer then comes in to capture everything that was missed, including in-grown hairs. Polsonic shaving technology produces 10,000 micro vibrations a minute, ensuring that more hairs are removed with each pass.

The head itself is flexible enough to shape to the contour of your face without leaving any irritation or burns. Some of the best features include charging dock that also serves as an alcohol based cleaning system. There are also three different modes you can switch between to match your shaving preference, plus a pop-up trimmer. The only big downside to this excellent electric shaver is that it isn’t waterproof.


  • 3 trimmer “OptiFoil” & “ActiveLift” system
  • Alcohol based cleaning & charging dock
  • 3 shaving modes: Normal, Intensive, Extra Sensitive
  • Includes Pop-up trimmer


Braun Cool TecBraun Cool Tec

Don’t want to spend $100+ on a great foil electric shaver? No problem. Braun’s Cool Tec is the perfect option if you want an affordable option that is still worth every penny. It also has an awesome feature that sets it apart from shavers with twice the price tag: cooling technology.

The Cool Tec comes with an internal cooling bar that helps to cool off skin that normally gets warm from shaver use. With the press of a button you can minimize the chance of burning and redness while giving yourself a comfortable shave. With this top electric razor you’re also getting a 3-stage cutting system that uses two cutting elements to leave you with a smooth shave.

Other features include an LED display that notifies you if the shaver needs to be charged or cleaned. An advanced “Clean & Renew” system lets you leave your shaver hair free with the press of a button while the long trimmer gives you more grooming options. The Cool Tec is also water proof so you can easily rinse it or shave in the shower.


  • Unique cooling technology
  • Three stage cutting system
  • LED display
  • Water proof
  • Includes separate long trimmer
  • Comes with clean & renew system


Remington F5-5800Remington F5-5800

While we’re on budget shavers, this one is another product worth considering if you feel you deserve a solid shave without having to spend a lot of cash. Remington’s F5-5800 is there for the guy who doesn’t need all the extras that pricier shavers have— you just want a shaver that will leave you looking good each morning.

This one can do just that thanks to its two foil system that work together to take out every hair they come across. Pivot and Flex technology lets both shaver foils to flex independently to avoid irritating all of your face’s surface. The stainless steel, surgical-grade blades are easy to clean and eliminate the chance of pulling.

This Remington shaver is also great because it works while charging, plus it lasts up to an hour on a single charge. An LED display is also there to let you know exactly how much juice is left. While not as durable or silent as other shavers on this list, the F5-5800 is a top pick if you want a good, cheap shaver.


  • Two foil system for close shave
  • Includes pop-up trimmer
  • Works even when charging
  • Pivot & Flex technology
  • 60 minute battery life w/ LED display


Philips Norelco Shaver 9300Philips Norelco Shaver 9300

We’re back to high-end electric shavers with this incredible product from Philips. It not only provides one of the best and most efficient shaves possible but it also boasts more features than perhaps any other shaver on this list.

All three shaving heads include V-Track precision blades made to collect more hair, shave closer, and sharpe themselves. Each shaving head can also move in 8 directions to capture more hair and match the shape of your entire face. There are three different settings: Slow (skin-Friendly), Medium (regular shave), and Fast (more power for thick hairs).

The 9300 comes with a SmartClean system that keeps your shaver like new with an alcohol-free lubricant that cleans the blades and keeps them in great condition. There’s also an LED display that indicated when your shaver needs a clean, new head, and battery charge. AquaTec technology means you can use water, foam or shaving gel while the Lithium-ion battery gives you one full shave with only a 5 minute charge. Philips is kind enough to also toss in a deluxe case for your handy new shaver.


  • 8-direction Contour Detect technology
  • V-track precision blades
  • 3 comfort settings: Slow, Medium, and Fast
  • SmartClean system
  • LED Display
  • AquaTec Technology
  • Includes premium case


Panasonic Arc 4Panasonic Arc 4

If you like what you saw from the Arc 5 but need a more affordable option, consider this model. Minus the Cleaning & Charging dock and single trimmer, The Arc 4 pretty much features everything the newer model does.

30-degree nanotech blades made of stainless steel combined with a micro-thin foils means you’re getting the most thorough yet comfortable shave possible. The multi-flex pivoting head make sure you get a smooth shave everywhere from your chin to your jawline and neck. A pop-up trimmer is also there to add detail to your sideburns or mustache. The Arc 4 also boasts an advanced motor capable of 14,000 cuts per minute, providing the cutting force needed for a precise shave.

This top electric shaver works both dry and with your go-to shaving gels and foams. The slit foil design ensures that hairs of all lengths are caught by the blades. Other extras include a 10-stage LED display that tells you the battery status, a convenient travel pouch, and a sonic vibration mode used to clean the shaver under running water.


  • Micro-thin foils w/ 30-degree blades
  • Multi-flex pivoting head
  • Wet & Dry functionality
  • 14,000 cuts per minute
  • 10-stage LED display
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Sonic vibration mode for cleaning
  • Travel pouch


Wahl Professional 8061Wahl Professional 8061

Designed for people with sensitive skin, this American-made electric shaver gets the job done despite costing a fraction of other high-end shavers. It’s a well-rounded shaver that comes with everything the average guy needs and without costing a bundle.

The Wahl Professional’s biggest strength is its Dynaflex Cutting system designed to help you cover all areas of your face without risk of irritation or cuts. You’ll get a good, comfortable shave on your chin, jawline, neck, and even head if you sport a bald look. Unique to this great electric shaver are the hypoallergenic foils that work to significantly reduce the chance of bacterial growth.

