The 17 Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Can’t think of a Christmas gift for your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, or guy friend? We got you covered. In this guide, we list down the best stocking stuffers for men, from grooming products to useful gadgets. Most of these products can be had for $50 or less and are compact enough to be considered legit stocking stuffers or stocking fillers.

Gerber Shard Keychain ToolGerber Shard Keychain Tool

It’s always great to have a set of tools you can easily access. It’s even better if they come in a compact all-in-one package you can carry at all times. The Gerber Shard Keychain Tool is a small tool with multiple functions. It has a wire stripper, a bottle opener, a lanyard hole, a pry bar, a cross screwdriver, and a couple of flat screwdrivers. That’s an impressive list of tools for such a small item. Perfect for your dad or boyfriend, this keychain tool is made of stainless steel with a titanium coating.

Purchase / $7

Atomic Bear Tactical PenAtomic Bear Tactical Pen

You never know when you might need to break a window or use a self-defense weapon to escape a dire situation. With the Atomic Bear Tactical Pen, you can be prepared for both situations without going overboard. It’s a regular pen that doubles as a tool for self-defense and comes with a glass breaker tip. Compatible with Parker and Fisher Space ink refills, this affordable tactical pen has excellent balance, with a thumb rest for effective striking. It’s an ideal gift for men who serve in the military or work in law enforcement.

Purchase / $14

Radix One Slim WalletRadix One Slim Wallet

Some men prefer fancy wallets made of genuine leather. Others are more interested in a wallet that allows them to quickly store and take out essential cards and a few bills. If the latter sounds a lot like your gift recipient, then the Radix One Slim Wallet would make for a great stocking stuffer. It’s a minimalist wallet capable of holding up to 10 cards. It’s got a sleek and lightweight design, with multiple color options.

Purchase / $19

His Private Items Cufflinks and Tie Clip SetHis Private Items Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set

Sometimes a small accessory is the difference-maker when you’re wearing a suit, whether it’s for a career-altering job interview or a critical business meeting. Give your husband, dad, or brother the chance to add more style to his outfit with this cufflinks and tie clip set. It includes three tie clips and three pairs of cufflinks, all of which strike a perfect balance between weight and comfort and have the right amount of clasp. With three color options, this cufflinks and tie clip set works well with any dress shirt.


Corkcicle Whiskey WedgeCorkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Nobody likes a watered-down whiskey. But what if you like to take your time when enjoying a glass or two at the end of an especially stressful day? Corkcicle offers an artful solution in the form of the Whiskey Wedge, which sells for less than $20. The package contains a double Old Fashioned glass (DOF glass) and a silicone ice mold. The ice mold creates a wedge-shaped ice, which covers one side of the glass, chilling the whiskey in an effective manner. Obviously, it can also be used for other liquors, not just whiskey, despite what the product name says.

Purchase / $18

Wanderings Small Leather Pocket NotebookWanderings Small Leather Pocket Notebook

Although smartphones offer a quick way for you to record information while on the field, they don’t offer the charm and appeal of classic pocket notebooks. For men who like to keep logs in written form, this small pocket notebook from Wanderings is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s made of full-grain leather and comes with 90 double-sided, unlined pages. You can use it as a daily planner, a sketchbook, a diary, or a travel notebook, among other applications. It’s a classic notebook that ages well, featuring an elastic lock that can be used as a pen holder.

Purchase / $18


CarGuys Hybrid WaxCarGuys Hybrid Wax

For men who love to keep their ride as handsome as possible, there’s no better Christmas gift than the Hybrid Wax from CarGuys. It’s a top-class sealant that offers a long-lasting protection and a deep shine. It’s safe to use on any surface and provides optimum UV protection and a superb hydrophobic finish. It’s also incredibly easy to use, one of the biggest reasons for its popularity among car enthusiasts, with the manufacturer claiming that you can get the job done in just 15 minutes.

Purchase / $20

Tile MateTile Mate

Some people are more forgetful than others, easily forgetting about an item about 10 seconds after they turn their back on it. If your loved one always has a hard time keeping track of his keys or smartphone, get him the Tile Mate. It’s a small electronic that you can attach to just about any object you don’t want to lose. Simply use the smartphone app to make the Tile Mate ring. Assuming you’re within the Bluetooth range, you should be able to locate your lost item. It also works the other way around: You can use the Tile Mate to make your smartphone ring even if it’s on silent mode.

