The 12 Best Gas Grills Under $500

Summertime is here, and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than with friends and good food? Whether you’re looking to entertain a yard full of guests with a weekend barbeque or just really in the mood for a char-grilled steak, a gas grill is a great addition to any backyard. And we really do mean any backyard, because you can find gas grills of all sorts to fit your needs, including space saving grills for small yards, luxurious six burners for cooking meals for the whole neighborhood, portable grills for families on the go, and affordable gas grills for those cooking out on a budget. By affordable, we mean that there are a variety of grills, all shapes and sizes, that you can get for under $500. We’ve also included a comparison guide on Gas vs Charcoal at the bottom of the page. To help you choose the best grill for your summer ventures, here are the best gas grills under $500:

Broil King Signet 3 Burner Gas GrillBroil King Signet 3 Burner Gas Grill

This 3-burner gas grill by Broil King is an optimal choice for people with small spaces that don’t want to give up any quality, either. The 3 stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners offer 40,000 BTU’s. That amount of power helps bring the grill up to temperature quickly, and distributes heat evenly for an even cook every time. The large cooking area will hold meals for large groups, and the included warming rack keeps everything up to temperature until it is served, so you never have to serve a cold meal. The cooking grids are made from cast iron for ultimate flavor, and reversible, including a grooved side and pointed side, so that grill marks are always to your satisfaction. This grill features an electronic ignition that lights the grill instantly so there is no need to fumble with matches or lighters. The stainless steel shelves on either side are perfect for holding your utensils, food, or spices, easily wipe clean when you’re done cooking, and fold away to make the grill more compact when not in use. The built in thermometer reaches down deep inside the grill to give you an accurate reading of the internal temperature. The aluminum cook box is rust resistant, so your grill will cook and look like new for a long time.


Master Cook 4 Burner Outdoor Grill with Side BurnerMaster Cook 4 Burner Outdoor Grill with Side Burner

This four burner distributes 36,000 BTU to its large, 400 square inch primary cook space. If that isn’t enough, enjoy 12,000 BTU’s of power to the side mounted single eye burner, which is great for whipping up sauces to compliment a perfectly grilled piece of meat or tasty grilled vegetables. The cook grates are crafted from cast iron that easily scrubs clean. When your main course is grilled to perfection, place it on the 118 square inch porcelain coated warming rack to keep it up to temperature while you cook the side dishes. The warming rack swings out of the way when not in use, so this grill is great for cooking large cuts of meat and big meals. The stainless steel grill is aesthetically appealing and will look great on your back patio or deck. The built in mechanical ignition helps you light your grill quickly every single time. The grill includes a single cabinet, which is great for storing utensils, cooking pots and pans, or serving dishes. This lightweight grill is easy to move around, so you can pretty much fire up your grill anywhere you want.


Char Broil Classic 2-Burner with Side BurnerChar Broil Classic 2-Burner with Side Burner

Enjoy 280 square inches of cook space, over porcelain coated cast iron grates that are super easy to scrub clean with a wire brush, or can be removed and soaked for a deep clean instead. Plus, the porcelain coating provides a non-stick surface, which makes cooking a breeze. The two burner grill distributes 20,000 BTU’s of heat and the Piezo ignition system is reliable for a quick startup every time. The side burner is equipped to deliver 8,000 BTU’s of heat to a single pot or pan, so you can cook a side dish alongside the main meal with ease. The steel lid and firebox are porcelain coated as well, so you can wipe the entire grill clean when you’re done and easily keep it looking brand new, without too much elbow grease. The grill is small and easily fits even in limited spaces, and features a lightweight construction and wheels on the rear legs, as well as handle so you can easily take it where you want it, or slide it away for storage. The metal side shelving is aver two square feet of space, and offers you a great, easy to clean prep surface or extra space for utensils and condiments.


Weber Spirit Gas GrillWeber Spirit Gas Grill

This gas grill is a three burner, delivering 32,000 BTU’s of heat per hour to its cast iron grates, with individual controls and temperature settings for each different heat zone. These grates, called Flavorizer bars by Weber, are porcelain coated and help to deliver premium flavor and grill marks to anything you cook, while reducing the chance of food sticking to the grates. The grates are, therefore, exceptionally easy to clean, either in the grill with a wire brush, or in your skin with soap and water. The cooking area of approximately 424 square inches, which is bigger than many gas grills in this price range, so this may be the optimal choice for people looking to entertain or grill for large groups. Plus, there is a warming rack that is approximately 105 square inches, which helps keep food warm until it is served, without cooking the food until it is burnt. The warming rack swings away when not in use, so no space is wasted when you are cooking. The electronic ignition is incredibly reliable and much easier than dealing with matches or a grill lighter. It is designed to ignite at the push of a button. The  control panel on the front allows you to easily adjust the internal temperature, and the two small, collapsible stainless steel tables on either side are great for holding utensils, sauces, or for doing prep. There is an easy to read fuel gauge to let you know when you’re running low on natural gas. This grill is on the larger side, and is perfect for accenting any full sized patio, deck, or backyard.


