The 20 Best Bluetooth Earbuds

How would you feel if you realized that it is possible to listen to your favorite playlist while moving around without using any of those annoying cables? Well, that is all possible, thanks to Bluetooth earbuds.

Bluetooth devices have become very popular with more and more people beginning to use them. The main reason for this is that the fewer the cables, the better for everyone. If you have a Bluetooth device and are looking to buy wireless earbuds, this list is definitely for you. There is something for everyone here, from expensive to extremely affordable Bluetooth earbuds. The good thing is that they all offer quality, stability, noise cancellation, and extended battery life. Some are made for outdoor activities, others for indoor, and still others for wearing when you run or do other types of exercise.

When buying a certain product, make sure to consider a few things. Probably the most important is the battery life. Earphones that use Bluetooth are very convenient, but only if they are charged. If you ever run out of batteries, you’ll either have to break out your old wired earbuds or go without your music for a while. The second thing is how much noise can the product block out? Active noise cancellation technology was very expensive in the past. It was also something that many  of the best wireless earphones didn’t have. But that’s changed now, so don’t go without the level of noise cancellation you need to enjoy your listening experience as much as possible.

Take a look at this list and decide which of these top brands of bluetooth earbuds will best meet your needs.

Dr. Dre’s BeatsX Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesDr. Dre’s BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

This new and bold product has quickly become the ideal headphone. Instead of using the heavy-base exercising earbuds or the expensive types, the Beats company has created a new musically-inclined device that everyone can enjoy.

If you like using your earbuds when working out, you will be excited to know that the BeatsX are water-resistant, though they’re not totally waterproof. That means that you can take them with you to the gym or for a run without fearing that they will be damaged.

They’re also more secure than other earbuds you might have tried. Whether you hang them on your chest or on your ears, the buds clutch together because of the built-in magnets. That way, the wires don’t get tangled, and instead remain neat. So far, no other earbud has this novel feature.

The earbuds are connected by a cable, something that might not sound ideal to some people, considering that cables tend to weigh the earbuds down. However, this feature comes with its advantages too. First, they are harder to misplace or lose. Secondly, the wire between the buds offers a home to the battery and in-line controls. That way, the headphones will last longer between charges. It is without a doubt that this is among the best creations by Beats by Dre yet.


Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports HeadphonesJaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

The Jaybird X3s are most suitable for athletes, but casual listeners can also enjoy them. Their status has grown thanks to their striking sound quality, affordable price, and rugged construction. They come with various fitting option, with three different sizes of comfortable foam tips, a shirt clip, silicone tips, and 2 shortening clips.

As a user, you get to enjoy their compact build, light weight, and sweat-proof design. There are various ways of securing them, so they come in handy during vigorous exercises. Their fin-style fastening method is great for the active user, considering that headphones are often painful and incompatible with your eye glasses or sunglasses. They also work quite well at keeping the earbuds in place as you move around.

The downside to the Jaybird X3s is that they suffer frequent connection loss, usually when your phone is in your left pocket (sometimes can happen when in right pocket too). You can prevent this by using an armband to keep your phone closer to your ears. Besides this disadvantage, the sound quality is impressive, especially considering that it is wireless and inexpensive.


Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth HeadsetApple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Fully wireless earbuds solve the modern wiring problem, and these Apple AirPods are the truly wireless headphones that you have been waiting for. These fully wireless Bluetooth earbuds give more of what the future of wireless earbuds promise. They have seamless connectivity, impressive battery life, and great audio quality that every user will be happy to enjoy.

While compared to other earbuds, Apple offers a unique style and has great aesthetics. If you have used the wired Earpods, you probably have an idea of how the AirPods look because they are alike, only that the latter don’t have cables. The advantage is that they are comfortable through long listening periods while the downside is that they don’t feel secure.

Another benefit of the AirPods is that they sound great. Although there isn’t much crispiness across a track as compared to similarly priced earbuds, they offer a great listening experience. The AirPods automatically pair every time you place them on your ears and disconnect the moment you remove them. Unlike most of the earbuds on the market today, the AirPods don’t have controls on them. Instead, you will be compelled to use Siri, which is activated by double tapping on the buds. You’ll also need an iPhone 10 or later to use them.


