The 15 Best Compound Bows

The right model of compound bow almost feels like an extension of your body. This is why choosing a compound bow that benefits your hunting style is a crucial choice. It defines how successful you are in your hunting during those decisive moments.

With a perfect choice for a compound bow, you are guaranteed a smooth bow operation with optimum efficiency. Multiple complications can result from choosing the wrong hunting bow. More than just going with a popular brand, you want to pick up the bow that will suit your style. To help narrow your search, we’re presenting our list of the top 15 compound bows you can buy.

Hoyt Carbon DefiantHoyt Carbon Defiant

Advance your hunting experience with this Hoyt Carbon Defiant compound bow. With a reputation that precedes it, this high-performance bow is made of hand-laid, thermoset carbon, which maintains its temperature in adverse weather conditions, giving you that warm touch in low-temperature weather. The bow has been designed with vibration reduction properties to ensure optimal comfort when using it, and its accuracy is top notch, so you will increase your chances of successful hunting. This bow has a brace height of seven inches yet is very accurate, and it can push arrows beyond 331 FPS, so you can achieve accuracy at high speeds.

It gives the shooter a consistent and perfect back wall with its dual cable stops. A perfect choice for serious hunters, the bow eliminates torque with its cable guard system, boasting an added zero torque. This bow is comfortable to shoot with due to its small weight of 3.6 pounds.

Engineered for accuracy and smoothness, the bow needs to be used with the correct string and cams for your size to bring out top performance. With an option to purchase the bow in two-inch increments, and the bow coming in 24 to 30 inches of draw length, you will experience the flexibility you need for your stature. The 30-40 pounds of draw weight is great for hunting. If you are looking for the best of the best, the Hoyt Carbon Defiant compound bow will be a big hit.


Hoyt Carbon RX-3Hoyt Carbon RX-3

Expand your hunting experience with this high-end Hoyt REDWRX compound bow. Bringing the new carbon rise technology to use, the bow delivers a rigid and lightweight shooting experience that feels comfortable with the reduced vibration. A perfect choice for your adjustability, it comes with a grip system that allows you to maneuver easily, so you can increase your center shot alignment and turning capability to achieve greater accuracy. The bow dampens down vibrations further with its shock pads, which allows for a smooth, quiet, and powerful shooting experience.

This bow delivers one of the fastest shooting speeds of up to 350 FPS. The series comes with a range of draw lengths from 25 to 32 inches, from which you can choose a perfect fit for your stature. Depending on the model you choose, it can deliver from 30 to 80 pounds of draw weight.


Bowtech Reign 7Bowtech Reign 7

Upgrade your hunting gear with this pro-grade Bowtech Reign 7 compound bow. Not for the fainthearted, this powerful but smooth shooting bow can send arrows up to 340 FPS, so you can have a consistently accurate shot. Also known as a SmartBow, it is designed to give you complete control from the moment you hold it with its OverDrive cams that you can fine-tune according to your desired specifications. This bow comes with the PowerShot technology that delivers distinct options of draw circle.

With draw length variations between 25 to 31 inches and draw weight ranging from 50 to 70 pounds, this compound bow gives you options from which to choose a perfect fit. The light weight gives you a controlled and smooth draw to hit the target easily. It does not come cheap, but this Bowtech Reign 7 will deliver value for your money.

The Center Pivot Riser delivers a quiet and vibration free draw, so you can enjoy the most forgiving and balanced draw. This technology-driven bow also comes with an outrigger offset stabilization to guarantee optimum balance for the most accurate shot. With the FLX-Guard, this Bowtech Reign 7 compound bow terminates riser torque to increase accuracy.


Mathews VertixMathews Vertix

When looking for top-of-the-line innovative technology in hunting gear, the Mathews Vertix compound bow is the go-to bow. The unique bow is different from your typical bows with its Switchweight modules, which allow you 5-pound increments of draw height from 50 to 75 pounds, so you can quickly adjust the peak weight according to your stature. The advantage that accompanies this bow is the technology, which allows for an incremental change of the draw weight without ever having to change your hold.

