Apple To Open First Floating Store in Singapore!

Apple design is nothing if not iconic. And while this is especially evident in its pocket-sized devices, the truism extends to Apple’s architecture, too. Apple will soon open its first floating retail store on Singapore’s waterfront. Apple’s new store will be the 512th worldwide, and the third Apple store in Singapore.

Officially titled Apple Marina Bay Sands, this Singapore location will boast several features not seen in others: The ‘oculus’ at the crown fills the sales floor with natural light. Both a bridge and an underwater tunnel connect the Apple floating store to a shopping center on the boardwalk. The glass panels change colors, giving off an ambient glow in the evenings, and paying homage to important local and global dates. Yet the sleek aesthetics, picturesque surroundings, and characteristically clean, modern feel of Apple’s new store seem ripe to retain the spirit that has always been at Apple’s core.

“The Lantern On The Bay”

lantern on the bay

While an opening date and details on the interior design have yet to be released, this tiny, orb-like storefront already has an endearing nickname: “the lantern on the bay.” There’s little doubt that this new conceptual addition to the Apple family will be a tourist attraction all on its own. For more info on this Apple Singapore location, click here.

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