The 18 Best Fidget Spinners for EDC

Fidget spinners are the latest toy craze sweeping the globe, but unlike many of their novelty predecessors, fidget spinners are set to stick around for a while.

Fidget spinners come in a variety of designs, ranging from lightweight and less expensive models to more solid and complex types. With the ability to perform tricks, fidget spinners can be used to impress others and can even be played with competitively. More intricate tricks can help to improve dexterity, and also provide benefits to the mental health of the user.

Besides being a toy popular among children and teens alike, they are also used as a stress reliever and as a tool to improve concentration for adults. Benefits have also been cited for people on the autism spectrum as fidget spinners can be used as a sensory aid that helps to ease anxiety and improve focus.

Whether you are new to fidget spinners and are looking for the best one to suit you, or you are an experienced fidget spinner user and looking to up your game, we’ve rounded up the 18 best fidget spinners currently available.

Phoenix Fidget SpinnerPhoenix Fidget Spinner

This stainless steel three-pronged fidget spinner is available in a stylish matt black finish. With high-quality R188 steel bearings, this product promises to spin for five minutes.

Backed by an unbelievable five-year warranty, this fidget spinner will be replaced or refunded with no questions asked if you find that it does not perform to your expected standard.

Supplied in an elegant metal carry case, this fidget spinner would make a nicely presented gift for anyone who appreciates luxury items. Users comment that it feels more like an upmarket gadget rather than a toy for children. Most users are impressed with the well-crafted construction of this spinner and the sleek finish. A minority of users did note that slight wobbling occurred during spinning, which can negatively impact the performance and enjoyment of the product.



Maxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget SpinnerMaxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner

Built from solid alloy metal, this three-pronged fidget spinner is both durable and ergonomic. It has been designed to fit seamlessly in your hand for complete comfort and control. With ceramic bearings, this spinner promises long spin times of around five minutes. Metal prongs in each arm help to level the spinner and create even balance for smooth spinning. It is a little over two ounces, making it mid-range in weight compared with other fidget spinners.

Users of this fidget spinner like the futuristic look of it, which is almost evocative of robotics. Users note that the bearings are well protected, preventing dust from getting in and negatively impacting spin time and performance. The matte black finish is popular, and the relatively low price makes it easily accessible for teens as well as adults.



Original Dragon SpinnerOriginal Dragon Spinner

This four-pronged spinner features a futuristic design and wouldn’t look out of place in a Marvel movie as a gadget or weapon. With replaceable R118 bearings, this spinner promises smooth and evenly-weighted spinning. At three inches in diameter, this spinner will fit perfectly in your pocket or the palm of your hand.

Users of this product either love it or hate it. Some users claim that it is of a superior quality than any other spinners while others have been disappointed with its spinning time and wobbling at high spin. The stainless steel constructed body gives the spinner a solid weight that users appreciate as well as giving off a metallic humming sound while in use.



Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal SeriesTrianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series

This fidget spinner is extremely hard-wearing, claiming to be shatterproof and shockproof and will easily withstand even the most vigorous use and accidental drops. It is constructed of a metal alloy material, which is both durable and attractive. Benefitting from a one-year warranty, the manufacturers of this fidget spinner are confident that it is built to last.

The 688 ceramic ball bearings are pre-lubricated to aid in producing a faster and smoother spin. The open ball bearing design produces less friction and therefore helps to increase spin speed while the upper and lower bearing caps prevent the ball bearings from becoming loose or falling out. The lubrication also helps to protect the chrome ball against corrosion and high temperatures.

This spinner makes a great gift for both adults and teenagers, being presented in a visually appealing metal container.

This fidget spinner receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, who claim it is sleek, stylish, and performs flawlessly. Users recommend it for anyone who wants the highest quality spinner as well as anyone serious about fisher spinning. Its superior build makes it an excellent choice for performing tricks and also for increased focus and concentration.



Infinity i5 ProInfinity i5 Pro

Built from solid brass with superior R188 bearings, this fidget spinner has a luxury feel to it. The clean lined design and golden finish is aesthetically pleasing, looking more sophisticated than your average fidget spinner. Perfectly balanced, it offers smooth spins of over five minutes.



Vorso Polished Copper Flat Top V1Vorso Polished Copper Flat Top V1

At 9mm thick with a mirror polished body, the high-end finish makes this an object of beauty as well as a functional spinner. The hybrid ceramic 608 bearing provides smooth spins. Maintenance or repair won’t be an issue due to the included screwdriver and extra screws, along with the one-year guarantee.



TEC Accessories OrbiterTEC Accessories Orbiter

This unusually designed device offers all the benefits of a fidget spinner without looking like one, which may be a draw if you don’t want to be seen with a traditional fidget spinner. Made from grade 5 titanium and weighing less than 2 ounces, this patent pending design is lightweight and durable.



