Save Money: 20 Best Places to Buy Ammo Online

Unlike with buying firearms online, buying ammo online is a straightforward affair with not a lot of paperwork involved. That’s the good news. The bad news is there are dozens of good online ammunition stores. It’s a good problem to have, actually. If you want to buy firearms, there are only about a dozen online gun stores that are really worth your time. With ammo, that number doubles.

In this guide, we list down the best places to buy ammo online (in alphabetical order, except for our preferred vendor) so you don’t have to spend hours checking reviews and digging for customer feedback in forums. The online sellers listed here range from family-owned small companies to big companies that have been around for decades.

Note that none of these sellers are perfect, so don’t be surprised to see a few bad reviews on the internet. If a certain seller is bad in a specific area, we mentioned it in the description. That way, you know exactly what you’re going to get once you buy from that seller.

Preferred VendorAmmo



academy sports outdoorsAcademy Sports + Outdoors

Founded in 1938, Academy Sports + Outdoors is a sporting goods store chain, boasting over 200 stores across the US. It sells various gear and equipment for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, boating, and, of course, shooting.

Academy Sports + Outdoors isn’t most people’s go-to online place for firearms, but for ammo needs, it is one of the more popular places among enthusiasts. The store chain’s online shop offers a wide range of ammunition as well as reloading supplies. If you like to go big every time you buy online, the shop also has a nice catalog of ammo that you can get in buckets.


Searching for ammunition can be a real chore and quite overwhelming. The team at has two goals: To arm you physically by making it as easy as possible for you to select the right ammunition for your weapon. And to arm you philosophically by producing high-quality content inside their Resistance Library. 

To support these two goals, every order is shipped fast – either the same day or the next business day. In addition, their site uses a live inventory system, which means that you are browsing exactly what is in-stock i.e. no surprises at check-out that what you want is actually on back-order. 

What sets apart from the rest is their dedication to freedom. 1% of every order gets donated to a pro-freedom organization of your choice.


Ammo Man ammo storeAmmo Man

Based in New Hampshire, Ammo Man has been in business since 1998. It is a strictly online-only business and does not allow customers to pick up their bought items at the company warehouse. Everything you buy at the online shop is delivered directly to your door.

Ammo Man has an extensive catalog of ammunition, including the most popular calibers for both handguns and rifles. The company has good customer service, ships relatively fast, and offers free shipping on all orders over $99, which means it’s best to buy in bulk. Take note that Ammo Man does not ship to the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, New York, and Massachusetts.

Ammo Man


ammunition to go online storeAmmo To Go

Ammo To Go has humble beginnings. It started as an ammunition seller operating from a garage. Now, the store has a full-fledged warehouse with hundreds of items in stock and always ready to ship to customers. The Texas-based seller’s online store is easy to navigate and is regularly updated to match the warehouse stock.

Known for its competitive prices and large selection, Ammo To Go ships fast and has fair shipping fees. The store also regularly offers special deals on its products. However, the discounted items tend to go out fast, so it’s best to check the site frequently so you don’t miss out on some sweet deals.

Ammo To Go


ammunitionstoreAmmunition Store

Ammunition Store wins the award for the most straightforward company name in the business. The Ohio-based business has a good selection of ammo for sale, as well as other shooting-related items such as gun parts, accessories, and reloading supplies. The store offers competitive prices across the board, a straightforward online ordering process, and good customer support.

The online store isn’t regularly updated, though, so it’s recommended that you call in first to check whether the ammo you need is in stock. On the bright side, the online store offers a significant amount of information about buying ammo online, including specific restrictions imposed in certain states.

Ammunition Store


Brownells online storeBrownells

Brownells has been in the business for decades. It is one of the most well-known companies in business, offering an incredibly large selection of products, from firearms to gun accessories to ammunition. The Brownells online store has a nice layout and includes several filter options to help you quickly find specific products.

Brownells is noted for its fast shipping times, good prices, and excellent customer service. The Iowa-based gun store ships products in well-secured packages, which minimizes damage during the journey. If you only trust big-name companies, Brownells should be your go-to place for ammunition and anything related to firearms.



buds gun shopBuds Gun Shop

Buds Gun Shop almost always gets a mention in any discussion about the best online gun stores. It is one of the most popular sellers in the country and is known for its regular dose of discounts and special deals online. The online store has a straightforward ordering system and features a regularly updated catalog. The site layout and loading speed could use some improvement, though.

Buds Gun Shop has good customer service, ships fast, and offers free shipping on select products. It’s got a stellar reputation and has hordes of loyal customers, so don’t worry about being scammed or anything like that. If you want a reliable online store for ammo, check out Buds Gun Shop.

Buds Gun Shop


bulk ammo storeBulk Ammo

Well, the company name says it all. Bulk Ammo is one of the best places to buy ammunition in massive quantities. It offers great prices on pretty much everything and has a convenient section where you can easily find all the products currently on sale. The on-sale section doesn’t just list a few products. It includes dozens of items on sale, with prices that can be hard to match.