Char-Broil Performance 2 Burner with CabinetChar-Broil Performance 2 Burner with Cabinet

This grill is definitely at a lower price point, which is great for people who are on a bit of a budget this season. But no worries, this grill still delivers all of the quality you would expect from a Char-Broil grill. This two burner delivers 24,000 BTU’s of heat per hour to the porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates. The warming rack just above is made from porcelain coated grates as well, and offers you 100 square inches of space to keep food warm while you cook. The cooking area has approximately 300 square inches of space, so you can use this smaller grill to cook a pretty good sized meal. The grill itself is small and exceptionally lightweight, so it fits any outdoor space and can be moved around with ease. Enjoy reliability with the electronic ignition, which helps you light your grill quickly at the push of a button. The lid and body of the grill is also porcelain coated, and in combination with the front panel controls, you get tons of control over your grill’s internal temperature. The grill sits on four casters, two of which lock into place for security while you cook. The built in single cabinet is great for extra storage space and is big enough to hold several utensils or other grilling necessities.


Monument Grills 4 Burner Gas Grill with RotisserieMonument Grills 4 Burner Gas Grill with Rotisserie

This stainless steel gas grill not only looks great and accents your patio perfectly, but offers optimal performance so you can be the chef you’ve always dreamed of being. You get four separate burners that deliver a total of 60,000 BTUs per hour. This massive grill gives you over 500 square inches of cooking space, alongside over 200 square inches of warming space. The racks are both porcelain coated and made from cast iron, so they heat quickly and evenly and help prevent your food from sticking, which also provides quick and easy clean up. The racks can be removed for easy cleaning in your sink as well. The built in thermometer lets you easily read the temperature inside this grill, while the front panel knob controls and insulated frame helps you control that temperature accurately. The control knobs are backlit with a blue LED light that makes grilling at night a breeze. The grills sits atop four heavy duty casters and can be moved to your desired location and then locked into place for a secure cookstation.

If all of these luxuries aren’t enough, this grill has a bit more. You can enjoy the stainless steel shelving on one side, which offers a great place for food prep of holding utensils and sauces that is still easy to clean after the party is over. On the other side there is a side burner, which is great for sauces and side dishes, and is just as powerful as the grill itself. The double cabinet below is a great place for extra storage, and is much wider and roomier when compared to similar models. The defining feature of this beautiful grill, though, is its rotisserie kit, which can hold a full sized bird with ease. You can easily remove the catch pan from the back, which is also coated in stainless steel for easy cleaning.


Char-Broil 5 Burner Gas Grill with CabinetChar-Broil 5 Burner Gas Grill with Cabinet

If you want a grill that is large and in charge, this is the grill of your dreams. This five burner by Char-Broil is huge, with 550 square inches of cooking space and 205 square inches of warming space, for a combined 755 square inches of cooking grates. The grates themself are top of the line cast iron material coated with porcelain, which is easy to clean and prevents food from sticking. The warming rack swings out of the way when not in use, which means this large grill is great for cooking even larger game, like full sized birds or hind quarters. The stainless steel grill is durable and fashionable, and will look great on your deck or patio, regardless of other decor. The grill includes a large double cabinet space underneath for extra storage, which keeps everything together even when the grill is moved around. The four casters make rolling this heavier grill possible, and two locking casters help hold it in place when you get it where you want it. The grill itself delivers 45,000 BTU per hour, while the side burner delivers another 10,000 BTU for cooking with a pot or skillet. The side burner is equipped with a lid, which keeps it free of weather damage and offers you extra prep space or shelf space when the burner is not in use. The built in electronic ignition system is quick and easy, so you can light up your grill and get cooking in no time at all.


