The 11 Best Mouse Pads for Gamers

A mouse pad is often something that gets overlooked when a person is choosing a new one; after all, they all basically serve the same purpose, or so many people commonly believe. A mouse pad can have a number of different traits to it that can positively affect not only your comfort levels but also the way that you navigate through the worlds of your video games. The density, size and texture of a mousepad will have a large effect on the grip and the glide of your mouse.

Having the right mouse pad can make or break your gaming experience. Ensure that you are getting the right one by checking out our explanation of materials after the list, now let’s take a look at the top computer mouse pads for PC gamers below.

SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB MousepadSteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Mousepad

Designed to match your keyboard or mouse setup that also has an RGB-enabled setting, the SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Mousepad is a beautiful way to change up your desk or battle station. You can illuminate the surface of your desk in any color that you like, regardless of what that may be. This mousepad offers 12 different independent zones that you can light up using 12 different colors, or you can choose to light it up in a single color such as your guild or clan colors.

The SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Mousepad has a dual-surface textured top that allows you to pick between using a micro-textured cloth surface or a hard polymer top depending on the kind of mouse that you want to use. This mouse pad features game sense reactive illumination, which responds to in game events that you can set on your own such as low ammo, money collection, health regeneration, kills, cooldown timers and so much more.


Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse MatRazer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

The Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat is a dual-sided mouse pad that can offer two different surfaces depending on your needs. You can use the increased gliding power of the speed surface or you can take advantage of the control surface that allows you to play the best sniper that you can be. Both surfaces will allow you to play at your best no matter what your game style might be.

This Razer Vespula Gaming Mat offers two enhanced tracking surfaces that are ideal for getting the right hit every time; you can land every head shot that you take with ease and precision. A wrist rest is present on this Mat, which gives you total comfort as you game, no matter how long your gaming marathons might be. The soft gell-filled wrist rest helps to stop injury from occurring to your wrist and prevents fatigue to allow a longer gaming experience.


Corsair Gaming MM200 XL GamerPadCorsair Gaming MM200 XL GamerPad

The Corsair Vengeance MM200 XL Edition Gaming Mouse Mat is a gaming mat that has been optimized for your unique gaming style. It is tuned to offer a smooth surface designed to lend you ultra fast movements that can keep you in the game and let you see every enemy before they can see you. It delivers excellent control over the mouse of your choice. This mat has been specifically designed for use with a gaming mouse as it has been optimized for the unique tracking sensors that come on gaming mice. This means that you can make sharper turns, make swifter shots and enjoy better reaction times with its precision sensors. It comes with a 3.5-millimeter natural rubber base that will stay in place, no matter how intense the gaming session might get. It comes in a stark black color that ensures the Corsair Vengeance Gaming Mouse Mat will match any of the desks or battle stations that you have set up.


Razer Goliathus Control GravityRazer Goliathus Control Gravity

With its unique 3D design and vibrant colors, the Razer Goliathus Control Gravity is ideal for anyone who wants to add unique flair to their desktop area. This colorful gaming pad has been optimized in order to provide the right amount of friction for your gaming mice. This will ensure that your in game accuracy is unmatched, giving you the ability to land all of those tricky headshots that you want to take.

The Razer Goliathus Control Gravity has been optimized for sensitivities of any setting so that you can play your way. No matter what gaming mouse you use, this mouse pad can work with its sensor. It is highly portable, making it ideal for taking with you on the go to LAN parties or while traveling. It has an anti fraying stitching along its trim and an anti slip rubber base that makes it durable and reliable. It has been given a heavily textured weave in order to provide you with the best possible playing surface.


SteelSeries QcK XXL Mouse PadSteelSeries QcK XXL Mouse Pad

Sleek, black and durable, the SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad is a gaming mouse pad that is long and accommodating with its extra large size. It allows you to slide back and forth with ease, letting you enjoy the ability to make all of the swift moves that you need to make in order to stay on top of your game. This mouse pad is unique in the way that it measures 35 inches in width by 15 inches in height by 16 inches in depth, much longer than it is tall. It is nearly three feet long making it so that you are able to use your mouse on any part of the desk.

There is a nonslip rubber base on the bottom of the SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad that keeps it from slipping from where it sits so that you can keep your shots stable no matter how intense the game becomes. There is room for any of your peripherals as well.


Razer Firefly Hard Mouse PadRazer Firefly Hard Mouse Pad

Light up your desk space with the power of the Razer Firefly. The mouse pad offers subtle color to be incorporated onto the left side of the mouse pad, as well as the bottom and the right; this offers a unique, little bit of color that can add a subtle detail to your battle station. It has a unique, hard microtextured finish that allows you total accuracy over your movements, ensuring that you will be able to make all of the headshots that you take. It offers immense speed, able to work with any sort of sensitivity level that you have it set on, no matter what kind of gaming mouse and sensor you are using.

The Razer Firefly Chroma Mouse Pad is engineered to give you total control over the colors that you choose, offering you an impressive 16.8 million different colors and a number of different lighting effects for you to play around with so that your station is unlike any other.


Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat XXLReflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat XXL

When you need a little bit more room for your mouse that keeps sliding off the edge of the mousepad, the Reflex Lab Mouse Pad is there. This mousepad is extra large and accommodating, measuring 36 inches in length by 12 inches in height by .20 inches in thickness, making it so that you can push your mouse all over the desk without virtually ever sliding off of it, no matter how intense the game may get. The mouse pad has not only plenty of real estate for your mouse, but it has room for your keyboard and for your other desktop items.

Comfortable and thick, the Reflex Lab Large mouse pad is ideal for anyone who needs wrist support. It is 40 to 60 percent thicker than a standard mouse pad and won’t slide out of place due to its weight of 1.9 pounds. Waterproof and anti-slip, this is the gaming mouse pad for you.


SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse PadSteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Ideal for those who value swift movements and precision when gaming, the SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad is made of a sleek, hard plastic material that allows for a smooth gliding motion and quick reflexes. This mouse pad has been made specifically for professional gamers who need total stability, speed and consistent accuracy. The mouse pad is finely textured in order to help optimize the tracking power of your mouse. It does this through the inclusion of tens of thousands of light-reflective microscopic-sized points that are designed to work in harmony with your mouse’s sensor.

Because of its unique tracking ability, you will be able to perform with expert-level precision and speed, no matter if you are making quick, minimal movements or are instead making broad, sweeping turns. The surface of the mouse pad has been engineered specifically to help you perform at your best, making the SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad the ultimate gaming mouse.


Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth PadCorsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Pad

Made with durable textile weave, the Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Pad has a medium grain surface that is made for ultra precise targeting and control. No matter if you are lining up the perfect headshot or running and gunning as you go, this mouse pad can keep up with your unique gaming style. It offers low friction tracking which ensures that every motion you sweep over this mouse pad will help you to perform at your best. It has been optimized for both optical gaming mice and laser gaming mice, ensuring that you will always be on top of your game no matter how you like to play.

On the bottom of the Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Pad is a zero-slip, anti-skid rubber base. This will keep the mousepad securely in place, no matter how intense your movements are. It measures a comfortable size of 360 millimeters by 300 millimeters by 2 millimeters on its surface.


SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming PadSteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Pad

Perfect for tracking and providing you with all of the most precise movements in game, the SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad – Black is a mouse pad that can help you outperform the competition every single match. This mouse pad features an ultra smooth and soft cloth surface that allows for easy gliding over the top, making sure that your mouse won’t get stuck while in the heat of battle.

The SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Pad is ultra thick and heavy, helping to reduce any problems that you might otherwise face due to uneven surfaces. Its steady rubber base ensures that you won’t have to fear the mousepad slipping and sliding during gameplay, no matter how intense the battle might get. It measures a comfortable 17 inches in width by 15 inches in height by .08 inches in depth, making it ideal for placing on any desk surface, no matter what sort of size restraints and real estate issues your playing surface might have.


Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth PadCorsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Pad

With its unique-looking nature and ultra long form, the Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is just as much a functional, efficient mouse padfor the desk. This gaming mouse is ultra long and measures 36 inches in length by 11 inches in height by .1 inch in depth, giving you plenty of real estate not only for using your mouse atop it, but for using your keyboard there as well. It offers plenty of room for you to move the mouse around without fear that it might accidentally slip off the pad and mess up your shot in game.

The MM300 Anti-Fray Mouse Pad has a textile weave surface that makes it ideal for precise tracking and targeting, ensuring that you will always hit your targets. Its low-friction design is made in such a way your mouse will glide over top of it with great ease.



Choosing the Material of a Mouse Pad

It is important to think about your unique needs when it comes to your mouse pad. Do you usually find yourself knocking your mouse off of the side of the mat when you are playing? Do you find that you are knocking your mouse into the keyboard frequently when the game gets intense? You might want to think about an extended mouse pad if that sounds like you. Most gamers are generally going to work out fine with a standard one, but this might be a good idea for you if you need a little extra space.

The extra real estate is also important if you are a twitchy gamer. Having a long mouse pad that is able to hold both the keyboard and mouse might be a good choice. These offer plenty of support for your wrists while you play and will help to keep you on track while also keeping both the keyboard and the mouse stable.

The texture should also be considered. The grip and glide are ways to define the level of friction that can be placed upon your mouse depending on the kind of mousepad that you have. The surface of a mouse pad that offers less grip will give you smoother, swifter movements, while one with higher levels of grip will give you greater precision and ultimate control. Harder mouse mats will usually offer a larger level of gliding ability than a softer one, for instance.

Consider that a smoother surface is going to offer you greater freedom of movement. This is important during FPS games when you need to be able to react quickly to your surroundings, making it simple for you to turn from one target to another in a more efficient and quick manner. A textured surface is going to provide that important tactical feedback that you need. The more control that you have, the greater level of control over your movements you are going to get. This is important, for instance, when playing as a sniper. You need to be able to track your enemies and keep those cross-hairs trained right over his or her head in order to know when to take that destroying shot and hit it every time. The mouse pads that have the greatest amount of pressure will suit you best in situations like these as they give you more control with more stabilized movements.