The 110 Best Memorial Tattoos for Men

There is perhaps no better reason to get a tattoo than to remember someone you love. Obviously, tattoos aren’t the only way to remember someone. There are pictures, belongings, and tombstones, among many other methods. But there’s something poignant, not to mention permanent, about using a tattoo as a memorial to someone who has passed away. It will literally make them a part of you forever and make it impossible for you not to remember them for the rest of your life.

Also, there’s no wrong way to memorialize someone with a tattoo. Many people will simply use the name of that person while others will also include the date. It’s also common to include flowers, doves, angels, and other objects frequently associated with death and bereavement. But people are always free to take things a step further if they want. Memorial tattoos can sometimes include pictures that relate to that person or even a realistic depiction of that person.

Ultimately, there are no borders or limits when it comes to memorial tattoos. You are free to honor someone you love in whatever way you want. The possibilities are endless and there’s nothing wrong with being as simple or creative as you want.

Here are 110 Memorial Tattoo Designs.

Bald Eagle

Carry Your Heart Dove and Dates Ducks Flying Fallen Brother Gift from Angel Mom and Dad Forearm Mom, Dad, Brother Real Picture Skull in Flower

Sunset Fishing Taking Off Baby Angels Bird Flapping Wings Bird of Strength Brothers Never Let Go Charles, Ashley, Andrea Colorful Bird Diana Do Not Fear

Erald Fallen Heroes Full Back Memory Guitar Wings Gus He Died for Me Jose Rose Keeper and Protector Missing You Mom Purple Hands

Music Staff My Little Man My Son Quote and Rose Real Heart Red Shoes Rock For Rose 1982 Skull and Words The Dock of the Bay

Tree Without Leaves Angel Embrace Baby B Colorful Hunting Dad and Date Dog Never Forgotten Face with Wings Fighter Pilots Grandma Pie Grave Silhouette

Jeanne Mom Not Forever Mom Wings Nan Rose Only Once Pass Papa Heart Fire Ricardo Steer Skull The Gambler Until We Meet Again

9_11 Henrik Soldiers Tools Abby Paws Angel and Hands Angel Losing Feathers Bird, Clock, Rose Bottle of Jack Bruce Paws

Christine in Color Dad with Date Gone Fishing Grandad Bicep Grandma Theresa Guiding Hand Hand on Cross I'll See You Again Jesus Figure Morgan Wings

Nanna Ida Never Forget Papou Paw Rock On Rose and Wings Ryan James Scripture Sleeping with the Angels Soldier Roses

Wings and Halo Heart on Heart Leaves a Memory Olivia Puppy Face Ribbon and Wings 9_11 Angels Angel at Grave Boxing Gloves Dad Cross

Dear Jack Father Son in Woods Flags and Tags Grandma with Dates Grandpa Picture Heaven's Gate Love Save You Mi Padre Mum Giant Cross Party's Over

Purple Rose Raven in Cemetery Raymond RIP Mother RIP Stars Sgt. Dan Spenser We Will Remember When I Get There Name on Foot