Coleman Road Trip Portable Grill LXEColeman Road Trip Portable Grill LXE

If space is an issue, or if you like to travel and want to take your grill with you, this may just be the perfect grill for you. This grill is tiny and ultra portable, collapsing down to a size that is suitable for most trunks. It features a handle and rolling casters, as well as a lightweight design, so you can transport it from place to place in a breeze. This grill is great no matter where you’d like to use it, including for tailgating or camping with your friends and family. The grill offers almost 300 square inches of cooking space which delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat per hour. The cooking grates are interchangeable, which gives you plenty of options of what and how you cook. You can choose between the standard grill top grates, a flat top griddle grate, or a stove top grate that is compatible with most pots and pans. The easy ignite button fires your grill up quickly with no need for matches or a lighter. The two burners adjust independently of each other, so you have the ability to split the temperature on either side for the grill and cook more at once. The grates are made from quality cast iron and coated with porcelain, so food won’t stick or burn easily, and the grill is easy to clean, even while on the go. There is a removable grease pan that slides out from the back and helps you keep the insides of your grill clean and looking like new.


Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Table Top GrillSmoke Hollow Stainless Steel Table Top Grill

This is another option if you’re looking for a portable grill that is easy to load up and carry with you, though this one comes with a few more luxurious features and definitely looks top of the line. The tabletop grill is entirely made from stainless steel and looks expensive, even though it is actually pretty affordable. Despite its fair price, the grill offers a lot of power, including 10,000 BTUs of heat distributed across the stainless steel “U” burner. The grates are made from stainless steel wire so they are exceptionally easy to clean and don’t easily stick to your food as you’re cooking. You get a combined 310 square inches of cook space, where 205 square inches is dedicated to a cooking area and the other 105 square inches is a warming rack, which is coated in porcelain. It’s stainless design makes it incredibly durable, which is great for a grill that you can tote along to the beach, while fishing, or on camping trips.  The grill folds down to be pretty compact in size, and includes four fold out legs and  a locking lid, as well as a front carry handle to make it easy to carry around wherever you go. The drill includes a stainless steel drip tray that is removable from the back and cleans easily. You can easily convert this grill to use a large, 20lb propane tank, so it is suitable even for longer trips.


Royal Gourmet 6-Burner Gas Grill with Cabinet and Side Sear BurnerRoyal Gourmet 6-Burner Gas Grill with Cabinet & Side Sear Burner

This is one of the biggest grills you can find for the price point, and offers five individual burners that offer 10,000 BTU each, for a total of 50,000 BTUs of heat per hour. Plus, the 12,000 BTU sear burner is great for getting a crisp sear on any cut of meat or veggies, and is also independently adjustable to be set at a seperate temperature from the rest of the grill. The side burner, which is complete with a flush lid that turns the area into an extra countertop space for prep and storage, offers another 9,000 BTU’s of heat, which brings this grill to a total of 71,000 BTUs of power. Cook for the entire family at once on the 586 square inch cooking space, which is complete with porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates that are removable for easy cleaning. The warming rack, which offers 190 square inches of space atop the same porcelain coated racks, is great for keeping food up to temp while cooking. The electronic ignition system is quick and reliable, helping you get this bad boy started in only minutes. The stainless steel construction is double layered and heavy duty, so it is not only incredibly durable and weather resistant, but it retains heat and helps create a stable, consistent temperature environment inside your grill. The removable grease tray is stainless steel so it wipes clean easily. The grill features a double cabinet underneath which is perfect for all your grilling accessories. The entire grill, although pretty sturdy and heavy, is set atop four casters and can be rolled from place to place, and then locked down when you have it exactly where you want it. The grill is large, in charge, and luxurious, and includes a premium cover for extra protection against the weather.


blackstone 4 Burner Outdoor GriddleBlackstone 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle

This flat top grill is entirely unique and can take you places that a regular grill never could. Aside from being massive, especially for this price range, this grill has a griddle style top, which gives you so many different options aside from just grilling. For instance, where as a standard grill allows you to cook your favorite cuts of meat or grill some veggies, this griddle top allows you the ability to do that all and much more. You can opt to cook breakfast foods, like hash browns, pancakes, or eggs, or go for a delicious lunch of fajitas or quesadillas. The cook top offers 720 square inches of space, so it is easy to cook for the entire family at once. The cooktop is fashioned from cold rolled steel so it conducts heat evenly and is durable. The entire grill is made from a powder coated steel frame that is easy to just wipe clean and stands up to most weather conditions. The grill features four metal casters so it is easy to roll where you want it, despite its sturdy size and weight. Plus, the legs fold in and the grill collapses to make it easily portable to your favorite campsite or beach, and it will fit in your trunk for weekend trips.  Enjoy four independent heat zones, as well as easily adjustable temperature options and a built in thermometer.


