The 80 Best Angel Tattoos for Men

Getting a tattoo of an angel can be a very personal decision. It can be a representation of one’s faith or of deeper struggles. Sometimes a tattoo of an angel defeating Satan can be a reminder of a personal struggle against darkness or a reminder to keep fighting. For some an angel is a way to remember someone special and picture them as an angel or with an angel looking out for them.

Amor Fati Angel Face Chest Tattoo Angel Falling from Grace Angel Hands Remembrance Tattoo Angel Holding a Fallen Soldier Angel in Flight Angel in the Hand of God Angel Killing Satan Angel of Death in the Cemetary Angel of Death Sleeve

Angel of Death Angel of Justice Defeating Satan Angel of Justice Angel Outline Angel Remembrance Tattoo Angel Riding Pegasus into Battle Angel Statue Angel Statues with Cross Angel Watching Over Children Angel Wing Arm Tattoo

Angel with Baby Angel with Flames Angel with Intricate Wings Angel with Lilies Angel with Scales Angel with Spear Angel with Sword and Roses Angels with Mary ArcAngel Michael Head Tattoo ArcAngel Miguel or Michael

Artistic Angel Beautiful Female Angel Bedtime Prayer Black and Red Angel Broken Angel Cartoony Michael Defeating Satan Cherub Back Tattoo Cherub Classical Angel Chest Tattoo Classical Angel With Cross

Crusader Angel Crying Angel Dark Angel Holding a Dead Angel Faceless Angel Fallen Angel Back Tattoo Fallen Angel Shoulder Female Angel Armed with a Sword Female Angel Defeating Satan Female Angel with a Sword Female Angel Wrapped in Wings

Female Warrior Angel Fighting Angels Forlorn Angel Full Back Angel Tattoo God Watching Michael Defeat Satan Guardian Angel Poem Guardian Angels Tattoo Half Demon Half Angel Innocent female Angel Kneeling Female Warrior Angel

Knight Angel Let Nothing Trouble You Michael Deafeating Lucifer Michael Defeating Satan Back Tattoo Michael Sleeve My Brothers Keeper Praying Angel with Rosary Praying Angel Rebel Angel Rising Angel

Serenity Cherub Shrouded Angel with Cross Shrouded Angel Soft Female Angel Looking Down Solemn Angel with Rose Sweet Female Angel Warrior Angel Back Tattoo Warrior Angel Defeating the Snake Warrior Angel Sleeve Weeping Angel

A popular choice for tattoos is the Archangel Michael because of his strength and power. He is famously depicted killing Lucifer, a scene that is very popular for tattoos. Another choice is to get a tattoo of a female angel either just a beautiful woman or a representation of someone familiar. For some a female angel is a way to show the person they love as their literal angel or it can be to remember a love that has passed on.

Another choice for men getting angel tattoos is to have a guardian angel tattoo. This can be an angel that is already named, such as the archangel Michael, or an angel that is more personal. These tattoos are often depicted as looking down or as representing something very personal to the wearer.

The angel of death is another popular angel tattoo for men because of its creepy nature and its representation of death. Many people have a fear of death or want to show their escape from the angel of death or show that death awaits everyone. There are different depictions of the Angel of Death from a simple angel helping someone pass on, to dark, skeletal angels.

For a man one of the most popular reasons for getting an angel tattoo is to show a connection to their faith. This connection can be expressed as devotion to a particular angel, such as the angel of justice or it can simply be used as a representation of a devotion to God. Whatever the reason for getting an angel tattoo we have plenty of options here to give you ideas and find something that speaks to you.