The 15 Best Damascus EDC Knives

Most people buy an everyday carry (EDC) knife because it’s useful and easy to carry. Typically, the blade of this knife is made with stainless steel. But there’s another material used in making knives, which is Damascus steel.

Damascus steel is famous for its legendary strength and beauty. However, keep in mind that it is not a specific kind of steel. Rather, it is created by forging different steels together. The result is a single blade with layered and wavy patterns. Plus, it is tougher and more durable than stainless steel.

A Damascus EDC knife is beautiful, but it is not only meant to be displayed. You can also carry it every day because it is sharp and functional. Unfortunately, not all the products you come across are high-quality. So, to help you find the perfect knife, here is a list of what we’ve found to the best Damascus EDC knives to have.

Benchmade Foray Folding KnifeBenchmade Foray Folding Knife

Based in Oregon, Benchmade is an American company that manufactures knives using first-rate materials, world-class craftsmanship, and innovative design. As such, all Benchmade knives are sharp, stylish, and durable.

Designed and made in the USA, the Benchmade Foray Folding Knife is built for unparalleled performance, and it possesses an unmatched beauty. For its features, this product has a drop-point Damascus steel blade with Loki patterning, which is strong and built for any cutting task. It also has a handle made with marbled carbon fiber, an extremely durable material. Plus, you can use this folding knife safely and smoothly, thanks to its axis locking mechanism. Lastly, this knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service.


Spyderco Endura 4 Titanium Damascus Folding KnifeSpyderco Endura 4 Titanium Damascus Folding Knife

Spyderco is a company based in Golden, Colorado. It is widely known for producing high-quality knives that are made from premium materials. So, it is not surprising that most Spyderco products are popular and highly rated.

The Spyderco Endura 4 Titanium Damascus Folding Knife is a combination of state-of-the-art materials and old-world craftsmanship. It features a Damascus blade made with D.P.S. 15, a unique material produced in Japan. Aside from that, its blade has a VG-10 stainless steel core, which is sandwiched between two layers of Damascus steel, making it extremely strong and durable. For its other features, it has a back-lock mechanism that keeps the blade secure. Also, it has a titanium handle. Other notable features include a lanyard hole and a stainless steel clip. These features allow you to carry this EDC knife easily and securely.


Benchmade Bugout EDC Folding KnifeBenchmade Bugout EDC Folding Knife

As an American company that is popular for manufacturing high-quality knives, Benchmade ensures that its products are not only stylish but efficient and durable as well. So, it is not surprising that the Benchmade Bugout is one of the top-rated products on this list.

Aside from its elegant design, the Benchmade Bugout EDC Folding Knife is built for superior performance. It has a blade made with premium damasteel, which possesses incomparable strength and toughness. Aside from that, the blade also has a drop-point style, which is not only versatile but user-friendly as well.

In addition to those features, this knife is safe to use, thanks to its axis locking mechanism. Also, it has anodized titanium thumb studs, so you can easily open the knife with one hand. As for its carbon fiber handle, it has gray scratch-resistant liners and blue C-Tek inlay, making it look modish and elegant.

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Boker Plus Kwaiken Damascus KnifeBoker Plus Kwaiken Damascus Knife

As mentioned, Boker is an international company well-recognized for producing a variety of high-quality products, including knives, flashlights, and scissors. All Boker knives are not only well-designed. They are also made with premium materials.

Designed by Lucas Burnley, the Boker Plus Kwaiken Damascus Knife has a clean and slim design, making it one of the most iconic designs from the Boker Plus series. For its features, this pocket knife has a Swedish powdered-metal Damasteel blade, which is strong, durable, and beautiful. It also features a Linerlock that securely locks the blade. Moreover, the opener of this product is a flipper, which you can press down to open the knife safely and smoothly. As for its handle, it is made with titanium. Lastly, this EDC knife comes with a removable pocket clip.


Cold Steel Night Force KnifeCold Steel Night Force Knife

Founded in 1980 in Ventura, California, Cold Steel is dedicated to making the sharpest and strongest knives in the world. For the past three decades, this company has introduced advanced features, like the Tri-Ad Lock, that has never been equaled or outperformed by its competitors.