NuForce BE6I-BLACK Optoma BE6i Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesNuForce BE6I-BLACK Optoma BE6i Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Now that more and more phones are ditching their headphone jacks, Bluetooth earbuds are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. One of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market is the Optoma Nuforce BE6I that features an aluminum build and great sound for the price. It has a battery life of 8 hours, which is very fitting for many earbud users. The aluminum material that is used to make the earbuds makes them bulletproof, but also adds to their weight. The company has included seven different sizes of ear tips that you can try out to get the best fit. The comfortable comply foam tips seem to be the most popular among users, but you will have to replace them once they gunk up.

Once you find the proper fit, you will enjoy the balanced sound. Bass lovers might be forced to look elsewhere, though, because the bass sound here is not as good as other models. Although there are some downsides to the BE6I, they aren’t deal breakers. The micro USB is quite difficult to open without hurting your nails. You might also not like the fact that the earbuds are relatively heavier than than other models. All the same, it’s the price of the durable aluminum build.

If you want earphones that will get you through a strenuous workout, this is the best. It offers an amazing sound quality, great battery life, and durable construction quality at an incredible cost.


Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless HeadphonesBose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones

When you imagine a noise-cancelling headphone, you probably think about bulky earbuds, such as the Bose QuietComfort 35s. However, Bose turned the noise-cancelling chops into some excellent earbuds, the Bose QuietControl.

For the first time ever, Bose now offers you the ability to manage the amount of noise-cancellation you need. The earbuds might not be exactly the best looking in the market, but the batteries have an amazing lifespan. The company guarantees users of 10 hours of uninterrupted listening per charge.

The earbuds also feature an excellent securing property – Bose’s StayHear +tips, which holds them in your ears nicely. It includes three sizes. Unlike its competitors, the company chose to label them small, medium, and large.

There is a button located on the neckband and an in-line remote that is located between the cable and the right earbud. You might find the in-line control a bit complicated than your typical control because of the extra buttons that are used to control the amount of noise cancellation. There are a total of five buttons. You might find it difficult to know which button does what without seeing the remote, but their distinctive shapes will help you find your way around.


Optoma NuForce BESPORT3-GUNMETAL BE Sport3 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones for SportsOptoma NuForce BESPORT3-GUNMETAL BE Sport3

If you were disappointed to find out that your new phone doesn’t feature a headphone jack, you will be happy to have the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3. In the past, wireless earbuds were not a favorite because of the short battery life, poor sound quality, and interference. Today, many companies, such as Optoma have developed wireless earbuds that offer all the quality of a typical cabled headphone, but without the downside of wires.

They are without a doubt among the best wireless headphones on the market and are ideal for anybody who wishes to own a pair of wireless earbuds. Both NuForce BE Sport3 and NuForce BE6i look physically different but are made using rubber and aluminum. They are also magnetic so they will hook up the moment they drop down your chest. The major difference between the two designs is the earbud nozzle, which is the part that goes into your ears.

They are IP55 rated, meaning that they are sweat, dust and rain-resistant. You should avoid swimming with them, though, as they are not completely water-resistant. All the same, you can abuse them as much as you like in the gym. And don’t shy away from using them while lifting weights because of their pink and yellow screaming colors. These earbuds are designed for hardy conditions.


Motorola Moto Surround Wireless EarbudsMotorola Moto Surround Wireless Earbuds

These are among the most inexpensive earbuds that are suitable for both leisure and workouts. Getting in shape is often expensive. Workout clothes and a gym membership are some of the expenditures that you will have to pay for getting fit. With all these expenses, you surely shouldn’t add more pressure to your wallet. That is why you might want to consider the Moto Surround earbuds.

Their construction can be likened to that of most of the Bluetooth earbuds on the market that are meant for athletes. However, these have other features that make them stand out. The major design is the plastic band that covers the back of the neck and rests on the chest. Its edge is made of glossy plastic, rubber, and matte finishes, which give it a spiffy look.

Motorola put the controls around the band to enable easy no-look access, but you might have to do some more studying to learn the control layout. There are more physical features on the right side. There is also a volume rocket at the top that also works as a song selector. On the other side, there is a micro USB port and a power button


Sony WF1000X/BM1 Premium Noise Cancelling True Wireless HeadphonesSony WF1000X/BM1 True Wireless Headphones

The tech industry is not a fan of wires. With such a high demand for wireless Bluetooth devices, manufacturers have turned to creating wireless earbuds, and Sony hasn’t been left behind. Noise cancellation is a difficult trick that Sony has managed to crack. But, although the aesthetics are largely up to personal taste, the Sony WF-1000X is not attractive.

