The 12 Best Online Gun Stores

Here’s a little secret: No online gun store is perfect. Even the most reputable and popular ones have had at least one unhappy customer. The best online gun stores are the ones that have kept unhappy customers to a minimum.

In this guide, we introduce you to the only online gun shops that you should consider buying from. These are the vendors that have produced countless satisfied customers over the years. These are the vendors that often get mentioned in any discussion about the best places to buy guns online. These are the vendors that really care and stand by their products and service.

If you can’t find a particular gun at your local gun shop, there’s a good chance it’s available at any of these online gun shops. Listed in alphabetical order, here are the best online gun stores in the US.

AIM Surplus gun storeAIM Surplus

Established in 1997, AIM Surplus is one of the most popular gun shops around. The Ohio-based shop offers a wide range of guns, ammo, sights, and other gun accessories, with products from brands like Daniel Defense, Elite Tactical Systems, Smith & Wesson, and Vortex Optics.

AIM Surplus ships fast, provides excellent customer service, and has great prices that can be hard to beat. It’s known for being one of the best places to get anything related to AR-15 rifles. The shop’s online store is easy to navigate, loads fast and provides all the information you need about buying firearms online.

AIM Surplus



Armslist is basically the Craigslist for firearms. It’s a classified ads website completely devoted to firearms and anything related. It was originally created as a response to Craigslist’s ban on all firearms-related items.

Featuring a straightforward website, Armslist functions similarly to Craigslist. Each listed item comes with all the information you need, including a short description of the item, the seller’s contact info and address, and some images. Not all sellers ship, though, so the choices can be limited sometimes. On the bright side, Armslist is home to some of the sweetest deals around – deals that can be hard to pass up despite the lack of a shipping option.



Brownells online storeBrownells

Headquartered in Iowa, Brownells is one of the most popular gun stores in the US. It’s got everything you need, from handguns built for home defense to semi-automatic rifles to gun parts and accessories. Since Brownell is a big company, there’s a good chance that your local FFL has already dealt with the company.

Brownells’ gun selection is often on the expensive side, though, so it might not be the best place for those with a strict budget. The company is notable for having great customer support and for having reasonably fast shipping times.



buds gun shopBuds Gun Shop

Like Brownells, Buds Gun Shop is one of the biggest stores for anything related to firearms. The shop has a massive collection of guns, and the best part is that many of them come with discounted prices. Most of the guns ship for free as well, which is a huge plus. Shipping time is a mixed bag, though – it depends on your location, obviously. But for the most part, customers have been satisfied with the shipping time.

The Buds Gun Shop website isn’t exactly the best, however. It loads slowly and is in serious need of a design makeover in a lot of areas. But in regard to the actual online transactions, the store is pretty solid, with most customers not running into major hiccups during transactions.

Buds Gun Shop


cdnn sportsCDNN Sports

CDNN Sports is a reliable gun shop that has been around since 1984, making it one of the oldest retailers on this list. The company has a great reputation, even during the pre-internet days. CDNN Sports offers a vast selection of firearms, optics, parts, and accessories online.

CDNN Sports is notable for having a nice, easy-to-use website and for regularly offering excellent deals on many products. Boasting quality items from popular brands such as Browning, Glock, and Heckler &Koch, CDNN Sports offers fast shipping and good customer service.

CDNN Sports


grabagun online storeGrabAGun

GrabAGun is one of the best places to, uh, grab guns at great prices. The Texas-based gun shop has a nice selection of firearms, though the store’s website is sometimes outdated, which can cause you to miss out on cool deals. If you want to always be one of the first ones to get a heads-up on deals, sign up for the e-mail newsletter.

GrabAGun’s customer service is really good. If you’re new to buying guns online, the company will be more than happy to answer all your questions as well as provide helpful information about guns in general.




If you love to dig around for deals, GunBroker is for you. It’s an auction website for firearms – a guns-themed eBay, in other words. On GunBroker, you can find a large collection of firearms that you can bid on, some of which are at heavily discounted prices, so you can really save a lot if you know what you’re doing.

However, since GunBroker is simply a third-party platform for buyers and sellers, you need to be really careful about the sellers you plan to deal with. Make sure you thoroughly review the item description and terms, and it never hurts to request additional photos of the item. In short, do extensive research on the seller before committing to any payment.



impact gunsImpact Guns

Impact Guns used to be a bad place to buy guns. Not anymore. The company still has some issues, mainly in regard to the outdated listings on the online store, but for the most part, their service is reliable – probably a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars, if you need a numerical indicator.

Established in 1997, Impact Guns houses a decent selection of firearms at fairly competitive prices. You can find excellent deals on many guns, but if you’re a serious deals-hunter, you can find more deals at Buds Gun Shop. Impact Guns also provides good customer service, attending to inquiries about online transactions in a timely and professional manner.

Impact Guns


primary armsPrimary Arms

Primary Arms is like a well-oiled machine: fast, efficient, and gets the job done with zero drama. Once you place an order online, the company goes through the entire process so fast that many customers have expressed genuine surprise at how fast they received their items. It’s a no-fuss gun shop that goes straight to the point. No tricks. No misleading deals.

Primary Arms offers a great selection of firearms, parts, and accessories, mostly at competitive prices. The Texas-based company is notable for having outstanding customer service and for constant communication, from the moment you place an order until you get your hands on your firearm.

Primary Arms


rainier armsRainier Arms

Founded in 2005, Rainier Arms is the absolute go-to place for AR-15 rifles, parts, and accessories. Not many other US-based stores come close in that regard. The company has great quality control, ships fast, and, most importantly for online buyers, has an always updated product listing on the website.

But the real reason the Washington-based company stands out is their customer service. Rainier Arms is one of the nicest gun shops in the business. They take care of you and make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with all your purchases. It pays to be a regular at Rainier Arms. Considering all the good things the store has to offer, you’d be hard-pressed not to be one.

Rainier Arms


riflegear storeRifleGear

RifleGear is not just about, well, rifles. Established in 2007, the company offers a massive collection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, parts, and accessories – all of which come with competitive price tags. Unlike with many other online gun stores, RifleGear’s website is always up-to-date.

Just like Primary Arms, RifleGear provides top-class customer service and constant communication, mainly through e-mail. It can be a hassle to pick up your item, though – but not because RifleGear is bad at handling pick-ups. It’s just that the stores – RifleGear has a store in Fountain Valley, California and in Plano, Texas – can be really crowded and busy sometimes.



cabela's online storeCabela’s

You can find some sweet firearm deals going on over at Cabela’s. Anything from sights, to grips, to ammo and more, you can find nearly everything you need. The store is filled even more tactical gear and accessories than you can imagine. Need a hunting jacket? They got you. Need some new boots? Say no more.

Cabela’s is a one stop shop for the needs of most people. Check it out and be surprised at the great inventory stocked at some pretty good prices.