The Cold Steel Night Force Knife is the perfect balance between an elegant EDC pocket knife and a tactical EDC knife. It has a DSC damasteel blade, a stainless Damascus steel comprised of 120 layers of N690 and Nitro-B steel. Furthermore, its carbon fiber handle has a light curve and finger grooves, providing you with a comfortable grip. For its lock, this product has a Tri-Ad lock, one of the strongest locks on the market.


Boke Plus Gent 1 Pocket KnifeBoker Plus Gent 1 Pocket Knife

Boker is a company based in Germany, and it has been manufacturing knives for over 100 years. All Boker products are well-known for their leading-edge design, use of premium materials, and high levels of precision. Today, Boker is a global brand that produces high-quality knives, flashlights, scissors, and many more categories of tools.

The Boker Plus Damascus Gent 1 Pocket Knife is an elegant-looking product perfect for everyday carry. It has a drop point Damascus steel blade with 67 layers, which is strong and durable. Aside from that, it has a dark ebony wood handle, making it look elegant and stylish. This pocket knife also has a liner lock that keeps the blade in place and thumb studs that allow you to open and close the knife easily and smoothly. Additionally, it has a tip-down pocket clip and lanyard hole. Lastly, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You can use it as a self-defense knife.


Kershaw Damascus Onion Chive KnifeKershaw Damascus Onion Chive Knife

Kershaw Knives is based in Tualatin, Oregon, and it manufactures a broad range of knives, including pocket, sporting, and kitchen knives. Since its formation in 1974, it has grown into one of the most popular and respected brands among knife collectors and enthusiasts with a passion for quality and innovation.

The Kershaw Damascus Onion Chive may be small, but it is packed with advanced features. One, in particular, is the speed safe technology that allows left and right-handed users to use this knife smoothly and easily. When closed, this knife has a length of less than three inches, so you can place it in your pocket. Plus, it has a removable pocket clip.

Another great feature of this EDC knife is its Safety Tip Lock, which ensures that the blade stays inside the handle. Lastly, it has a Damascus layered steel blade, which is not only extremely sharp. The alternating silver and black layers of the blade makes this knife look elegant and beautiful.


Mcusta MC1 Damascus KnifeMcusta MC1 Damascus Knife

Based in Seki City, Japan, Mcusta is a company that produces hand-assembled and hand-finished knives. This brand combines excellent Japanese craftsmanship with advanced technology. As such, you are guaranteed that Mcusta products are not only attractive. They are also high-quality, functional, and unique.

The Mcusta MC1 Damascus knife is simple yet elegant. Its 3.25-inch blade is Damascus steel with a VG-10 stainless steel core. Additionally, the drop-point shaped blade is sharp and durable.

Another great feature of this folding knife is the black MI Carta handle with finger grooves, which provides aesthetic appeal and a comfortable grip. Moreover, you can deploy its blade easily and smoothly by flicking the thumb stud. Plus, it features a Liner lock mechanism that keeps the blade in place. Lastly, it has a pocket clip.

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Best.Buy.Damascus1 Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel KnifeBest.Buy.Damascus1 Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Knife

Based in the USA, Best.Buy.Damascus1 started as a small local shop. Throughout the years, this company has produced knives with high-quality craftsmanship. As such, it became a popular brand in the knife industry, especially when it comes to Damascus knives.

The Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Knife is masterfully crafted to have the perfect balance between toughness and strength. It has a Damascus steel blade that is hand-forged and heat-treated, ensuring top functionality and longevity. Plus, the handle of this unique piece of art is made with real buffalo horns. Moreover, it has a lightweight and compact shape, so you can easily place it in your pocket. Finally, this EDC knife under $100 comes with a leather sheath.


kershaw-damascus-knifeKershaw Damascus Leek Pocket Knife

Kershaw is an American company with an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality knives. As such, it is a popular brand among knife enthusiasts and collectors.