The earbuds are not entirely free of wires, but they are far from the typical headphones. Their controls work well, but they could do better with some additional functionality. On the left bud, there is a single button that manages to turn the headphones on and off, as well as pairing them. After the earbuds pair automatically, you won’t have to use this button much. There is another button on the right earbud that is used for skipping tracks, answering calls, and playing and pausing songs. The features are amazing, but it would have been better had there been a volume button.

They hold three hours of charge and have a charging case that offers two extra charges. The company claims that the earbuds can gain 75 minutes of playback from only 15 minutes of charging. Sony also did a great job at cancelling out most of the background noise. High frequency sounds might leak through sometimes, but it still beats most of the earbuds out there.


Jabra Elite SportJabra Elite Sport

The idea of wireless earbuds is simply out of this world because they are extremely cool. The Jabra Elite, though, is quite huge, although the idea behind them is pretty cool. They stay in your ear canals and offer great music on top of taking accurate heart rate readings. That way, they are truly a great addition to your sporting attire. To set it up, you should first download the Jabra sports app. Next, pair the earbuds with the app. it will then attempt to determine the accuracy by asking you to stand still and then jump for 15 seconds. The earbuds work pretty well during workouts, so you are guaranteed of quality.


Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesJaybird Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Although Jaybird is quite a young audio company, that did not prevent them from creating this great wireless masterpiece. The outstanding features of this device are the above average battery life, value, and design.

One of the things that will definitely strike you when you open the box is their small size, especially considering that most earbuds are bulky since they have to put the batteries somewhere. That is how Freedom got to beat the competition; they put the battery in the heavy remote control. That allows the aluminum earbuds to be very small, thus ensuring comfort.

The small size comes along with a disadvantage though – shorter battery life. Although the company advertises ten hours, reviews say that it lasts for four. It features a battery pack that extends the playback time for an additional four hours, but you have to carry the battery pack around, which makes the package heavier.

You might also not like the fit. Some reviews claim that it kept falling out of their ears. All the same, you will be glad to know that they are strong enough to be bulletproof. You won’t have to worry about them being crushed in the bag. The cable is also strong enough to stand strenuous exercises. The buttons on the remote are the perfect size. There isn’t a micro USB on the remote; you will find it on the external battery pack.


Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless EarbudsJabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are true wireless earbuds. They offer all the features that standard Bluetooth earbuds offer, but they are cable-free, which is a great plus. They sound great, they are awesome for phone calls, they are pretty effortless to use, and maybe the most important – they are very comfortable.

This set uses Bluetooth 5.0, which improves both data speed and connection strength, so you are not going to encounter music stuttering or dropped calls, which is often a problem with the rest of manufacturers. Users report that they could be three rooms away from their phones and they still wouldn’t experience music skipping or call drops. One user reported that he left the phone downstairs and went to pick something up upstairs, and his phone call was still on. However, large metal beams, pipes, and other factors might affect your experience. But overall, you will be very pleased with the connection stability.

Unlike some of the other wireless earbuds, these ones feel very secure. They are fairly small and lightweight, and won’t stick out, dangle, or fall out if you move quickly.

This model uses a two-microphone array on each earbud, making it four in total. The second microphone helps the software to remove external noises and wind. This specific design will help you to sound very clear during video conferences and calls in general. It will also reduce the noise coming from the wind for your voice signal, which can be very helpful if you are outside much of the time. Users report that calls are clear, but that a slight high-pitch whoosh appears sometimes if you are out on a windy day. However, they say that every word can be heard loud and clear. It is stated by users that microphones only picked up noise from a person talking, no other street noises or trucks passing by.


Phiaton BT 100 NC Wireless and Active Noise Cancelling Neck Band Style Earphones with MicPhiaton BT 100 NC Wireless Earphones

You simply can’t go wrong with these wireless earbuds. This is one of the best earbuds tested featuring many great features and a user-friendly package. They are also very affordable. This model will provide you with great sound quality and a fairly comfortable fit combined with a decent amount of active noise canceling. If you ever run out of battery, this model will be able to work over Bluetooth if you are charging it. In fact, they can even work without any power if they’re in listen-only mode, but only if you plug in the headphone cable. Although they are designed to be splash and sweat-resistant, they do have a collar, and this can get in the way for gym users.