NUBARKO Fidget Spinner ToyNUBARKO Fidget Spinner Toy

With two to three minutes of smooth and quiet spinning time per flick, this premium titanium fidget spinner is durable and non-corrosive, ensuring it will be long-lasting. It is compact and lightweight at just 42 grams and is the ideal size for both adults and children.

The three-point design features grooves that will give a rippling wave effect when it is spinning. The hybrid bearing is formed of ceramic and stainless steel and is replaceable so that your fidget spinner can be repaired even if the bearings run out.

The smooth surface of the fidget spinner has been hand-polished for a flawless finish. Users love how high-end it feels and are happy with the value for money. This fidget spinner is very impressive and will be great for beginners as well as more experienced users. Reviewers of this toy have rated it very highly, with some commenting that it is the best fidget spinner they have ever used.



Mydeal EDC Toys Fidget SpinnerMydeal EDC Toys Fidget Spinner

This unusual five-pronged fidget spinner promises one of the longest possible spinning times – four to six minutes! The zinc alloy molding creates a smooth feeling against your skin, making for pleasurable and therapeutic usage.

This product weighs 3.68 ounces, making it heavier than most other fidget spinners, but the weight does give it the feeling of being durable and of high-quality. It also comes packaged in a drawstring pouch and gift box, making it an ideal gift or stocking filler for fidget spinning enthusiasts.

Reviewers of this fidget spinner report that it is ultra-smooth with a beautiful finish that is a joy to simply look at. The only complaint among users was that it has a slight wobble, though, in spite of this, it was still the favorite fidget spinner of many.



WeFidget Original Mini The Bar Premium Hand Fidget SpinnerWeFidget Original Mini The Bar Premium Hand Fidget Spinner

The understated design of this fidget spinner has an industrial and contemporary feel. It brings to mind urban sophistication and would be ideal for anyone who is stylish without being ostentatious.

This mini spinner is much smaller than average fidget spinners, being about the size of two quarters placed next to each other. The two-pronged design is both unusual and yet simple and will appeal to those who are fond of sleek yet utilitarian designs.

The premium R188 bearings are interchangeable and can easily be removed by first removing the central finger button and unscrewing the cap covering the bearings. This will be useful for maintenance or replacement if the bearings become damaged, dirty, or simply worn out over time.

With a matte finish, this unpretentious fidget spinner is ideal for discreet fidgeting. It is exceptionally quiet and smooth with a long spin time.

One of the most impressive features of this spinner is the one-year guarantee. WeFidget will replace or refund their spinner at any time within the first twelve months of purchase if it does not meet your expectations for any reason. The confidence they have in their product is one of the many reasons users initially purchase this fidget spinner, and once they try it, they don’t look back.

Users of this spinner comment that it is versatile, built to last, and can spin for over six minutes. With a body built of brass, it has a satisfying weight to it considering its small stature. It also comes in an attractive metal tin, reminiscent of old cigarette or mint tins.



URSKYTOUS Fidget SpinnerURSKYTOUS Fidget Spinner

This black and gold spinner is designed in the shape of a wheel. The gold outer edge is constructed of brass while the black inner wheel is ceramic. It is lightweight at just 1.28 ounces, and users claim it spins for over five minutes.

This fidget spinner is particularly popular with children due to its unique design, low weight, and long spinning time. It is inexpensive compared to other spinners with a similar spin time, which makes it ideal for children to buy with their own allowance. It’s also a good gift for children due to its impressive spin time and low cost because it won’t be a big loss if it gets misplaced or broken.

Users who are looking for a high-quality or sleek design might be disappointed with this spinner. It is most recommended for children or for people who are new to fidget spinning and don’t want to spend a large amount of money but would like high functionality.



Fidgeteer Fidget SpinnerFidgeteer Fidget Spinner

In a striking red color, this classic three-pronged fidget spinner is lightweight at just 1.6 ounces. It is built from durable polyoxymethylene, which claims to be 200% stronger than ABS. Resistant to cracks, splitting, and warping, this plastic fidget spinner promises to be indestructible, showing no damage even when dropped from a 50-foot height.

The hybrid ceramic bearings of this spinner aid in the smooth spinning of up to two minutes. Supplied with a one-year warranty and a handy carrying pouch, this spinner is a great all-rounder for both children and adults. Some users commented that they feel better in the knowledge that their children are playing with a non-toxic toy, free of BPA and other harmful chemicals. A small percentage of users found that this product did break after very little use, disputing the manufacturer’s claim that it is indestructible.



Handstorm Cool Fidget SpinnerHandstorm Cool Fidget Spinner

The ABS plastic frame of this spinner is finished in an icy white color. It looks funky and contemporary and will appeal to a trendy audience. With a central hybrid ceramic bearing and chrome side bearings, this three-pronged spinner offers perfect balance and fluidity of movement.

Supplied in a velvet pouch and stylish presentation box, this fidget spinner makes an ideal gift. Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, this spinner promises to be durable and long-lasting. Users note that the sound emitted by this product is louder than some other fidget spinners, but the spinning time is also longer.