Unlike most other online stores, Bulk Ammo has an accurate online catalog. Everything listed on the online store is in the warehouse and ready for delivery anytime. Similar to Amazon, Bulk Ammo has a customer feedback system that allows you to look into the first-hand experiences of people who actually bought the products.

Bulk Ammo


cabela's online storeCabela’s

Cabela’s is a retailer that sells merchandise for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, and shooting. It is headquartered in Nebraska and is known for its retail stores’ distinctive looks. On the internet side, the Cabela’s online store offers a nice selection of ammunition, with products from brands such as Remington, Federal, and Winchester.

The Cabela’s online store isn’t really a recommended place for firearms, though – the prices on the firearms can be really expensive. On the other hand, the ammo prices are competitive and are often close to the prices on other more popular online stores. Cabela’s offers free shipping on a minimum order of $50, so you might want to order in bulk to lower your costs.



freedom munitionsFreedom Munitions

Freedom Munitions is hands down the most American seller on this list, at least by name. None of the other listed stores here can legitimately top that company name. Seriously. Freedom Munitions is kind of a mixed bag, though. On one hand, the online store has a large selection of products and has competitive prices across the board. It’s a good place to get ammo in bulk.

But on the other hand, it takes longer than usual for Freedom Munitions to ship products. Furthermore, it appears the company is poor at communicating with customers in case there’s a setback. In summary, only buy from Freedom Munitions if you are the patient kind and don’t mind a slight delay in delivery every now and then.

Freedom Munitions



GunBuyer is one of those online stores that rarely get bad reviews from customers. It’s been in the business since 2011, having produced countless satisfied customers over the years. GunBuyer has a fast-loading website and a pretty simple ordering system, which makes everything easy for those new to the online shopping experience.

Based in Florida, GunBuyer offers competitive prices on its products and delivers products way faster than Freedom Munitions. In addition to the fast turnaround time, competitive prices, and easy-to-use online store, GunBuyer also has excellent customer service. Considering all of that, it’s easy to see why the online store has an outstanding reputation around the internet.



LAX AmmunitionLAX Ammunition

When it comes to online services, LAX Ammunition is very similar to Freedom Munitions. The LAX Ammo online store has a great variety of products available at competitive prices and regularly offers specials deals and discounts. The site loads fast and is easy to navigate, though the design could use some touch-up.

But on the flip side, LAX Ammunition doesn’t ship as fast as other online gun stores. Even worse, it appears the company isn’t quick to give the heads-up to customers in case of a setback. In fact, even customers who live fairly close to the company’s physical store in California have had shipping issues. Like Freedom Munitions, LAX Ammunition is only attractive because of its good deals.

LAX Ammo


lucky gunnerLucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner is no doubt one of the top online sellers of ammo. The Tennessee-based seller has a fast-loading website that boasts an impressive catalog. The site is easy to navigate, has a simple ordering system, and, most importantly, only includes products that are readily available from the seller’s warehouse.

Established in 2009, Lucky Gunner is extremely committed to providing the best possible online service in the business. It offers good deals, ships extremely fast, has good quality control, and answers inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Lucky Gunner is similar to GunBuyer in that it doesn’t get a lot of bad reviews from customers because … well, there really isn’t much to complain about.

Lucky Gunner


midway usaMidwayUSA

MidwayUSA is a retailer of outdoor equipment, including camping gear, shooting gear, and archery equipment. It was founded in 1977 and is currently headquartered in Missouri. The MidwayUSA online store has a simple layout and has a good selection of ammo available both in small boxes and in buckets.

The ammo prices are right in the middle of the pack, though – they’re not exactly cheap but they also won’t make you feel like you’re being ripped off. MidwayUSA offers discounts on select products, but if you want the cheapest deals you might want to look elsewhere. On the customer service side, the company is known for not being able to consistently keep up with its numerous customers, so it’s best not to expect immediate responses.



outdoor limitedOutdoor Limited

Based in North Carolina, Outdoor Limited is another family outfit that offers one of the best online services in the business. The Outdoor Limited online store has accurate listings that match the warehouse stock. This means everything not marked as out of stock on the online store are on-hand.

Outdoor Limited has competitive prices across the board and is known for its fast shipping and excellent customer service. The company responds to e-mail inquiries in a timely manner and is always willing to help customers on the phone. Outdoor Limited isn’t the most popular online shop around, but it is easily one of the best and deserves more attention than other big-name companies.

Outdoor Limited


palmetto state armoryPalmetto State Armory

Founded by a military veteran, Palmetto State Armory is known more for its online store than its retail stores in South Carolina. The company has some of the best ammo deals on the internet and even offers free shipping on select items. The online store needs a bit of work, though. More specifically, the product descriptions need to be more detailed.