A long battery life makes this one of the best electric shavers for people who travel a lot. It’s also very easy to clean and includes a pop-up trimmer. While it doesn’t have things like an LED display or can’t be used with water/foam/gel, it’s well worth its price if you need solid affordable shaver.


  • Dynaflex Cutting system
  • Sharp, hypoallergenic foils
  • Comes with a pop-up trimmer
  • Impressive battery life
  • Easy to keep clean


Philips Norelco AT830Philips Norelco AT830

We conclude our list with a rotary shaver that’s perfect for those who want an excellent mid-level option to satisfy their shaving needs. The Norelco AT830 has maintained its status as one of the best-selling electric shavers on the market since its release in 2012, and for good reasons.

One of them is the Pivot, Flex & Float system that allows you to press the heads close for a comfortable, efficient shave. This also means you have give any area of your face a quick shave without the risk of burning. A DualPrecision shaving system also works to get rid of both longer hairs as well as short stubble that’s normally hard to get. The Super Lift and Cut dual-blade combo also works to lift and cut every hair.

The AT830 can be used with shaving gels and foams, or in the shower if that’s your thing. Also includes is an LED charge display, pop-up trimmer, and a powerful battery that works for 60 minutes on a full charge. Last but not least, this is the best electric shaver if you prefer yours to be extra quiet and noise-free.


  • Pivot, Flex & Float system
  • DualPrecision for long and short hairs
  • 100% waterproof
  • Super Lift and Cut Dual-blade technology
  • LED charge display
  • 3-minute charge = 1 full shave
  • Pop-up trimmer



Why Ditch The Normal Razor For An Electric Shaver?

Before we get into our buyer’s guide and list of top electric shavers, let’s address the question on a lot of guys’ minds. The fact is, a lot of men still prefer using a manual razor to start their morning looking sharp. But as we’ll explain here, there are a number of advantages to owning an electric shaver you don’t want to miss.

1. TIME & COMFORT — Only with an electric shaver can you get a fast, smooth shave in less time. Try rushing your shave with a manual razor and you’re bound to get a cut or two. But thanks to the flexible head that moves according to your face’s shape, you can mow that oncoming beard and ‘stache more comfortably and in no time with an electric shaver.

In comparison, a manual razor is basically a sharp piece of metal you’re scraping along your face. This means that even if you’re patient and take it slow, a cut to the face or neck is common. Using a manual razor also significantly raises your chance of suffering skin irritation and razor burn, especially if you have sensitive skin.

2. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE — You’d think that having a manual razor would be more convenient in terms of use and portability since they’re smaller and easier to carry. Well, think again. Electric shavers do take up more space, but they also offer the ability to give yourself a quick dry shave. For this reason men who want to save time at home or want a quick shave after hitting the gym go with electric.

Unless you’re the manliest of men, you’re unlikely to try a dry shave with a manual razor. Shaving with a regular razor requires things like shave cream and aftershave to not end up with a bloody face. You’ll also need a source of water to clean all that stuff off.

3. SAVE MONEY — We’re well aware that an electric shaver costs a lot more than a manual razor. In fact, you can buy many razors for the same price as the shavers we have down on our list. But when you think about it, in the long run you may actually save money by making an electric shaver your go-to grooming tool.

Why? As we already mentioned, shaving with a regular razor requires more than just the razor itself. You need a number of products to give yourself a comfortable shave and not end up with irritated skin afterwards. Then there’s the fact that razors don’t last forever and need to be replaced from time to time. Today’s electric shavers are designed to provide a good shave for several years.

Electric Shavers Buyer’s Guide

Are you in the market for a shiny new shaver but aren’t sure which one is right for you? You’re not alone since there are a ton of choices out there and going by price alone isn’t enough. Below are the most important categories and features men look into before making their choice. We recommend checking them out before moving on to your list of the best electric shavers of 2017.

Foil vs Rotary

Perhaps the biggest decision you have to make is whether you’ll go with a rotary or foil shaver. Rotary is designed to shape to the contour of your face as you move it in a circular motion to slice off every hair. Foil shavers feature a thin layer of metal covering the blades beneath, offering a closer shave.

Rotary shavers are perfect for men who:

  • Don’t need to shave often and/or need a sharp, close shave
  • Have hair that is thick and/or grows in various directions

Foil shavers are best for men who:

  • Shave every day and/or want extra precision
  • Have fine hair that grows straight

Wet & Dry

An electric shaver with wet & dry technology is designed to be used on, you guessed it, both wet and dry skin. This is a must-have feature if you prefer doing your shaving in the shower or depend on gel or foam products to make sure your sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated.

Cord vs. Cordless

This choice is all about convenience. If you want more mobility and freedom then we of course suggest a cordless model. Just keep in mind that, for whatever reason, some cordless electric shavers do not allow you to shave while plugged in.


Many electric shavers feature a pop-up trimmer that can be used to complete your grooming experience. We especially recommend a trimmer on rotary shavers since they will help give you more precision when working on your sideburns and mustache.

Cleaning Dock

Since the shaver will be all over your face, it’s important to keep it hygienic by cleaning it often. While all the shavers on our list are easy to maintain, some make the process even easier via a cleaning dock. Simply place the shaver inside the dock and with a press of a button it will leave your shaver nice and hair-free.

LED Indicator

Last but not least, this feature is pretty useful if you like to know your shaver’s battery level. The LED light will let you know when your shaver needs to be plugged in and charged. There’s nothing worse than requiring a quick shave only for your shaver to lose juice mid shave, especially if it doesn’t charge while plugged in.