The 8 Best Bowfishing Bows

A good bowfishing bow helps hunters extend their territory and improve their archery skills. The sport is also naturally known as archery fishing. It requires a combination of hunting, archery, and fishing skills, which makes the sport much more exciting than simple casting and reeling activities.

With a bowfishing bow, you will be able to hunt for many different freshwater and saltwater species, including paddlefish, common carp, grass carp, flounder, catfish, redfish sharks, bighead carp, flounder, and many others.

Let’s take a look at 8 bowfishing bows that will make your bowfishing experience even more enjoyable. If you’re a beginner bowfisher or looking to replace or upgrade your bow, you should be able to find one here that’ll serve your needs.

Keep in mind that some are designed for right-handed people only. Others can be used with either dominant hand. Some bows can also be adjusted for length, but you’ll want to pay attention to draw length and be aware of what your comfortable range is. Finally, if you’re a bow hunter or archery enthusiast as well as a bowfisher, look for which bows might serve you for both sports.

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch PackageCajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Package

This bow is designed with the bowfishing extremes kept in mind. It has a height of 7.25 inches, a length of 32.25 inches, and it has a peak draw weight of around 50 pounds. This bow has two draw modules, a constant module, and a specific module. The constant module has a 60% let-off, and the bow’s length can be adjusted from 17-31 inches.

This Cajun Bowfishing bow also includes deep cam grooves that enable carrying and transport without a problem, and also prevent derailed strings while on the water. You can buy this product only as a bow or as a whole package ready for fishing. Either way, it’s made for serious hunters that take bowfishing very seriously.

The Sucker Punch Package includes a reel, finger pads, arrow rest, and fiberglass arrows. This will provide you with the most effective and accurate bow kit available at the moment. You will be able to enjoy bowfishing very comfortably and you will experience no finger pinch. It’s fairly lightweight, at around 3.2 pounds. But, it will still allow you to catch big fish like alligator gar or carp. If you’re looking for a bowfishing bow that you will get the most value from, this is definitely the best one for you. You will enjoy very consistent power delivery and reliable performance.

We think you’ll be very satisfied with this product. It’s durable and stands up well after prolonged use. If you’re looking for something that will serve you for a long time, you won’t make a mistake purchasing this model.


PSE Discovery 2 Muzzy Bowfishing PackagePSE Discovery 2 Muzzy Bowfishing Package

You will get two arrows, each 32 inches long, if you decide to buy this Discovery 2 Muzzy bowfishing bow. It will help you to change even the toughest water conditions into great fish-capturing opportunities. It is able to deal with even the harshest weather. The axle-to-axle length is around 31.5 inches, which is incredibly good as it will enable you to use it even in tight spaces and cramped boats. The cam will deliver minimal let-off. This perfectly combines with a draw weight of 27-40 pounds. This allows a bow angler to have enough power to shoot the arrow through the water and hunt the fish of the largest scales.

You will enjoy all kinds of bowfishing maneuvers thanks to a 6.5-inch height and draw length of up to 30 inches. You will also get a sturdy bow included in the package, two arrows with a uniquely designed point, a bowfishing reel, and a safety slide. All of this for a fairly affordable price. You can also choose models depending on your hand preference, right or left. The product is made in the United States and it ensures reliable performance, durability, and quality. It weighs about 2.7 pounds, and you will also get two limbs that will only further increase your bowfishing experience.

You’ll enjoy this bow overall. However, the arrows that come with the bow aren’t of the best quality, so you’ll want to upgrade with your own arrows fairly quickly. Still, this bowfishing bow is worth the price, so you can just consider the arrows to be throw-ins.


PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing KitPSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit

This is a perfect bow for people who are still new to bowfishing. This Kingfisher bowfishing kit will allow you to use most of your time hunting to the fullest potential. This bow is built solidly and is very durable. It’s a precise and reliable shooter that is user-friendly and delivers very good results in terms of shooting arrows through water and propelling them at high speeds. It is also fairly light weight at around 2.7 pounds, and the whole bow measures 92. 7 x 15. 9 x 5.7 cm, which allows for very easy carrying and transport.

It has a camo design and the whole unit can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. You aren’t required to do any assembly when you take the bow out of the package, which is another plus.

There is a spool included and it has an 80 pound test line allows you to catch even large fish. You will also get a fiberglass arrow that’s 31 inches in length. This means that you will be able to penetrate through scales without any problems.

This bow is made for both new and expert bowfishers thanks to its arrow rest. The arrow rest is made from stainless steel and aluminum to ensure that it never rusts or chips. It also has a very nice appearance thanks to its impressive dark gray and black finish.