Designed by Ken Onion, a well-known knifemaker, the Kershaw Damascus Leek is one of the sleekest assisted opening knives on the market. Plus, it has a slim design, making it perfect for everyday carry. For its other features, this EDC knife has a SpeedSafe deployment system that allows you to deploy the blade with one hand, either right or left. Aside from that, it has a razor-sharp Damascus steel blade, and a black Tungsten DLC coated handle. Other notable features include a tip safety lock, a lanyard hole, and a reversible stainless pocket clip.

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Boker Magnum Damascus Duke Folding KnifeBoker Magnum Damascus Duke Folding Knife

Boker is an international company known for crafting a variety of first-rate products, including knives. All Boker knives are made with premium materials and built to last for a long time.

The Boker Magnum Damascus Duke Folding Knife may have an elegant appearance, but this doesn’t mean that it is less efficient. In fact, it is one of the best Damascus EDC knives on the market. The reason is because of its great features. One, in particular, is the sturdy back lock mechanism that will ensure that your fingers won’t be nicked by the blade. Remember, its 37-layer Damascus steel blade is not only attractive but extremely sharp as well. This knife also has a burl wood scale handle with decorative etch, which provides a comfortable grip.

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Tactical Gearz Saint XT Folding KnifeTG Saint XT Folding Knife

Based in the USA, TacticalGearz (TG) is a family-owned company that manufactures knives. TG products are now gaining popularity not only because of their affordable price because of their quality as well.

With a weight of 4.4 ounces, the TG Saint XT Folding Knife is an excellent everyday carry knife. It features a razor-sharp blade made with Damascus steel. Plus, the blade has a Tanto tip, so it is capable of cutting a lot of items, including hard materials. Aside from that, this product has a Tc4 Titanium handle with textured scales that provides a comfortable grip. Another great feature of this knife is its ball-bearing pivot system that allows you to open the knife smooth. Other notable features include a titanium belt clip and a frame lock.

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Kershaw Damascus Skyline KnifeKershaw Damascus Skyline Knife

Kershaw products, including kitchen, sporting, and pocket knives, are among the most popular knives on the market. One reason is due to their top-notch quality. But, that’s not all. Kershaw is also a respected brand among knife collectors and enthusiasts.

With a weight of 2.3 ounces, The Kershaw Damascus Skyline Knife is a great knife you can carry every day. Its 3.125-inch blade is made of Alabama Damascus steel. Aside from that, you can deploy the blade easily by clicking on the flipper. Furthermore, this knife also features a Liner lock that secures the blade in place. Also, it has a textured G-10 handle that offers a secure and comfortable grip. Finally, it has a reversible pocket clip (tip-down or up).

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Mcusta Tsuchi Small Folding KnifeMcusta Tsuchi Small Folding Knife

Mcusta is a Japanese company that manufactures knives, and this brand is now gaining popularity all over the world. One reason is that they combine Japanese elements and craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create knives that are beautiful and functional.

With a closed length of 3.5 inches, the Mcusta Tsuchi Small Folding Knife can easily fit in your pocket. This knife is also built for performance and durability. For its features, it has a Damascus steel blade with a VG-10 stainless steel core. Aside from that, it has a silver aluminum handle, making it look sleek and beautiful. Additionally, it has dual thumb studs that allow you to open it smoothly and easily. Also, it has a frame lock, which keeps the blade in place. Lastly, this Japanese EDC knife also comes with a stainless steel pocket clip.


DKC Knives Fallen Leaf Pocket KnifeDKC Knives Fallen Leaf Pocket Knife

Based in the USA, DKC Knives is a small company that produces knives. It is dedicated to selling high-quality hand-made knives with unique and innovative designs suitable for those looking to build a collection of knives.

The DKC Knives Fallen Leaf Pocket Knife has a 3.5-inch Damascus steel blade with over 252 layers of 1095 and 15N20 steel. So, its blade is not only sharp but attractive as well. Also, the blade has a clip point shape; hence, this knife is suitable for slicing and piercing.

It is also worth noting that this product is hand-made by artisans. As such, the knife measurements may vary from knife to knife. Nonetheless, these slight variations make the knives unique. Aside from that, this pocket knife has a weight of 9 ounces, which is heavier compared to the other products on this list.