The 100 Best Marine Tattoos for Men 

The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States military that focuses on sea-based missions. The US Marine Corps works in tandem with the United States Air Force, the Army, and the US Navy. All four of these military branches are associated with protecting the image of the United States, and they head out into the world to protect the rights of the American people, especially the value of freedom in the US.

One of the most common mottos that you’ll see in marine tattoos is “Semper Fidelis.” In the Latin language, semper fidelis is another way of saying “always faithful,” and not only is it a common motto for marine corp tattoos, but semper fidelis is actually the motto of the official United States Marine Corps.

Another very popular piece of marine tattoos is the symbol of an eagle. Bald eagles represent freedom in many different forms. From the freedom of speech, to freedom of religion and political views, America is a nation that values freedom. And even furthermore, symbols such as an anchor and a globe are also very prominent in marine tattoo ideas for men.

No matter what design you ultimately choose for your marine tattoo for men, the planning process is very important. Looking at other marine tattoo ideas can help you make your decision. Here are 100 examples of marine tattoo designs for men.

A Tattoo Design That Looks Like the Skin Pulls Back and Reveals Patriotism American Flag _In Memory_ Army Tattoo Idea for Men American Flag USMC Text Forearm Tattoo American Traditional Duck Tattoo for US Marine Corps American Traditional USMC Tattoo Idea Anchor and Globe Tattoo Idea for Marine Men Angry Collared Devil Dog Tattoo for Men Back of the Calf USMC Symbol Tattoo Black and White Criss Cross Swords American Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Black and White US Marine Corps Chest Tattoo

Bold Attention-Grabbing USMC Vertical Arm Tattoo Idea Bright US Marine Corps Small Tattoo Design Bulldog and Chains US Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Caricature US Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Chaotic USMC Tattoo Design Idea for Men's Arm Classic Marine Corps Symbol Tattoo Design Claw Mark USMC Upper Arm Tattoo Design for Men Colorful and Detailed Eagle Wing USMC Chest Piece Idea for Men Colorful Devil Dog USMC Upper Arm Tattoo Idea Colorful Fearsome USMC Mascot Tattoo for Marine Corps Men

Colorful Semper Fi Cover-Up Tattoo Idea Cursive Semper Fi Outer Forearm Tattoo Design Death Before Dishonor Intense Forearm Piece for Men Death Before Dishonor Semper Fidelis Skeleton Upper Arm Design Death Before Dishonor Skull and Cross Bones USMC Calf Tattoo Detailed Vintage Eagle USMC Tattoo Design Devil Dog USMC Bulldog Tattoo Idea for Men Devil Dog USMC Okinawa War Tattoo Devil Dogs Tattoo Idea for Men Eagle and Anchor Global USMC Rib Cage Tattoo Idea

Faded Tattoo In Remembrance of USMC Warzones Fiery and Fierce Devotional Tattoo for Marine Men First Battalion Fifth Marines Honorary Gun Tattoo Design Full Body Devil Dog Outer Leg Tattoo Design Full Half Sleeve Religious USMC Tattoo Idea Home Sweet Ocean Ship's Wheel American Traditional Tattoo Inner Bicep USMC Memorial Tattoo Design Large 3531 US Marine Corps Tattoo Design Large Detailed Eagle and World US Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Large Font Semper Fi Forearm Tattoo

Latin Phrasing Tattoo for US Marine Corps Men Marine Corps Knight in Shining Armor Battleground Chest Piece Marine Corps Weaponry Tattoo Idea for Men Memorial Piece for a Loved One Who Served in the USMC Modern Line-Drawn Style USMC Tattoo Idea for Men Muted Brick Red Semper Fidelis 1775 Tattoo Idea for Men Naked Woman Riding Eagle USMC Star Tattoo Idea Olive Green Fighting Bulldog USMC Tattoo Paneled Orange Patriotic Marine Tattoo Design Patriotic American Flag USMC Leg Tattoo

Patriotic Dreamcatcher Tattoo for Moms of Marine Men Patriotic Marine Corps Chest Piece Patriotic USMC Eagle and Ankle Forearm Tattoo Design Patriotic Woman Semper Fi Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Primary Colors USMC Dedication Tattoo Design Red and Black Slashed Marine Corps Chest Piece Red and Yellow Eagle Marine Corps Symbolic Tattoo Red and Yellow Shaded USMC Small Tattoo for Men Religious and Patriotic Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Retouched Red White Blue US Marine Corps Tattoo for Men

Semper Fi 0311 Traditional USMC Tattoo Semper Fidelis Slogan and American Flag Marine Tattoo Idea Semper Fidelis Sword Tattoo for USMC Men Shoulder Upper Arm Tattoo with USMC and Eagle Design Show Your Patriotism with This United States Marine Corps Tattoo Idea Simple USMC Block Letter Text Tattoo in Marine Corps Colors Skeleton Tattoo Dedicated to a Marine who Passed Away Skull and Cross Bones Tattoo Inspired by the Marine Corp Slashed American Marine Corps Tattoo Design Small Eagle and Heart USMC Tattoo Above the Elbow

Small USMC Semper Fi Chest Piece for Men Symbolic Military Tattoo Inked with Colors of US Marine Corps Uniforms Tattoo Depicting the Imagery of a Marine, American Flag, and Weapon Tattoo Idea Commemorating Dates of Entry into the USMC Tattoo of Cut Skin Revealing Armor Beneath Flesh Thin Lined Detailed Skeletal USMC Character Tattoo Design Thirteen Colonies Star Tattoo for USMC Men Unique Bulldog USMC and Razer Blade Tattoo for Men United States Marine Corps Dog Tag Dedication Tattoo Idea United States Marine Corps Inspired Tattoo for Men

United States Marine Corps Military Helicopter Tattoo Idea UNMC Symbolic Forearm Tattoo for Men Upper Arm Muted Tone Earth Anchor Eagle USMC Tattoo Upper Arm Semper Fi Shaded Tattoo Idea Upper Arm Symmetrical One-Eyed Skeleton Tattoo for USMC Upper Bicep Bulldog Tattoo Idea for Marine Men US Marine Corps Anchor and Globe Tattoo Design for Men US Marine Corps Symbolism Forearm Tattoo Idea USMC Bulldog Outer Knee Tattoo USMC Chest Tattoo Idea Representing Commitment, Courage, and Honor

USMC Devil Dogs American Traditional Masterpiece Tattoo USMC Dog Tag Watercolor Ankle Tattoo Idea USMC Finger Tattoos with Devil Dog Hand Piece USMC Sword Thigh Tattoo Idea Representing Strength USMC Tattoo Devoted to Your Years in Service USMC Tattoo in the Style of an Army Text USMC Vertical Forearm Tattoo Idea Very Detailed United States Marine Corps Tattoo for Men VIvid Colors USMC Bulldog Wrist Tattoo Idea When Marine Life Meets Tribal Tattoo Art

Yellow and Gray Sword Forearm Piece for Men