AMS Bowfishing Juice Bow KitAMSBowfishing Juice Bow Kit

This is an amazing bowfishing bow by AMSBowfishing, the latest in their series of good bowfishing bows. It’s probably one of the best on the market available at the moment. It has a very nice and noticeable look thanks to the very bright orange colors and powder coated aluminum riser.

AMSBowfishing collaborated with Quest Archery when they were making this bow and they made it that way so that it is basically a stout bow only in a smaller box. It has a draw weight of 15-50 pounds. The brace height is 7.5 inches, the draw length is 17-30 inches, and it is 29 inches axle-to-axle. This means that users of all ages and sizes can use this bowfishing bow thanks to its compact and well-designed size.

Considering that you can adjust this bow however you like, it is a great starting bow for your kid as you can simply adjust the size when your kid gets older. You won’t be required to use a bow press if you want to adjust the weight or the length of the bow when the time comes.

This bowfishing weighs a light 3.25 pounds and has up to 80% let-off. This means that you will have no problems while you’re holding it even for a longer time while you’re finding your aim. You should, however, keep this bow at 30 inches if you want to take advantage of its full efficiency.


AMSBowfishing E-Rad Bow KitAMSBowfishing E-Rad Bow Kit

Once again, AMSBowfishing collaborated with another company, G5, to make this E-Rad (Eradicator) bow the best they could. The bow’s compact design combines a smooth draw with a solidly machined aluminum riser.

The whole structure is only around 3.6 pounds in weight and the bow is designed for both left and right handed users. This bow has a fairly good draw eight range – 30 to 60. Also, from 15 to 31 inches, there’s a possible snapshot. There is also a smooth draw cycle thanks to the dual cams included. The brace height is around 7.5 inches.

This bow has beautiful blue accents that give an impression of a serious bowfishing bow. And you will be able to haul in even large fish thanks to the spectra line. The arrow you will get with this bow is topped with a cycle top that will allow easy and smooth penetration through almost any surface. This package also includes an arrow rest, a DVD instruction video, and string assembly.

This AMSbowfishing model is definitely worth the price and is good for both new anglers and those who have more experience.


Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick SetCajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Set

You can’t go wrong with this Fish Stick bowfishing bow if you are just starting to getting interested in the sport. This whole bow is made with composite take-down limbs and an aluminum riser. If you travel a lot and you like to carry your bowfishing bow with you, this bow can be disassembled into pieces and you can transport and store it rather simply. Once you assemble this bow, it will have the draw weight of around 45 pounds, which is more than enough if you plan to catch even large fish. From tip to tip, it measures around 56 inches.

This bow also comes with a roller rest, a piranha-tipped arrow, drum reel with line, and finger savers. This is pretty important to mention as all of these features both increase the quality of your experience with the bow and make the price of the set more attractive.

You can use this bow immediately when you get it out of the box as it won’t be disassembled in the package. The good thing about it is that it is good for both beginners and veteran bowfishers. Everyone can enjoy this amazing product! Considering everything that’s included in this Cajun Bowfishing set, this might even be the best option for the money.


Barnett Vortex H2OBarnett Vortex H2O

Usually, this bow is advertised as designed only for teenagers, but don’t let that fool you. Adults are also able to enjoy this well-constructed bowfishing bow. It’s comparable to other compound bows of this type as it measures only about 35 inches. However, it has a draw weight from 31-45 pounds and it is adjustable. This bowfishing bow also includes adjustable draw modules.

This bowfishing bow is a bit strange considering that it has a very compact size, but is also heavy compared to other bows. Its weight is about 6 pounds. The weight is balanced considering the size of the bow, and you will be able to use it even in very tight spaces.

Another positive of the Vortex H2O is that it’s well designed for teens who are interested in this activity and you can use it as an introduction to the sport. It’s an ideal starting bow. This, of course, doesn’t mean that an adult couldn’t start with this bowfishing bow. It will give you the best results if you use it only for bowfishing.

Another benefit to mention about this bow is its package. The package the bow comes in will also serve you as a carrying case for it, meaning that ease of transport and storage is also included in the price.


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow PackageDiamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

This Diamond Archery bow is considered one of the most versatile on the market at the moment. It has an incredible draw weight of 5-70 pounds! You won’t find this range included in many other models. Also, you can adjust the draw length from 13-31 inches. You can use it if you’re right handed or left handed. It can accommodate the largest number of users.

From tip to tip, this bow measures only 31 inches and its weight is about 3.2 pounds. These qualities will come in handy if you plan to use this bow only for bowfishing purposes. This bow is made for experts primarily, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it if you’re just starting to get into this sport.

If you decide to buy the Infinite Edge package, you will also get an arrow rest, targeting sights, and a stabilizer. The package and bow itself is definitely worth the money for both beginner and veteran bowfishers.