Ziiiro Jupiter – Magnetic Moons

Turn the planet Jupiter on its side and stare down through its poles. The swirling rings and storms resemble the galaxy’s largest timepiece. This massive planet is an anomaly in our solar system, approximately 318 times larger than Earth and made up entirely of gas. Boasting a magnetic field more massive than any of its neighboring planets, dust storms that dwarf our tiny blue dot, and 79 known moons, Jupiter is one of the most interesting places in our solar system.

With magnetic fields in mind and a preference for elegant design aesthetic, the German and Hong Kong group Ziiiro set out to build a minimalist watch. The Jupiter is their take on minimalism inspired by its planetary namesake, but have they gone too far?

ziiiro jupiter


An obvious solution to achieving a more minimalistic-looking watch is to strip the dial of its numbers. Surely the wearer can figure out what the hands are pointing to and decipher the time. Take that a step further, as Ziiiro has done, and you’re removing the hands altogether. This concept leaves a blank face and an opportunity to re-imagine how one perceives time itself.
Two recessed, concentric circles fit neatly inside the watch’s face, troughs in which time itself rotates. Inside each trough swirls a miniature ball bearing, no bigger than a grain of rice. This facade represents the time-telling of the piece, but the real magic hides underneath it. A Swiss Ronda 502 quartz motor sits just below the surface with magnets affixed to its workings. This little movement machine is what keeps the time signatures on the face moving ever so slowly.

The watch’s outer ring is the minute display, while the smaller inner ring shows you the hour in a standard 12-hour format. No doubt, reading the time signature on the Jupiter may take some getting used to, but once worn for some time, you should be able to make quick work of what you see.

ziiiro jupiter


Though Ziiiro is shooting for minimalism in this Jupiter watch, they offer you four colorways to provide you with the look you want. Chrome, Black Rose, Rose Black, and Black Chrome are all available for the affordable price of $199. With a water-resistant rating of up to 5 ATM (swimming and diving to 50 meters) and a 2-year warranty, you can be confident that your minimalist watch has maximal utility.

Just make sure you master deciphering the timestamp because your boss isn’t going to understand when you explain that you were late because the rings of Jupiter were out of alignment.


ziiiro jupiterziiiro jupiterziiiro jupiterziiiro jupiter