The 60 Best Bible Verse Tattoos For Men

For people who are religious, the practices they follow and the beliefs they hold are very dear to their hearts. Religion is something that really defines a person, and most of your character is shaped by the religious doctrine you follow.

The Christian religions are centered around bibles, and this is because bibles are the primary religious text for all branches of Christianity. So, as a religious person who places so much value in their religion, one of the best ways of showing that you are someone of faith is by getting a bible verse tattoo.

Whether you get the full quote from the bible, or you simply want the chapter and verse of the bible passage, all comes down to your preference. Some people like having the entire quote inked into their skin as a perpetual reminder of their favorite biblical passage.

For others, a full bible quote is too much, and simply having the verse tattooed on them will suffice. If you need some inspiration, take a look at these sixty different bible verse tattoo ideas for men.

Illustrated Bible Verse Tattoo with Quote Written on Paper

Bible Quote Tattoo in the Shape of a Cross Bible Quote Tattooed Against the Image of a Bible Page Bible Tattoo Designed to Look Like It's Under Your Skin Bible Verse Beneath Image of Jesus Tattoo Design Bible Verse Forearm Tattoo of Psalms Capital Letter Bible Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Colorful Bible Quote Upper Arm Tattoo for Men Who Love Roses and Rosaries Colorful Floral Bible Verse Tattoo IdeaArtsy Dove Bible Quote Tattoo Idea with Multiple Verses in One Piece Create Calligraphy Religious Quote with a Variety of Fonts

Creative Text Bible Verse Upper Arm Piece Cursive Bible Quote Tattoo Taken from Numbers Chapter 6 Verse 22 Cursive Bold Philippians Bible Verse Tattoo Cursive Philippians Chest Tattoo with Sunshine and Clouds Curved Collarbone Tattoo Idea for Religious Men Curved Upper Chest Bible Verse Tattoo Idea Eagle Wing Book of Isaiah Back Tattoo for Religious Men Fancy Bible Verse Tattoo Inspired by the Book of Isaiah Fear Not For I Am With You Famous Quote Bible Tattoo Forearm Philippians Bible Quote Idea

Full-Length Side of Body Religious Quote Tattoo for Men Galatians Nail Cross Bible Verse Idea Get a Bible Verse Tattoo that Represents Your Faith  Inner Forearm Scripted Bible Verse with Vines and Leaves Inner Forearm Spanish Bible Quote Tattoo Intense Religious Bible Quote Chest Tattoo for Men Intricate and Detailed Bible Verse Chest Piece Idea John Chapter 7 Verse 24 Knuckle Tattoos Large Forearm Bible Verse Tattoo for Men

Lighthouse and Bible Verse Storm Tattoo Concept Lower Side of Body Cross and Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Minimalist Genesis Quote Chest Tattoo Idea Outer Arm Tattoo of a Bible Verse Typed on Scroll Paper Outer Forearm Bible Passage Tattoo on Wrinkled Paper Outer Hand Romans Bible Tattoo Suggestion Philippians Chest Tattoo Idea for Men Proverbs Bible Verse Ribcage Tattoo Proverbs Verse Thigh Tattoo Idea RedRed and Black Upper Chest Galatians Tattoo

Rib Cage Full Length Religious Quote Idea Ribcage Calligraphy Bible Verse Tattoo Idea Scripted Inner Bicep Bible Tattoo Simple Bible Chapter and Verse Chest Piece Slanted Cursive Isaiah Bible Verse Forearm Tattoo Small _Grace_ Wrist Tattoo Inspired by Corinthians Soaring Eagle Tattoo Paired with a Bible Quote from Isaiah Star-Shaped Bible Quote Idea for Men Thick Line Book of Psalms Tattoo Idea Traditional Black and Red Jeremiah Bible Tattoo

Typewriter Font Bible Verse Tattoo for Simple Men Upper Chest Book of Matthew Bible and Cross Tattoo Vertical Bible Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Watercolor and Waves Bible Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Well-Known Bible Quote Chest Tattoo Idea for Men Bible Quote Tattoo that Looks Like It's Printed  Shaded Text Matthew Bible Verse Tattoo for Men's Rib Cage Bible Verse Scroll Tattoo Idea for Men