Backyard Grill Charcoal/Gas Grill ComboBackyard Grill Charcoal/Gas Grill Combo

This grill offers you the best of both worlds, including a charcoal grill for obtaining that delicious smoky flavor, as well as a gas grill for quick, easy, and even cooking on the opposite side. This grill includes cast iron cooking grates that are chrome plated and won’t stick to the food as you cook, but provide perfect grill marks every time. They are easy to clean and can be removed for a thorough wash in your sink. The three stainless steel tubes offer a total of 24,000 BTUs, which is evenly distributed for an even cooking experience. The included side burner offers another 12,000 BTUs of heat that are great for cooking in your favorite pot or pan. The cooking area allows for 557 square inches of space, with an additional 188 square inches of space to be used as a warming rack.The integrated ignition instantly fires up your grill when using the gas portion, and the front panel knobs are rubber coated and provide accurate control over the temperature of your grill. The charcoal side ahs an adjustable charcoal tray that helps you control the temperature on the opposite side of the grill as well, including a front access door for shifting and adjusting the coals with ease. The entire grill is coated with black baked enamel and holds heat efficiently. A spacious self on either side is great for storage and food prep, includes a round temperature gauge, and an integrated tool holder and bottle opener. The entire grill is relatively lightweight and includes two caster wheels that give it extra mobility, so you can move it where you please with ease.



Benefits to Gas Grill vs Charcoal Grills

If you are grill shopping on a budget, you may have noticed that some charcoal grills are significantly less expensive than most gas grills. Of course, their low price can be appealing, but there are many disadvantages to owning a charcoal grill that you won’t experience with their gas-powered cousins. In fact, there are many benefits to owning a gas grill over a regular charcoal grill, which may make the extra couple hundred dollars seem like a small price to pay for all the extra luxuries and convenience. Here are some reasons why a gas grill may just be your best bet for an affordable backyard grill this summer:

  • Gas grills are way quicker to start up. When using a charcoal grill, you should expect to spend around 45 minutes to an hour prepping your grill and getting it up to temperature. Charcoal is slow to burn and will take quite a bit of prep time before you can start cooking, and even then it can be incredibly difficult to maintain the charcoal while cooking. This is even more true during unfavorable weather conditions, whereas a gas grill will light and maintain heat just fine even in inclement weather. Alternatively, gas grill are easy to start up and there is no charcoal to fumble with. You can simply turn on the gas flow, light the grill, and it should be up to temperature within minutes, so you can get started on your cookout almost immediately. There’s no need to plan ahead or waste time trying to get that stubborn charcoal to light up.
  • Gas grills require far less maintenance. In addition to the time it takes to start up your charcoal grill, you will also need to spend quite some time cleaning your charcoal grill after each use. As a result of the burnt charcoal, there will be quite a bit of ashed that need to be emptied, and generally the inside of the grill fills with soot much quicker than other styles of grills. With your gas grill, though, very little maintenance is required after you cook. In fact, you can usually just turn your grill off, cut off the gas supply, and let it cool off on its own. A gas grill doesn’t have to be cleaned after each use, and you can just clean it periodically to keep it shining like new.
  • Natural gas is less expensive than charcoal. The initial price of a charcoal grill may seem appealing, but you should consider that charcoal is expensive, and it actually takes quite a bit of charcoal to cook each time. You should expect to use at least a small sized bag each time you cook for two or three people, and much more if you’re cooking for large groups. That’s $5-$20 dollars in charcoal every time you cook, as opposed to a can of natural gas that should last you through several cookouts, and costs around the same amount. Plus, natural gas is much more environmentally friendly, so for those of you who strive to live a greener lifestyle, a gas grill with natural gas is the best way to go.
  • It is easier to regulate temperature on a gas grill. With a charcoal grill, regulating temperature can be pretty tricky, and you may find yourself constantly adjusting the airflow or spraying water to cool to coals. The odds of turning up with a few burnt pieces of meat by mistake are definitely increased, especially if your charcoal grill doesn’t have a thermometer. However, with a gas grill, you can easily adjust the temperature of your grill with the built in gas flow controls, and sometimes can even monitor the temperature with a built in thermometer. Many gas grills have multiple burners, between two and eight, which can often be independently controlled so that you can cook different items to different temperatures at the same time. This give you the option to slow cook a juicy rack of ribs or hard sear a thick cut steak, without having to put in too much footwork to get it just right.

With all of that in mind, it is important to note that although gas grills are often slightly more expensive than charcoal grills, they can actually be very affordable. In fact, you can find gas grills that carry all of these benefits and more, including add ons like side burners and flat top griddles, for a price that your wallet will love, so there’s plenty of money left over for that juicy filet mignon you’ve been craving.