2PRT Modular Surfboard

The 2PRT Modular Surfboard is an industrial design created by Tomas Meyerhoffer’s mastermind. With a background in designing for Apple and as Co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Latch, this surfboard is bound to have elements and characteristics associated with such advanced technologies.

It’s already difficult enough to live far away from you passion of the ocean and surfing; but travelling methods (especially airlines) don’t make it any easier. Actually, airline companies have reportedly overcharged up to $150 each way for surfboard bags – something incredibly off-putting from taking on surfing entirely. On the other hand, this modular surfboard is designed in removable two parts. This makes it very easy to carry around and transport in cars and planes, letting you enjoy the lack of additional baggage fees that you need to pay.

The benefit of having two pieces to this surfboard, is that you can change and match them to form different combinations. There are several shapes, styles and materials for the nose and tail; which can be adapted for surfing under any conditions. It is not a difficult task to detach and reassemble the 2PRT surfboard. In fact, it takes roughly 30 seconds.

Your initial purchase will contain one nose and two tails you can match, and additional parts can be purchased separately.


2PRT Modular Surfboard