Apple Watch Series 4

When you need connectivity, but you want to make a nice fashion statement too, what better way to pull it off than with an Apple Watch Series 4?

You’ll be able to choose an aluminum case with a sports band in a variety of colors, an aluminum case with a sport loop, or a stainless steel case with a leather band, just to name a few.

The sleek square case allows for maximum visibility of all the important features such as GPS, GPS+Cellular, time, apps, calls and activity tracking. You’ll need an iPhone 5s or higher, along with an iOS of 12 or later to go along with your watch.

While the Series 4 does have a water resistance rated for 50 meters, it is suggested that it not be used during water skiing, scuba diving, or any other high-velocity water sport.


Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 4