115 Best Jesus Tattoos for Men

For devout followers of the Christian faith, their religion will be a part of them until the day they die. For many, there’s no better way to show that than by getting a tattoo that will also become a permanent part of them. Obviously, there are many options when it comes to getting a religious tattoo. However, it’s hard to go wrong with a tattoo of the person at the center of everything: Jesus.

Of course, Jesus is known for a great many things, and so there is a near-infinite number of ways that he can be portrayed in a tattoo or any other kind of artwork. He can be portrayed as a solemn figure who’s deep in prayer. He can be seen as a martyr on the cross with blood dripping from his crown of thorns. He can also be portrayed as a heavenly figure who is literally rising above it all.

In the end, it’s up to the individual about the specific design of their Jesus tattoo and where on their body they want to put it. Some prefer small and subtle while others devotee large sections of their body to a Jesus tattoo so that everyone they meet will see it. Obviously, part of the goal of a Jesus tattoo is to show the world your commitment to your faith. How you go about doing that is entirely up to you. Of course, as we’ll see, there is no shortage of ways to do that. Here are 115 unique Jesus tattoos for men.

A Little Cartoon

A Little Realism A Simple Shepherd Across the Arm Afterlife All Mighty Angel & Devil Beating Heart Betrayed Big Tear

Blood Drips Carrying the Cross Collage Colorful Crying Colorful Heart Cross on the Back Crown of Thorns Crying Blood Cup of Life Devastated

Dove Flies Driving the Nail Dual Legs Eyes Closing Face Behind Favorite Verse Fitted on the Cross Focus on the Eyes Forgiveness Full Back with Sheep

Full Face on Back Full Leg Sleeve Full Sleeve Etcetera Giant Back Jesus Good or Evil Hair Over Half Head is Bowed Heart in Hand Heartbeat Holding Heart

Holding Sheep Holy Heart Homeboy Hypnotized I Come in Peace I Pray In the Hood INRI Inside the Clock Jesus Fist

Jesus Stomach Jesus, Mary, Baby King's Crown Latin Words Literally Everything Long Hair Looking Back at You Looking Defeated Looking Over You Looking Up

Reddish Hue Sacred Heart Sad Eyes Sad Face Sad Portrait Scars on the Face Scenes from a Movie Sharp Thorns Sheep and Bird Shrouded in Mystery

Sinner Sitting with the Cross Small and Simple So Many Tears So Much Red Solemn Look Struggling Stunning Eyes Suffering Sun Shine Coliseeum

Sun Shines Bright Tears Streaming Down The Bird Flies The Gambler The Giant Face The Last Supper The Sun Rises The Whole Family Three Roses Three Tears

Tiny Cross Top of the Cross Trickling Blood Two on the Forearm Up to the Heavens Wash Away Sins Within the Cross Wooden Cross X-Ray Eyes