The bow is easy to handle with its physical weight of 4.67 pounds, yet it still delivers a fast shooting speed of up to 343 FPS. With a firm back wall, the bow is rigid and holds firmly. Two draw-stop arms engage the cable as soon as the Crosscentric cams break over.

With a 30-inch axle-to-axle length and a six-inch height, the bow is a perfect size for advanced hunting expeditions. The Engage Grip delivers reduced torque and consistent hand placement, so you can enjoy a quiet and smooth shot regardless of the size of your hands, as the thin, flat-backed handle melts into the palm area. It has an additional feature in the integrated dovetail rest, which provides for less opportunity for movement, giving the bow a high level of stability, so you can increase your accuracy using this magnificent Mathews Vertix compound bow.


SAS RageSAS Rage

Get value for your money with this affordable SAS Rage compound bow. The pocket-friendly bow comes in black and camouflage, and you can enjoy bow hunting without breaking your bank. With an adjustable draw length that ranges from 26 to 30 inches, together with a draw weight ranging from 55 to 70 pounds, the bow gives you the flexibility that suits your needs. Its physical weight of 4.4 pounds means that it is comfortable to hold and manipulate. However, the weight can be tiring when hunting or sighting with it.

The bow requires only small maintenance including basic operations like retightening loose bolts. You can increase the effectiveness of this bow by buying a dampening kit for vibration reduction. Despite its affordable price, this bow can still reach speeds of up to 270 FPS.

With a sleek arrow rest, and stabilizer, the bow delivers a high level of stability, and its peep sight ensures that you hit those high accuracy levels and the compressed ABS limbs deliver a perfect balance of weight and strength while giving you quality and durable service. It is hard to find better value for money than this SAS Rage compound bow if you are a budget shopper.


Bear DivergentBear Divergent

Push you hunting performance with this high-performance Bear Divergent compound bow. A perfect choice for budget shoppers, the bow is short but with high maneuverability given its 28-inch axle-to-axle length. With a physical weight of 3.9 pounds, the bow is light enough, so you will not get tired hunting with it. The bow guarantees relatively fast speeds, hitting the target at 338 FPS.

The bow has a 6.5-inch brace height that allows for stability when you are handling and also comes with a Bearcage design, which eliminates riser flex and cuts back in weight, so you can have higher accuracy. The versatility of the bow is marked by draw lengths ranging from 25.5 to 30 inches, and the two weight options of 45 to 60 and 55 to 60 allow you to choose a perfect fit for your stature. The hybrid cams and compact platform of this Bear Divergent compound bow give a whole new meaning to shootability.


Elite Ritual 35Elite Ritual 35

Move to a steadier and longer platform of archery with the expanded 35-inch Elite Ritual compound bow. With an efficiency rating of 88%, this bow gives you more than enough reason to come on board with elite archers. The bow delivers forgiveness and stability with a 6.5-inch brace height and reaches peak speeds of up to 346 FPS, which is amazing for a long bow. This bow delivers a quiet shot with dampened vibrations owing to its satin-smooth draw, as well as its solid back wall. With the super stiff dual cage riser, the bow offers unmatched stability, and the double laminate split limbs provide increased efficiency and speed.

With a physical weight of 4.4 pounds, the bow is not too heavy for hunting expeditions, and its range of draw length between 26.5 and 31 inches, coupled with draw weight options of 50 to 70 pounds, allows for customizing the bow to fit your needs. The ninja black color for both the riser finish and limb finish gives the bow a great aesthetic looks perfect for the wild.

For combined speed, smoothness, accuracy and efficiency in a single package, this Elite Ritual 35 compound bow becomes the ideal tool.


Infinite Edge ProInfinite Edge Pro

Complete your archery package gear with this Infinite Edge Pro compound bow. With a weight of only 3.2 pounds, the bow allows for easy transportation, so you can walk for miles when hunting. The 300 FPS launching speed is remarkable for a lightweight bow, and its draw weight of up to 70 pounds allows for advanced archery and hunting.

