ArtyA Watches: Unconventionally Bold Style

Sometimes, function casts a shadow over creativity — creativity and emotion come second to the object’s role. When there’s no expectation of practicality, imagination and emotion can pour into a design. But with timepieces, that’s not the case: watches need to tell time. Countless watches showcase stunning designs and push the boundaries of chronograph traditions, but ArtyA watches pose to go the furthest.

ArtyA celebrates the “manufacturer’s emotions” and designs timepieces boldly with unique materials and disruptive stylings. ArtyA watches showcase feeling, creativity, and a different brand of watchmaking.

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ArtyA Watches

ArtyA’s watch collections are one-of-a-kind. The timepieces range from Swiss peaks to pistol barrels, from transparent dials to racecar wheels. The limited collections pay tribute to traditional Swiss watchmaking while integrating raw materials and art.

Dominique Arpa-Cirpka, a French artist, collaborated with ArtyA founder, Yvan Arpa, to integrate artistic techniques into the art of watchmaking. All the handmade dials featured in ArtyA watches are a product of her hand. Preserve Mother Nature’s natural beauty with the butterfly wing dial; the real butterfly wings create incredible iridescent reflections in the light. The artist used raw materials like gold leaf, pigments, butterfly wings, and seaweed. Looking upon the seafloor treasures in the dial of the Son of Sea collection, bittersweet nostalgia for the sea wanes as you remember your carry the ocean with you.

While some collections look more delicate, there’s a ruggedness to various ArtyA collections. In the Son Of A Gun collection, you’ll find bullseye dials surrounded by real bullets and Russian Roulette pistol barrels. The Son of Alps collection offers views of Swiss peaks and winter wonderlands. Gears and rims don the Son of Gears collection for car fanatics, and the Son of Sound collections scream sophisticated rock and roll. In the Son of Earth Tobacco collection, a similar feature is a warm tobacco leaf dial surrounded by different bezels, straps, and colors.

Each timepiece is genuinely unique. It bears the feeling of browsing an art gallery—pleasant surprises, beautiful contrasts, and pops of color — when looking upon the various ArtyA watches.

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ArtyA Aion Movement

Though bypassing traditional watch aesthetics, ArtyA holds to the code of Swiss watchmaking. The aesthetic may be untraditional, but ArtyA has not turned a blind eye to tradition, producing chronograph watches and showcasing the inner mechanical components in various collections.

Select styles feature the ArtyA Aion Movement: a three-hand certified COSC automatic movement. ArtyA had already been making watch components and rounded out their portfolio with the Aion Movement. Select beautiful finishes seen through transparent crystals on the watch’s underside continue the artistic mission of ArtyA. The watches with and without the Aion Movement uphold this standard. Even with the Swiss Code mechanics, you’ll notice the mechanics for part of the artwork. Screws, wheels, pivots, apertures, balances — the components are as necessary for the artwork as the watch’s mechanics.

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ArtyA’s Roots

Born in 2010, ArtyA comes from the watch creator Yvan Arpa. Named after ART + Yvan Arpa, the founder, to produce “ArtyA,” the collections push unforeseen limits of the watch industry and live in a category of their own. The collections seem to occupy another category; a deeply unique, artistic, and bold. If you don’t believe us, look for yourself.


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