Purchase / $18

Alpine Swiss Sedona Toiletry BagAlpine Swiss Sedona Toiletry Bag

The Alpine Swiss Sedona Toiletry Bag offers a more organized way for men to carry their grooming essentials. It’s made of genuine leather, which adds to the overall charm, and has a water-resistant interior lining. Though compact in design, this toiletry bag can store a bunch of items. It features a couple of zippered compartments and a zippered front pocket. It’s a classy kit built for long-term use, making it one of the best stocking stuffers for men. In case your intended gift recipient prefers polyester items, go for the cheaper Alpine Swiss Hudson Toiletry Bag instead.

Purchase / $20


The Art of Shaving Shaving CreamThe Art of Shaving Shaving Cream

This shaving cream from The Art of Shaving is another ideal product for men who want a smooth and clean shave every time. Made by a company with over 20 years of experience in the business, this shaving cream contains ingredients that soften the beard and protect the skin against irritation, both of which translate to comfortable and hassle-free shaving. It produces a rich and foamy lather and doesn’t give off an irritating smell. While expensive compared to regular shaving creams, this product is well worth the purchase and is guaranteed to make your husband, father, or brother excited about his next shave.

Purchase / $25

Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face WashBrickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

An ideal product for men with dry or sensitive skin, the Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is an effective facial cleanser composed of natural and organic ingredients, including olive oil and aloe vera. It removes oil and bacteria in a thorough manner without causing skin irritation. Some facial cleansers do a good job of cleaning out pores but often cause the skin to dry out; this Brickell face wash only delivers the good stuff. If your boyfriend has been having difficulties trying to find that perfect facial cleanser, then this Brickell product might just be the one that ends his search.

Purchase / $25

Van der Hagen Shave SetVan der Hagen Shave Set

For the bearded men in your life, this shave set from Van der Hagen is a recommended stocking stuffer. It includes a brush, a shave soap, an apothecary mug, and a brush and razor stand. Sadly, a razor is not included in the box. The brush is made of pure badger hair while the apothecary mug is specifically designed for optimum foam build-up. Luxurious and hypoallergenic, the soap is made of emollient shea, mango, and cocoa butter. For the complete set, you can choose the shave set that includes a Van der Hagen razor, which is still under $50.

Purchase / $25

Anker PowerCore LiteAnker PowerCore Lite

Considering smartphone batteries can go from a full charge to 10 percent in just a few hours, a portable external battery is often a necessity in this day and age. And when it comes to portable power banks, Anker is one of the most trusted in the business. The successor to the popular slim PowerCore, the PowerCore Lite is a compact and lightweight portable charger that easily fits in a jeans pocket. It can hold enough juice to bring a depleted iPhone X back to full charge twice. It offers a couple of connection options – USB-C and Micro USB – and has an anti-slip exterior.

Purchase / $34

Herschel Supply Co. Hank WalletHerschel Supply Co. Hank Wallet

An ideal gift for young men, the Herschel Supply Co. Hank Wallet is a high-quality wallet that offers multiple card slots, including a windowed slot for an ID. In addition to the currency sleeve, it has a coin pocket secured by a metal snap. It has a polyester exterior, one reason it may not be a suitable gift for your dad, who probably prefers a wallet completely made of genuine leather. Herschel Supply Co. offers the Hank Wallet in different colors, including black, navy, and wine.

Purchase / $35

Timex Expedition ScoutTimex Expedition Scout

The Timex Expedition Scout is one of the best field watches on the market. It’s an affordable field watch that you can get in different colors, allowing you to choose a design that carries your gift recipient’s preferred colors. This quartz field watch can tell time in both 12-hour and 24-hour and has a date window at the 3 o’clock. It has luminescent hands for nighttime timekeeping. The dial window is made of mineral glass while the buckled strap is made of genuine leather.

Purchase / $30

Marshall Mode EQMarshall Mode EQ

While over-ear headphones offer a significantly better sound quality than earphones, they are not suitable for on-the-go use. For gaming and listening to music on-the-go, earphones are more ideal, mainly because they are a lot easier to carry. But don’t just go for cheap $10 earphones when shopping for a loved one; get a pair that sounds great and can last for a long time. The Marshall Mode EQ fits that description perfectly. It’s a superb pair of in-ear headphones that rocks a stylish black-and-gold design, featuring an in-line control for answering calls and music playback. It uses a standard 3.5-millimeter plug.

Purchase / $99

Wacaco Minipresso GRWacaco Minipresso GR

Instant coffee offers convenience. But when it comes to flavor, it falls way short. With the Wacaco Minipresso GR, you get the best of both worlds. It’s a compact and portable coffee maker that allows you to use your own ground beans. A hand-operated tool, this portable coffee maker uses a semi-automatic piston to deliver your caffeine boost anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect gift for coffee lovers who love to go on outdoor excursions such as camping, mountaineering, and trekking.

Purchase / $50