Whether you are a new shooter or an experienced sportsman, the Infinite Edge Pro provides great versatility with its adjustments for both draw length weight to match your needs. Draw lengths ranging from 13 to 31 inches and draw weights ranging from 5 to 70 pounds give versatility a whole new meaning. It is almost impossible to overdraw with this bow as you meet a solid wall at the end of a draw, and it also provides for a smooth draw cycle with no grind, kicks, or hump to be experienced.

Coming in a fantastic package that includes a hostage XL arrow rest, a tube peep sight, a Deadlock octane quiver, a 3 pin Tundra Sight, a wrist sling, a 5-inch octane stabilizer, and a BCY string loop, this Infinite Edge Pro compound bow gets you great value for your money.


Bear PerceptionBear Perception

Hit your mark with the limited-edition Bear Perception compound bow. With speeds of up to 350 FPS, it is one of the fastest bows in the market, so you can hit your target instantly. Fine-tuned for a quieter, minimal-vibration and quicker experienced, the bow has reduced friction thanks to the upgraded roller hinge guards. It allows an even distribution of weight across the shot with its maximum preload limbs.

With its 33-inch axle-to-axle length, it is one of the longer bow models, and its 6-inch brace height provides for a 75% let off. The versatile bow comes in draw weights of 45 to 60 and 55 to 70-pound ranges and draw lengths of 25.5 to 30 inches, giving you a choice to customize according to your stature.


PSE Full ThrottlePSE Full Throttle

Accelerate your shooting speed with the fastest shooting bow in this PSE Full Throttle compound bow. The stunningly engineered bow launches at speeds of up to 370 FPS, so you can defy most expectations about shooting speed. Living up to the PSE reputation, the fast speed is supported with durability and strength with the cam made from the super strong 6061 T6 aluminum.

With a range of weight settings that include, 50, 60, 65, and 70 pounds, the bow allows for weight adjustment to meet your needs, and it comes with a low let-off of 70%. Half-inch adjustments from 26.5 to 30 inches of the draw length give this bow versatility while maintaining exceptional accuracy, so you will always hit your mark.

Made with the Planar Flex riser custom made by PSE, the bow has a 25% rigidity increase, which contributes to its accuracy despite its fast speed. With the 70-pound mark, you will maximize your speed, which comes at the cost of weight. However, the Full Throttle allows for setting a lower weight while still enjoying the speed advantage of this bow. And you don’t have to worry about string oscillation with the fast speed as the bow reduces oscillation significantly with its Backstop Lite string. If you have moved from the novice level of shooting to become an experienced member of the archery club, you will find this PSE Full Throttle compound bow very suitable.


PSE Carbon Air StealthPSE Carbon Air Stealth

Add this badass-looking 35-inch PSE Carbon Air Stealth compound bow to your archery collection. At 3.5 pounds of physical weight, it is the lightest 35-inch bow thanks to the carbon component addition to its featherweight quality. Not only is the carbon monocoque riser light, but it is also strong and stiff allowing for a smoother shooting experience.

Featuring the Evolve cam system, the bow advances shootability to a top-performance level. Despite not being the fastest bow in the market, the 342 FPS peak speed of this bow is still a respectable speed among experienced archers. With the draw lengths measuring out from 2.5 to 31.5 inches and a draw weight range of 60 and 70 pounds, the bow offers versatility to meet your specific stature.

This bow is comfortable in your hands and dead quite with a Rigid Acoustic Core suppressing vibration and noise. The carbon also acts as an insulator against cold and heat to add to the comfort of operating the bow. With this bow, you will experience a consistent, smooth draw cycle thanks to its PSE customized HD hybrid cam. The bow draws the energy to fire the peak speeds from its patented X-Force split limbs and the Center Lock Speed Pocket.