PSA offers daily deals and special promotions on a regular basis, so it pays to be a subscriber to the daily e-mail. However, the South Carolina-based seller is notorious for its slow shipping times. The silver lining is that the company is transparent about it and lets you know how long you will have to wait. PSA’s customer service is also slow, which is a sign the company isn’t fully equipped yet to deal with its growing number of customers.

Palmetto State Armory


primary armsPrimary Arms

Primary Arms is one of the top online sellers of anything related to firearms, and that includes ammo. It is popular among enthusiasts because of its no-fuss approach to doing business. The Texas-based seller has a nice website, with the option to easily compare selected items, and has a hassle-free ordering system.

Primary Arms offers competitive prices and excellent discounts. But the best thing about Primary Arms is that it ships faster than most of the competition. It is also notable for its outstanding customer service. The company keeps you updated on your order’s status and is often quick to attend to any issues along the way.

Primary Arms


riflegear storeRifleGear

Established in 2007, RifleGear is a relatively new player in the business. But based on how it operates, it sure feels like it has been in the business for two decades. RifleGear is a lot like Primary Arms. It’s got a large selection of ammo online at good prices. The catalog is regularly updated to match the company’s actual stock, which means the items you see online are all available at the warehouse.

RifleGear also knows how to treat customers the right way. The company provides excellent customer service, both on the phone and through e-mail. It’s not one of those online sellers that suddenly feel like ghosts after they charge your credit card.



sg ammoSGAmmo

If this was a ranked list, SGAmmo would be sitting at the top. It is hands down the best place to buy ammo online and is often called the Amazon Prime for ammo. No other seller comes close to it. A family owned and operated outfit, SGAmmo has a massive selection of ammunition, with prices that are hard to beat. The company has excellent quality control and ships fast.

It’s easy to order from SGAmmo, courtesy of the easy-to-follow ordering process. Though it lacks flair, the SGAmmo online store is easy to navigate and loads really fast, which makes shopping convenient. Best of all, SGAmmo has outstanding customer service. (Hat tip to Sam Gabbert, one of the owners, for his hands-on approach to customer service.)



target sports USATarget Sports USA

Target Sports USA offers a large online selection with great prices. It is well-stocked with products from popular brands and is one of the best places to buy ammo in bulk, courtesy of the free shipping. The online store has a neat design and includes extensive product descriptions, although the site speed could use a boost.

Like Palmetto State Armory, Target Sports USA is known for its slow shipping. In fact, most of the customer reviews you will find on the internet talk about the seller’s unimpressive shipping speed. But the seller’s low prices and ammo selection are often enough to make people put up with the shipping issues.

Target Sports USA



It’s easy to say that buying ammo online is a lot more convenient than the traditional way, but there’s more to it than that. It isn’t just about being able to shop for ammo while in your pajamas. Here are the three biggest reasons why it’s better to buy ammo from online stores.

  • Better prices. Since operating an online store doesn’t need a lot of resources and personnel, which translates to lower expenses, online stores can afford to offer their products at cheaper prices or at below market value. Most online gun stores simply operate a warehouse and send out items based on the orders placed – they don’t need to maintain a storefront or rent multiple spaces for retail stores. Because of the cheaper ammo, you get to buy more of it. It’s simple math, really. In addition, online stores love to hand out special deals and often offer huge discounts, and even free shipping, if you buy in bulk. The more you buy in one go, the more money you save in the long haul. So it’s definitely recommended that you buy ammo in large quantities if you go the online route as the most affordable stores give better ammo disocunts..


  • Larger selection. Retail stores are limited in what they can put on display. This means you don’t get to see everything they have to offer unless you spend hours bugging the person behind the counter about their inventory. But this isn’t the case with online stores. With online stores, you get more items to choose from, many of which are not normally available at even the biggest retail stores. And with more options, you get to compare more products and make a more informed decision. But on the flip side, online catalogs can be misleading. Some online stores don’t regularly update their product listings, which can cause customers to order products that are actually out of stock and will take weeks to arrive. It’s best to always check first with the seller if they really have what you’re looking for.


  • Well, this one’s pretty obvious. If you shop online, you don’t need to walk or drive to the store, browse shelves, and get in line for payment. Everything can be done from your computer, or smartphone/tablet. Unlike with firearms, which need to be delivered to a local gun store, ammunition can be delivered directly to your door. However, some states and cities don’t allow it, so you need to check first if your area has specific rules regarding ammo shipping.




As you can see, there are lots of good places to buy ammo online. The best online stores are the ones that check all the boxes and have stellar reputations. Of the 20 sellers listed here, there is only a handful that meets Top Tier criteria. If we have to make a top five, our list will include, Lucky Gunner, GunBuyer, Bulk Ammo, and Buds Gun Shop.