The 110 Best Couples Tattoos

Falling in love is a magical experience and finding that one person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, changes everything. While getting married and exchanging rings is one way to show this love, you might want to go for something that is a bit a more permanent. If you and your love want to get a tattoo to show your love then you are not alone, there are thousands of couples who have decided to take this step as well.

If you are stumped on just what sort of tattoo that you want to immortalize your love then we have got you covered. Here you will find over 100 different tattoo ideas that other people have chosen. You may find something here that is perfect for the two of you or maybe these ideas will spark your own imagination to create something that is truly your own.

How personal your tattoo is, is completely up to you. You can pick something that you both will love on its own or something that is obviously meant to be connected with another or that says the name of the one each of you love. It can be hard to commit to a tattoo that is so connected to another person but if you are sure that you are destined for one another then it is not a hard choice at all. You can pick from lock and keys, to favorite quotes or movie characters, or just symbols that represent love. Couples tattoos do not only have to be about getting someone’s name tattooed on you.

Scroll through this list and get inspired. Your love is yours and it is unique so you should find something that represents the connection the two of you share and is personal to you. These couples tattoos are perfectly loved by the people who chose them and now it might be your turn to join our list.

An Abstract Design But The Pieces Fit Together Ariel and Her Prince Arrow Straight to the Heart Beauty and the Beast Bird and Cage Birds with Hearts Birds of a Feather Both Sides of the Force Ampersand Symbol Bow and Arrow

Circle of Koi Fish Compass Leads Me to You Couple in Hearts Crystal Heart Among Roses Dagger Through the Heart Day of the Dead Star Wars Love Diamonds are Forever Doe and Buck Dog Lovers Campsite Tattoo

Droids Together Fingerprint Hearts Fancy a Spot of Tea Girl with a Heart Balloon Half of a Whole Heart Harley and Joker Heart Pulse Hearts Beat as One Her Guardian and His Angel High Fiving Kitties

His and Hers Matching Symbols Holding Hands Inside a Heart Husband and Wife Seals I Love You More Arrows Indian Chief and his Chieftess Infinity Hearts Initial Rings King and Queen Ring Finger Kissing Mickey and Minnie Less Than Three Love Tattoo

Life and Death Moons Light and Dark Lion on Ring Fingers Lock and Key Owls Love for Infinity Love Her Love Him Finger Tattoos Love on the Death Star Love Quote Lucky in Love Made to Fly Together

Magic Trick of Love Mario and his Princess Matching Charm Bracelets Matching Geometric Swans Matching Symbols Matching Maple Leaves Matching Vines Moon Lock and Sun Key Mickey and Minnie Heart Fingers Mr and Mrs Finger Tattoos

Negative Space Tattoos Night and Day Yin and Yang One Connected Arrow One Geometric Wolf Opposites Attract Pac Man Ghosts Peas in a Pod Pinky Promise Pixel Robots Nautical Journey Tattoos

Portal Tattoo Promise Pinkies Robots in Love Rocketship to a Planet Roman Numerals Roses are For Love Silhouette Family Simple Matching Hearts Simply Meant to Be Player One and Player Two

Till Death Do Us Part Sugar Skulls To Infinity and Beyond Toast to A Long and Happy Relationship Small Heart Outline Solid and Outline Planes Strawberries Bleed for Love String Phone Stick Figures Tetris Fit Together Tattoos Tetris Hearts The Missing Piece of Pizza

Watercolor Swim the Ocean and Climb the Mountain We Go Together Like Salt and Pepper We Got This Together Tribal Sun and Moon Two Birds on One Branch Two Halves Make One Beautiful Whole Two Pieces That Fit Together Two Tattoos One Love Walk the Line Song Lyrics Watercolor Heart

Wedding Ring Tattoos Winged Heart X and O Yin and Yang You Are Mine I am Yours Heart You and Me for Infinity You are my Anchor You Are My Universe You're My Cup of Tea Zombies in Love