Bear Archery Cruzer RTHBear Archery Cruzer RTH

Looking for the best youth bow? Look no further than the amazing Bear Archery Cruzer RTH compound bow. A perfect choice for children aged four and above, this versatile bow has an adjustable draw length from 12 to 30 inches, and its draw weight also ranges from 15 to 70 pounds, which helps in customizing size according to applicability to a specific child, and they have the added advantage of being adjustable at home without needing a bow press. The MV cam system gives the bow a high level of versatility.

With a 75% let off, the bow allows for pulling and holding at full draw with little resistance, so your youths will have an easy time operating it. Before meeting the cut for big game hunting, this bow is perfect for target shooting with its light physical weight of 3.6 pounds. The advanced grip design of the bow eliminates any hand torque to deliver enhanced accuracy. With the zero-tolerance limb pocket, this bow gives you high precision, and the Max-preload quad limbs are known for their proven power.

Get a kid or anyone started with the one-off deal of this Bear Archery Cruzer RTH compound bow, which comes all set up and ready to use in the most suitable way for a beginner.


Quest Forge DTHQuest Forge DTH

Kickstart your hunting hobby with this Quest Forge DTH compound bow package. A perfect choice for a beginner, the bow fits into the average range of anyone with its draw length ranging from 25.5 to 30 inches. With an adjustable draw weight, it can be manipulated to meet the minimum poundage requirement, so you can begin hunting big game at the 40-pound option, which can be adjusted to 70 pounds. Adjusting the poundage to the higher option fastens your shot and increases the fly speed of your arrow.

The string of this bow is creep-free allowing for increased accuracy, which is further enhanced with the tool-less fiber optic sight, so you will not need to have different sizes of hex key when you are out of range. The grip design of the bow provides for a slim design.

This bow has a weight of 3.9 pounds, leaning to the lighter side of bows, so you will have an easy time carrying it. The bow delivers an acceptable peak speed of 315 FPS, and the G5 stabilizer dampens down vibrations. And being made of 6061 aluminum, the Quest Forge DTH compound bow is quite durable.


Mandarin Duck NighthawkMandarin Duck Nighthawk

Enter the world of unique archery equipment with this odd-looking Mandarin Duck Nighthawk compound bow. Combining compactness and lightness, the remarkably small bow is surprisingly powerful. It weighs 4.4 pounds with a length of only 24 inches, yet it can still launch arrows at 270 FPS. It has the added advantage of being compatible with both right and left-handed shooters. Highly adaptable, the bow is compatible with an arrow rest, a 5-pin sight, and take-down quiver.

For a small-sized bow that has a draw length of 27 inches and a draw weight of 50 pounds, it delivers remarkable accuracy and a good punch. It is easy to control with the pistol grip aids, enhancing the simplicity of drawing the bow. Perfect for hunting in thick brush, the bow delivers maneuverability with its small size. The bow delivers little resistance when drawing with a let off 75%. With its triangle design, the Mandarin Duck Nighthawk compound bow is easy to carry outside or put in your trunk.


Bowtech Realm SS and SR6Bowtech Realm SS and SR6

The Bowtech realm is one of the best compound bows in the market today because it has a line with both SS and SSR. The SS, Super Smooth line is a technological invention that reduces both vibration and breakage. With a 32-inch axle-to-axle length and a 6-inch brace height, this bow has an optimal tree-stand platform in the form of spot-and-stalk design. It has a 337 FPS for speed, enhanced by the three draw weights that come in 40-50, 50-60, and 60-70 pounds. The speed and precision of the bow are also enhanced by the 25-31 draw length range that gives you the variability privilege for different shooting preferences.

The SSR Speed Redefined property enhances the power and speed of the line. A 352 FPS gives the realm a high speed enhanced by the 6-inch brace height and the 32-inch axle-to-axle length. The SR6 model is equipped with the three-draw weight adjustment and a 25.5-30 draw length that gives a slightly lower shooting variance. The best thing with the SSR model is that it also has a weighted OverDrive cam with a binary aspect for high precision. The binary comes together with a front-heavy draw cycle, enhancing the power and speed while maintaining the smoothness of the draw.