Users report that sound quality is very clean and detailed and that even orchestral music has decent separation which enables the user to hear each element clearly. The mids are good, and instruments that are resonant, such as acoustic guitars and pianos, have great depth added to their sound. However, details on the highs sometimes have harsh “s” sounds and snares have a little bit of extra rattle. Basses are very clear and you will be able to hear the difference between notes. However, if you prefer the bass tuning of SkullCandy or Beats headphones, you might be dissatisfied with the bass sound.

Comfort is a pretty important part when it comes to long-term usage. This model of collar design earbuds finds a great balance between functionality and light weight. Every part of the earbuds is there for a reason. For example, a vibration that informs you of an upcoming call. The rubberized and slim band runs behind your neck and it is pretty flexible and thin. This is great for people with thicker necks as they won’t feel chocked. The cable that’s located from the collar to the earbuds is made of a great material, so even if it ever touches your jaw, you won’t be annoyed. The controls are also easy to access and use. You won’t even have to look at them. They do feel a bit plastic and they won’t fit in a pocket if you fold them, but they have a lot of other great features, and considering the price, they are a great choice.


Skullcandy Method Bluetooth Wireless Sport EarbudsSkullcandy Method Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

This model from Skullcandy offers a lightweight and secure fit for comfortable all-day listening. Whether on a treadmill or under a helmet, the unique sports collar sits solidly on your neck. It also features an adjustable cable system to help you find the perfect fit.

A proprietary design and special sticky gel work together to keep the earbuds firmly in your ears. A sonically welded construction makes them sweat-resistant. As with most of their products, Skullcandy tuned this product with dynamic and rich sound to keep your heart beating. A built-in microphone and remote, with volume, track, and call control will keep you in command of music and calls. If you are on a run or driving, this makes it easy to answer to calls or change the music without having to pull out your device.

The battery is pretty decent, lasting up to 9 hours when used constantly. It is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries. As the product uses Bluetooth for connectivity, you are free to move up to 33ft away from your paired device and still be able to listen to music and make calls. The collar sits comfortably and securely around your neck without getting in the way. This will allow you to keep the bulk out of the buds for an extra secure fit. It is also low-profile and will fit easily even if you are wearing a helmet.


B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth EarphonesB&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

This product is very tiny but is also a pretty impressive audio tech piece. Users appreciate how this company designed the compact carrying case. A well-designed leather case will protect your earbuds while also charging them. On a single charge, you will be able to use them for approximately four hours if you use them constantly. However, the case offers two additional charges, so you get about twelve hours in total. It will take roughly about two hours for the case to fully recharge the buds, but you can always charge it for twenty minutes and get an hour of playback. The case holds the buds very tightly while it is charging, and drop tests show that the case won’t open when it hits the floor.

The earphones don’t have any details worth mentioning. They are very minimalistic with no physical buttons that you can see. They use touch-sense pads on each of two earbuds to allow you to control whatever you need to. It might take you some time to get used to it, and you will be required to remember how many times you have to tap it to trigger a specific action. However, this is easy to learn after only a few minutes. For example, tap and hold any earpiece to start the volume controller, or tap on the right earpiece to pause a song.


ONKYO Full Wireless EarphonesONKYO Full Wireless Earphones

This product was one of the earliest wireless earbuds on the market and is still among the best. The model arrived to prove that this kind of earphones can deliver as much sound as AirPods can, and they still continue to be at the top of the competition when you are considering the sound quality.

Wider, richer, stereo separation is why users find these very satisfying to use when they listen to music. The details and cohesiveness of mids are also much better than most of the other earbuds in this price range.

The earphones weigh only 7.5g which makes them easy to wear and it also provides great comfort. If you use them in a charging case, you will be able to get up to 15 hours of constant playback. However, on-board you get only about three hours. So be sure that you have a charging case with you if you are planning to be away from home for a long time. You can walk away from your device up to 10 meters and you will still be able to use these earbuds with no troubles.


V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesV-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless In-Ear Headphones

This product by V-MODA is a very stylish pair of earbuds with smart volume controls, aluminum-coated buds, and a very comfy fit.

They aren’t just pretty. They also have a battery that can last up to 10 hours! Another awesome feature is that they include a function that you can use to charge your battery for only 15 minutes. The dual microphone feature allows you to have better, clearer calls, and a motor in the neckband will vibrate to let you know if you are receiving a call. Also, they are sweat-proof, so going to the gym while wearing these will not be a problem.

