The 110 Best Religious Tattoos for Men

Religious tattoos are a very popular type of ink. There are so many ways to depict your love for a religion that you follow, and tattoos are the most public displays of religious devotion. Not only are they an outward proof of religious beliefs, but they are also permanent, which makes them that much more intentional and devotional.

From images of Hindu gods and visual representations of Buddhist beliefs, to Christian symbolism and Roman Catholic tattoos of stained glass window crosses, there are seemingly endless opportunities to create a unique and religious tattoo design. Some people get religious tattoos inked onto their bodies for the sake of expressing their love for a religion they have always believed in, but this is not always the reason behind religious tattoos.

Religious tattoos are very symbolic, and it is very common for people who find their faith at a later point in life to get a religious tattoo as a reminder of their newfound dedication to a religious set of beliefs. A religious tattoo of a cross, for example, can be a reminder dedication to Jesus or God. Becoming religious is a learning experience, and religious tattoos are a great and constant reminder of faith.

Here are 100 Religious Tattoos for men to look at for design inspiration.

Positive Quote Tattoo Idea with Religious Cross Design

Prayer Hands Tattoo in Loving Memory of a Family Member Realistic Arm Tattoo of God Looking Down at His Son on the Cross Red and Black Smiling Buddha Tattoo Design for Men Red and Yellow Bold Religious Tattoo Design for Men Religious Anchor Forearm Tattoo Idea Religious Cross Shoulder Tattoo for Family Religious Imagery Tattoo Design with Doves and Roses Religious Inner Bicep Tattoo Design for Men Religious Outer Arm Wooden Cross Tattoo

Religious Quote Cross Tattoo with Red Ink as Blood Splatters Religious Saint and Lamb Upper Arm Tattoo for Men Religious Tattoo Showing Jesus in His Last Moments Relligious Bible Tattoo in the American Traditional Design Rib Cage Tattoo Design of Jesus during Crucifixion Roman Catholic Cross Finger Tattoo Simple Fine Lined Cross Chest Tattoo for Men Simple Negative Space Cross Face Tattoo Small and Simple Cross Tattoo on Your Neck Small Royal Wrist Tattoo for Men

Small Wrist Cross Tattoo Stairs to Heaven Tattoo Design for Men Sternum and Stomach Tattoo of Heaven and Hell Imagery Sternum Detailed Cross Tattoo Idea for Men Symmetrical Geometric Forearm Cross Tattoo Tattoo Depicting Jesus Being Nailed to the Cross Tattoo Design Depicting Mary Looking Over Jesus Christ Tattoo of a Cross Enrobed in a Religious Shawl Tattoo of a Cross Tearing Through Skin Tattoo of Mary Crying at the Crucifixion

Tattoo of the Crucifixion on Your Back Tattoo of the Image of Jesus Looking Solemn The Most Intricate Hindu Religious Tattoo Design for Men Three Crosses on Calvary with God is Greater Tattoo Three Doves and a Cross Wrist Tattoo Idea for Men Traditional Tattoo Design of Prayer Hands and Rosary Tree Branches in the Shape of a Cross Neck Tattoo Chubby Laughing Buddha Half Sleeve Idea for Men Colorful Circular Buddha Tattoo with Pastel Beads Creative Design for a Biblical Passage

Cross and King Hand Tattoo Idea for Men Cross and Strength Forearm Tattoo Idea Crown of Thorns and Roses on Your Forearm Detailed and Intricate Half Sleeve Religious Tattoo for Men Detailed Black and White Forearm Tattoo of Jesus Detailed Cross and Robe Religious Tattoo Design Dotted Buddha Forearm Tattoo Dotted Hindu Religious Tattoo Idea Dove Religious Full Sleeve Tattoo Design for Men Eye Catching Traditional Colorful Jesus Forearm Tattoo

Faded Christian Cross Thumb Tattoo Forearm Image of the Last Supper with Jesus and the Disciples Forearm Tattoo of God Creating the World Forearm Tattoo of Jesus and Mary in an Embrace Forearm Tattoo of the Three Crosses on Calvary Hill Full Back Tattoo of Biblical Scenes Full Back Tattoo of Jesus in his Crown of Thorns Full Sleeve Buddha and Lotus Flower Tattoo Idea for Men Full Sleeve Buddha Tattoo with Red and Purple Lotus Flower Full Sleeve Watercolor Tattoo Design Idea

Full Upper Arm Realistic Cross and Bird Tattoo Design God is Greater Inner Elbow Tattoo Design Good and Bad Buddhist Tattoo Design Heaven Versus Hell Full Sleeve Religious Tattoo Design Hindu God Back Tattoo Design Hindu God Lord Vishnu Tattoo Idea Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Forearm Tattoo Hindu Lotus Flower Goddess Tattoo Design for Men Image of a Saint Holding the Face of Jesus Tattoo Incredible Religious Tattoo Idea on Your Chest

Inner Arm Splattered Ink Cross Tattoo Intense Upper Arm Cross and Feather Tattoo Design Intricate Shoulder Tattoo of Jesus Looking Up to the Heavens Jesus Christ Tattoo that Looks Like a Chalk Drawing Jesus on the Cross Tattoo with Your Wrist Nailed to the Cross Jesus, Saints, and the Heavens Tattoo Design Lightbeams from Heaven Cross Rosary Tattoo Lower Ankle Tattoo to Show Faith in Your Religion Moving Arm Tattoo of Jesus and God Negative Space Cross and Palm Leaves Forearm Tattoo

Negative Space Shadowed Cross Foot Tattoo Idea with a Heartbeat Old Fashioned Wooden Tattoo Design Outlined Stylistic Religious Cross Back Tattoo Portrait Tattoo of Jesus Praying to God Portuguese Religious Quote with Rosary Neck Tattoo American Traditional Religious Coffin Piece Back of the Leg Portrait Tattoo of Jesus Back Tattoo of the INRI Symbol and Doves Beautiful Upper Arm Tattoo of a Buddha Raising a Hand Bible Passage Text Tattoo Idea

Biblical Quote Tattoo in the Shape of a Cross Black and White Buddha Leg Piece with a Pop of Color Black and White Ink Chest Tattoo for Men Black Work Christian Cross Arm Tattoo Design Blue Naravana Hindu God Tattoo Idea for Men Bright Colorful Cross and Flower Tattoo Design Buddha and Water Religious Rib Cage Tattoo Buddhist Scenery Tattoo with Random Bursts of Red Ink Buddhist Symbolism Lotus Flower Buddha Tattoo Buddhist Tattoo Ideas for Across Your Chest

Calf Tattoo of a Scene from the Passover of Jesus Christ Calf Tattoo of a Stained Glass Window Cross Christian Religious Symbols Chest Piece Idea Upper Arm Buddha Tattoo Design for Peace and Serenity Upper Arm Full Tattoo of Jesus in a Cloak Upper Arm Tattoo Outlining the Buddha Various Buddhist Symbols Back Tattoo Design Very Detailed Full Sleeve Tattoo Incorporating the Buddha Vibrant Lotus Flower Buddha Back Tattoo Idea for Men Yellow and Green Peaceful Buddha Back Tattoo