This is likely due to the ceramic bearings, which give off slightly more noise than metal ones. Spinning time can be expected to last around three minutes, though this will vary with each user.

Users love the sophisticated feel of this spinner, commenting that it does not feel like a child’s toy.



Infinity i7 Pro Fidget SpinnerInfinity i7 Pro Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner comes in three classy colors: rose gold, yellow gold, and silver. The rose gold is constructed of copper, the yellow gold is constructed of brass, and the silver is built from stainless steel. All three colors are finished with a beautiful shine, giving them the look of jewelry or a designer accessory rather than a toy. When not in use, this fidget spinner would look great as an ornament on your desk or a display shelf in your home.

The three-pronged spinner benefits from a clean and simple design, making it look sleek while simultaneously timeless and modern. The almost basic design also means it a breeze to clean.

Engineered with R188 ceramic bearings, this toy promises a smooth and virtually silent spin. Users of this spinner note that it easily spins for upwards of five minutes at a time. The carefully balanced build adds to the smooth spinning and satisfying weight of the product.

The soothing spin aims to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension as it calms both your mind and body. It may be particularly beneficial to both adults and children who have ADHD or Autism.

The unfussy and classic look of this spinner will make it appeal to a sophisticated user or anyone who appreciates visual elegance.

Users of this spinner comment that it’s a good weight, being solid and durable without being too heavy. Users love the high-polished finish of this fidget spinner, noting that it is eye-catching and enjoyable to watch as well as spin.

Most users of this product noted that it experiences virtually no wobble and has impressive spin times of around five minutes. Some users, however, commented that they loved the look of the spinner more than they liked the actual functionality of it. While most users agreed that it is hands down the best looking fidget spinner on the market, some were disappointed that it didn’t spin for as long as they expected.



MAGTIMES Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget SpinnerMAGTIMES Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

Constructed from stainless steel in an oil slick rainbow effect finish, this fidget spinner is targeted at children and anyone who enjoys bright colors. Weighing in at 3.08 ounces, this spinner is fairly heavy and durable. It promises spin times of between three to five minutes, keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

Designed in the USA and made in China, this low-cost fidget spinner is ideal for younger fidget spinning fans or those new to the hobby. The colorful design will appeal to those who enjoy standing out from the crowd, while the spinning time is impressive considering the low price.

Users love that it is very rugged and resistant to scratching as well as being perfectly machined for a smooth and almost silent spinning experience.



ATESSON Fidget SpinnerATESSON Fidget Spinner

This three-pronged metal spinner has the typical shape that you might associate with fidget spinners, but it has been visually and practically upgraded with high-quality materials. With stainless steel bearings in a standard 608 size, this toy claims to provide spins of between four and ten minutes. The bearings can be removed for cleaning or replacement by unscrewing the central component and the bearing cap.

At 3.86 ounces, this is one of the heavier spinners. The weight, however, might just be the key behind the impressive spin times of this spinner as its bearings are not of a particularly high caliber. Users have agreed that spin times for this fidget spinner are over double that of many others they have tried, with the average user achieving around eight minutes on a single spin.

Some users noted that while this spinner is heavy and durable, the surface does get easily scratched, and this can make the spinner look old and worn very quickly. In spite of this, most users still highly recommend this product due to its ability to spin for longer than any of its competitors effortlessly. While it may not look as pretty as some of its rivals, it easily outperforms them in spinning time.

If your biggest priority in a spinner is its lengthy spinning time, then this fidget spinner is the one for you.



Firefly Lighted LED Fidget SpinnerFirefly Lighted LED Fidget Spinner

This plastic fidget spinner lights up with the touch of a button and is powered by three lithium batteries, which are included with the purchase. While it looks metallic, it is built from plastic and, therefore, may not be the most durable or of the highest-quality, but the unique glowing lights that flash in three different patterns and various colors are proving extremely popular with children and adults alike.

This spinner is supplied with a stylish triangular zip pouch as well as an extra LED light for replacement purposes. The light-up colors are mesmerizing while spinning, making this a particularly useful sensory tool for children or people with ADHD or Autism. The spin time, however, is quite low, with some users reporting that it spins for less than a minute. This product still receives excellent reviews, though, thanks to the novelty of the light shows you can create.

Users of this spinner are big fans of the light-up element. Due to its low spin time and basic construction, this spinner is ideal for children or fidget spinner beginners.



FIGROL Fidget SpinnerFIGROL Fidget Spinner

This spinner features six light-up patterns with three LED colors. Built from transparent ABS, this fidget spinner has an X-ray effect to it, giving the user the ability to see through it completely. The lights are switched on and the patterns alternated by a single press of the buttons. Lights will automatically power off after periods of idleness to preserve battery life.

Powered by replaceable lithium batteries, this fidget spinner is aimed at a younger audience, though is likely to be distracting and addictive to people of varying ages.

Users note that the plastic casing of the fidget spinner does give it a low-quality feel, but it is very durable, making it ideal for children.