With all of the mentioned above, what else can you ask for? Well, of course, the best sound quality. And that’s what this product provides. In fact, they are among the best-reviewed earbuds out there. You will experience great detail and clarity if you choose these. They also have a very balanced and solid bass, so bass lowers, you are also covered. The only downfall is their slender mids, but it is so minimal that you won’t find it annoying.

The performance of the Bluetooth is okay – very good for this price range. Here and there, blips will pop up, but it won’t be anything annoying. Considering the rest of the positives, these earbuds are a great overall choice.


Motorola Stream True Wireless Stereo EarbudsMotorola Stream True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

As another Motorola product on this list, these are also pretty affordable and are true wireless earbuds. The price is attractive for what they offer.

These earphones are truly wireless and the well-balanced sound won’t leave you feeling that Motorola traded everything just to get rid of the wires. The Bluetooth signal is surprisingly good for this price range, with almost no interference or blips to ruin your experience.

Other features that these offers that most of the other wireless earbuds in this price range don’t are controls on the earpiece itself and voice prompts that will notify you if your battery is going to run out soon. The product is IP54 rated, which means that they are water-resistant. To be more specific, they are sweat-proof, but you shouldn’t put them in water, or try to rinse them off under running water.

The downfall of this product is that it doesn’t have the best sound quality. Still, many users don’t find it to be a problem. The other disadvantage is low battery life. You only get two hours of constant playback between charges, and this fact will test the patience of many. However, the battery case will provide you with two full charges. After that, you will need to plug it into the micro USB cable.


Jam Live True Wireless EarbudsJam Live True Wireless Earbuds

This company has a past of delivering great audio gear. Now, they are coming with these truly wireless earbuds called Jam Ultra.

At their affordable price, they offer features that many more expensive models offer. This includes a smart nylon finish, an interesting design, and a carrying case that is able to charge the product up to 10 times. This is a lot more than the average of two or four.

However, as is the case with a lot of other earbuds, they are able to last only for about three hours on a single charge, so make sure that you always have the case with you. They are also seriously sweat-resistant.

Considering everything about this product, Jam Ultra is a pretty solid buy that won’t annoy you with frequent Bluetooth cancelations as some of the other budget earbuds will. However, you will occasionally notice that one earpiece starts being louder than the other one. To solve this problem, just re-sync the earbuds by using the buttons located on the back.

Overall, the sound quality is decent, but, not as good as some of the more expensive models. The balance in the tone is fine, but the dynamics are not perfect.


Jaybird RUN True Wireless HeadphonesJaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones

You might think that earphones that are truly wireless are meant specifically for sports. But most of these earbuds are meant to be worn at any time. The sports designation is mostly because the manufacturers have included extra features to keep the earpieces from falling out when you move.

This model by Jaybird has tiny silicone hooks that help it to stay in place in your ear canals. As they are meant to be used for sports, they are sweat-resistant also. Users report that it would be better if the earphones had foam tips to better reduce the noise in overcrowded gyms, but you can always get yourself another pair for those purposes.

The quality of sound is decent. The very powerful bass will help you with your exercise further. The sound booms, but if you use the app, you will be able to customize the sound however you like. The tone is similar to the Jaybird X3 model on our list since both pairs use 6mm, dynamic drivers.

When it comes to the battery, you will get roughly four hours on a single charge. The battery case will allow you to recharge it two more times before you need to plug it into the USB charger. Controls on the earbuds are minimalistic; there is one on each side. However, you can customize their function to fit your needs. Their wireless connection is very stable, but you will have to put up with the in/out phasing that happens occasionally between the earpieces.


JBL Reflect Fit In-Ear Wireless Headphones with Heart-Rate MonitorJBL Reflect Fit In-Ear Wireless Headphones with Heart-Rate Monitor

When you use the JBL Reflects, you’ll notice that the audio is sculpted and well-balanced. The bass will help you to be more motivated with your workout, and the extra oomph will not disappoint you. The fit is seriously secure and the monitor is also able to be synced with numerous fitness apps.

These earphones are available in blue, black, teal, and red, and they have a neckband that will rest around your lower neck. To use the earbuds, you will have to extend them with the cables to your ears. The exterior is made of a rubber material and the IPX5 rating means that this product can be put into water and withstand its low pressure. However, it is not recommended to put them directly into the water. You can be sure that they are sweat-proof and that rain won’t do any damage though.